What is a High-Performance Culture? And How Do I Create One?


Many organizations we talk to say that they have a desire to build a “culture of high performance” or a “high performing culture” – and for good reason. McKinsey reports that organizations with higher performing cultures create a 3x return to shareholders.

Developing a High-Performance Culture

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An organization is defined by the culture they have and the ideals they follow. Every organization has its version of culture and ideologies. But the question is, does your company culture reflect your core values? And can it be considered a high-performance culture?


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What defines a high-performance culture?

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A high-performance culture is the foundation of this work environment. Global research firm, Gartner , defines a high-performance culture as "a physical or virtual environment designed to make workers as effective as possible in supporting business goals and providing value.".

What is A High-Performance Culture and Why Does It Matter?

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If you work in the HR industry, you may have heard the phrase “high-performance culture” tossed around, but perhaps were never told what it really means.

Four Tips For Cultivating A High-Performance Culture In A Hybrid Workforce

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Here are four tips for building a high-performance culture amid the ever-changing, hybrid workplace. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership

Want a High-Performance Culture? Look out for “Hostages”


And the employees that can’t leave due to lack of development or training — the hostages — will only serve to limit your ability to achieve a high-performance culture. It’s natural to want a low turnover rate for your organization, and many HR teams use turnover as a key metric to measure overall performance. Want to know a secret that high-performance cultures use to outperform other organizations year after year?


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In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Jason Treu, Executive Coach and Author of Social Wealth, on the importance of understanding your team members to create a high performing culture in your organization. 20:00 – Creating High-Performance Culture. His employee engagement and team building game, Cards Against Mundanity, has been played by more than 12000+ employees to increase performance and teamwork.

Want a High-Performance Culture? Focus on Mission and Value Alignment


Thanks to an increasing body of research, we’re learning a lot about what it takes to build and maintain a high-performance culture within an organization. For example, we know that high-performance … The post Want a High-Performance Culture? Mission & Values: More Than Words on a Wall.

Building a High-Performance Culture Report: Key Lessons from Top Cultures for 2017


New Report: Company Culture Trends & Insights. We’re all curious about how other companies prioritize and achieve the goals they set when it comes to company culture. We’re here to share a peek inside some high-performance cultures and provide considerations to help transform your culture into a competitive advantage. The result : a report full of insights that can inform your culture strategy going forward. Women rated culture lower than men.

The Missing Step to a High Performance Culture


The Missing Step to a High Performance Culture. Creating a high performance culture is the goal of all organizations and that begins with successful talent management. In our experience, high performance organizations are: . 4x more likely to have high-performance culture when incorporating competencies as part of the ir talent management process. .

How People Analytics Can Help You Drive a High-Performing Culture


A Data-Driven Approach to Company Culture. We’ve seen it in how businesses are using technology to facilitate the hiring process and the onboarding process , and now we’re seeing it in culture with culture metrics. How exactly can HR leverage people analytics to drive more strategic culture (and overall business) decisions? . Culture metrics for clearer insights about internal trends. People analytics for a smarter, more strategic approach to culture.

How Leaders Create High Performing Cultures & Teams

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Podcast interview w/ Jason Treu on why and how leaders must build self-awareness and social awareness if they want to create high performance organizations. Jason talks about key concepts to understand when it comes to creating a high-performing culture, and what specific actions leaders and organizations can take, regardless of size, to quickly create an extraordinary culture. relationships #trust #HPO #culture #teambuilding #HR #CHRO #podcast.

Why High-Performance Culture matters? How to Build it?


67% of Global CEOs predict that in five years, workplace talent will focus more on corporate culture and values than they do on pay. Culture is a crucial contributing factor in a company’s success. Effective company culture includes the following elements. Culture Score.

What Is HR’s Role In A High-Performance Culture?


Leaders have a fundamental role to play in creating the climate and conditions for their team members to perform at their very best every day irrespective of their role.

What Is HR’s Role In A High-Performance Culture?


Leaders have a fundamental role to play in creating the climate and conditions for their team members to perform at their very best every day irrespective of their role.

developing a high-performance culture

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Most leaders are constantly seeking the ultimate solution to build strong cultures , raise performance levels and operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Embrace and utilize them to create a high-performance culture. The resulting feelings of fear and anxiety interfere with performance. This doesn’t mean heaping undeserved praise on people; it means celebrating a job well done while keeping the bar high.

Steps to building your own high-performance culture

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However, there’s one critical element that many overlook – and that’s the work culture. Work culture plays a significant role in attracting and retaining people to a company; it’s the impalpable environment that makes some organizations great to work with, and others, toxic. As a manager, you have the power to decide what the culture of your organization is going to be. If it’s high-performance culture, then this article is for you.

[#WorkTrends] EQ: The Key to Leading High Performing Cultures in Uncertain Times

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The post [#WorkTrends] EQ: The Key to Leading High Performing Cultures in Uncertain Times appeared first on TalentCulture. Featured company culture emotional intelligence EQ Leadership performance Workplace Culture

Well-being is the cornerstone of a high-performance culture in sport & business


He is co-founder of PepTalk, a workplace well-being and high-performance culture company.

Three Leadership Habits That Create a High-Performing Culture


As a leader, creating a culture of high performance also requires that managers adopt habits of communicating, thinking and acting. A culture of high performance begins with the manager, not just in terms of their ongoing individual performance, but also in terms of the standards they set and the habits they cultivate with every interaction they have at the office

Building A High-Performance Culture: Why Emotional Maturity Is Key

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Real change cannot occur by leveling up on skills. Rather, in order to evolve, leaders need to change the way they think, and that cannot be done by mandate

How to build a high performing culture: Understanding Tomo


At the Culture First conference , Lindsay McGregor’s keynote answered three questions: People Science

Creating a High-Performing Culture Is About Removing Burdens


The problem with the concept of "empowerment" is it implies that "power" is something to be bestowed on others from on high. That's the thesis of Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility (Silicon Guild, 2018) by Patty McCord, who served as the chief talent officer at Netflix for 14 years. McCord helped create the well-known Netflix Culture Deck, which has been viewed online

How to Shape a High-Performing Culture with Coaching

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Most leaders know that culture matters. But, did you know that the narrower the culture gap (the difference between current and preferred cultures) the more likely it is that high potential employees will stay? According to recent research by The Catalyst Center for Career Pathways, the narrower the culture gap, the more satisfied high potentials […]. Guests Coaching Culture Leadership

The Path to More Agile People Practices

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3 Ways to Leverage Feedback for a High Performing Culture


Whatever your company's performance feedback process may be, consider that giving feedback consistently is a critical skill for developing a high performance culture and employees. Every opportunity to give feedback is an opportunity for developing a high performance culture. Here are 3 ways leaders can leverage performance feedback to not only develop high performing employees but also to develop a high performing culture: 1.

How to Create High-Performance Culture: A #SHRM19 Interview with Amy Cappellanti-Wolf


Amy has over three decades of experience leading companies across high tech, entertainment and consumer products industries through complex transformations. Amy Cappellanti-Wolf is SVP & CHRO at Symantec, the largest Cyver Secruity software company in world. In addition to serving on the executive team and managing Symantec’s global human resources function, she leads Symantec’s workplace and workforce strategy planning, real estate and facilities organizations.

The Devilish Details of Workplace Culture: Engagement versus Culture


I am Paul Mastrangelo, a Principal Culture Strategist at CultureIQ. I want my clients to succeed, and I partner with them to build a culture among employees that improves company performance and the working environment. Culture Should Not be About Making Employees Happy.

Building high-performance cultures through THE science OF total motivation


The speaker, Neel Doshi, used the video to kick off his entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of high-performance cultures, which is the subject of the bestselling book he coauthored with Lindsay McGregor, Primed to Perform: How to Build the Highest Performing Cultures Through the Science of Total Motivation. Doshi and McGregor are also cofounders of Vega Factor, a company that helps organizations build high-performing, adaptive cultures.

Great People Practices Every Business Can Borrow from Pixar

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With commitment and imagination, you can implement the following five culture improvements on a modest budget. Culture High Performance Culture HR Communications HR Insights HR Management Performance & Personality Talent Management FeaturedWe’ve all heard about the enviable amenities provided to employees at companies like Pixar. Among my own clients, I’ve heard sighs from leaders who lament a lack of resources for such luxuries.

The Best Ways To Develop A High-Performing Business Culture


Today, most organizations are turning to cultural change to boost future growth and performance. In order to develop a high-performing culture, an organization should perform better than its peers in several aspects. These aspects include those such as business performance, innovation, workforce productivity, and engagement; all over a continuous period of time. HR Human Resources Build a High-Performance Culture Create High Performance Cultures

Establish A High Performance Culture


Your business should strive to be a high performing organization. Becoming a high performing business takes careful attention to detail and instilling a high level of accountability and discipline. When accountability for completing tasks and meeting expectations is lacking or loose, a business will have a very difficult time achieving a high performance state. Hiring good people is the first step in becoming a high performing business.

The C Sheet October 22: Striketober, Traits of High-Performing Teams, and a Burnout Cure

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The Cost of Cut-throat Work Culture. Research shows that high-pressure work environments aren’t just toxic, they also decrease productivity. Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive (HBR) . Striketober. Droves of workers across the U.S.

CEOs Everywhere Are Talking Talent and Culture

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Culture High Performance Culture HR Trends Performance & Personality FeaturedThe shift has been palpable.

A 5-Hour Day Works For This Company, Can It Work For You?

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Culture High Performance Culture Performance & Personality Productivity Talent Management FeaturedThe American workforce has become lazy.

Forget Customer Experience, It’s All About the Employee Experience

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Behavior Culture Engagement High Performance Culture HR Insights Performance & Personality Featured“Taking care of the customer is our number-one priority.”.

Performance and Rewards: Differentiate Only When It’s Worth It


Should you encourage managers to differentiate performance and rewards among workers? Merit-based rewards are seen as a hallmark of a “high performance culture.”. 91% of companies linked pay to performance in 2011 , up from 78% in 2009. 89% of companies differentiated performance using numerical ratings in 2014-2015. GE recently announced changes to its famous annual forced-ranking performance management system.