What does it mean to have a high-performance culture?


Company culture is not ping pong tables and a company beer refrigerator. While these perks can certainly be present in a strong culture, they do not alone represent company culture. Simply put, company culture is the set of behaviors that determine how things get done at company.

Want a High-Performance Culture? Look out for “Hostages”


And the employees that can’t leave due to lack of development or training — the hostages — will only serve to limit your ability to achieve a high-performance culture. It’s natural to want a low turnover rate for your organization, and many HR teams use turnover as a key metric to measure overall performance. Want to know a secret that high-performance cultures use to outperform other organizations year after year?

Want a High-Performance Culture? Focus on Mission and Value Alignment


Thanks to an increasing body of research, we’re learning a lot about what it takes to build and maintain a high-performance culture within an organization. For example, we know that high-performance … The post Want a High-Performance Culture?

Building a High-Performance Culture Report: Key Lessons from Top Cultures for 2017


New Report: Company Culture Trends & Insights. We’re all curious about how other companies prioritize and achieve the goals they set when it comes to company culture. The result : a report full of insights that can inform your culture strategy going forward.

How People Analytics Can Help You Drive a High-Performing Culture


A Data-Driven Approach to Company Culture. We’ve seen it in how businesses are using technology to facilitate the hiring process and the onboarding process , and now we’re seeing it in culture with culture metrics. Culture metrics for clearer insights about internal trends.

developing a high-performance culture

O.C. Tanner

Most leaders are constantly seeking the ultimate solution to build strong cultures , raise performance levels and operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Embrace and utilize them to create a high-performance culture.

How to build a high performing culture: Understanding Tomo


At the Culture First conference , Lindsay McGregor’s keynote answered three questions: People Science

3 Ways to Leverage Feedback for a High Performing Culture


Whatever your company's performance feedback process may be, consider that giving feedback consistently is a critical skill for developing a high performance culture and employees. Developing high performing employees by focusing on what's important.

How to Shape a High-Performing Culture with Coaching

Culture University

Most leaders know that culture matters. But, did you know that the narrower the culture gap (the difference between current and preferred cultures) the more likely it is that high potential employees will stay? Guests Coaching Culture Leadership

No One Works There Because You Have a Foosball Table

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Sure, they rank high on the cool meter, but how tangible are they when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent? Compensation & Benefits Culture High Performance Culture Featured

Autonomy is Key to Building an Entrepreneurial Culture in a Large Enterprise

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Engagement High Performance Culture Performance Management fai FeaturedThe great paradox of success is that as enterprises get bigger and more established, they have a natural tendency to lose the very entrepreneurial edge that made them successful in the first place.

The Best Ways To Develop A High-Performing Business Culture


Today, most organizations are turning to cultural change to boost future growth and performance. In order to develop a high-performing culture, an organization should perform better than its peers in several aspects.

CEOs Everywhere Are Talking Talent and Culture

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Culture High Performance Culture HR Trends Performance & Personality FeaturedThe shift has been palpable.

Performance and Rewards: Differentiate Only When It’s Worth It


Should you encourage managers to differentiate performance and rewards among workers? Merit-based rewards are seen as a hallmark of a “high performance culture.”. 91% of companies linked pay to performance in 2011 , up from 78% in 2009.

Establish A High Performance Culture


Your business should strive to be a high performing organization. Becoming a high performing business takes careful attention to detail and instilling a high level of accountability and discipline. When accountability for completing tasks and meeting expectations is lacking or loose, a business will have a very difficult time achieving a high performance state. Hiring good people is the first step in becoming a high performing business.

A 5-Hour Day Works For This Company, Can It Work For You?

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Culture High Performance Culture Performance & Personality Productivity Talent Management FeaturedThe American workforce has become lazy.

Solving Gender Disparity Requires Analytics that Discover the Intersections


Women in technology, compared to other sectors, report fewer female role models and less clear performance standards. . How can leaders use analytics to identify the best ways to accelerate women’s career progress?

What It Takes For a New CEO to Make a Successful Transition

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Culture Executive Searches High Performance Culture Organizational Leadership FeaturedThere is nothing more exciting than the moment a new leader is announced. Employees Google the new CEO while wondering what they will do to change the organization.

On the Four Stages of Workforce Analytics, Where Are You?

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High Performance Culture Strategic HR Talent Management FeaturedWhen it comes to your HR projects list this year, put workforce analytics first.

5 Ways Leaders Achieve Genuine Employee Engagement


When done well, it zones in on what really motivates high-potential people to remain with their employer, deliver innovative products, or go above and beyond in customer service. HR Leadership employee engagement high performance cultures HR leadership advice

Forget Customer Experience, It’s All About the Employee Experience

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Behavior Culture Engagement High Performance Culture HR Insights Performance & Personality Featured“Taking care of the customer is our number-one priority.”.

How Great Leaders Pull and Push To Success

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Culture Engagement High Performance Culture HR Insights Leadership FeaturedNote: The following article was adapted by the authors from their new book, Speed: How Leaders Accelerate Successful Execution.

Your High Performers Are Watching How You Treat Low Performers

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One of the most important environmental factors affecting employee performance is the performance levels of their coworkers. High Performance Culture High-Performance Workforce Performance & Personality Performance Management Featured

Message to the Best and Brightest: Change the World by Changing the Future of Work and HR


The Virtual Culture Architect is a culture expert, advocate and brand builder. Retool performance management using engineering frameworks to optimize the return on improved performance (ROIP).

4 Ways to Shape Your Culture So It Matters

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Can we blame people for judging companies on their culture? Candidate Experience Culture Engagement High Performance Culture Strategic HR Workforce employee experience employer brand Featured

5 Behaviors That Build a Company’s Culture

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A review of 2017 HCM trends identified improving corporate culture as a primary focus for HR leaders. Research from CEB also identified culture as the most common talent topic discussed during corporate earnings calls. Clearly culture matters. But what determines company culture?

How to Tell Who Is A Real High Performer

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We usually know high performers when we see them, because their stars shine bright in the workplace. High Performance Culture High Potentials High-Performance Workforce Performance & Personality Featured

Avoid the Hidden Costs of Unused Paid Time Off


Workforce analytics enables you and your line managers to monitor and maintain the balance where your employees (especially your top performers) can always perform their best when they need to.

5 Mistakes Leaders Make That Cripple Teams

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Leaders create the culture that helps their teams thrive –– or barely survive. Here’s how: High Performance Culture Leadership Performance & Personality Performance Management Talent Management Featured

3 Secrets to Building High Performing Teams

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Whether you’re scaling a large organization or building a new company, hiring and retaining top talent and building a high performing team is absolutely key.

How to Tell If You Have a Dysfunctional Team

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Note: This is adapted from Accelerating Performance: How Organizations Can Mobilize, Execute, and Transform with Agility by Colin Price and Sharon Toye. . Engagement High Performance Culture Performance & Personality Talent Management Featured

5 Areas of Focus to Avoid an Uber Culture Catastrophe

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Is this the end of Uber’s bro culture? An investigation into Uber’s corporate culture , led by former U.S. Culture High Performance Culture Organizational Leadership Performance & Personality Featured

5 Steps to Knowing and Keeping Your Best People

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High Performance Culture Performance & Personality Strategic HR Succession Planning Talent Management Talent Shortage Data Featured millennials people analytics

This Company Lives Its Culture

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The articles and expertise found here on TLNT, on Culture University and Constructive Culture provide a fantastic foundation for a leader to learn how a purposeful, positive, productive culture operates. Culture High Performance Culture HR Insights Featured

7 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Best People

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High Performance Culture Performance & Personality Retention & Engagement Talent ManagementHave you ever lost a great employee to another employer? Hurts, doesn’t it? And while that person probably told you they were leaving for more money, that’s rarely the case.

Who Cares About Employee Experience?

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Engagement High Performance Culture HR Trends employee experience FeaturedMost leaders and managers are either well into their strategic plans for 2017, or their plans were completed weeks ago.

10 Workforce Intelligence Cures for Improving Nurse Retention


Healthcare has long been a highly regulated industry with a diverse and specialized workforce — one that’s hard to hire and even harder to retain at the best of times. years , which leads to these costs being incurred at a high frequency. New Hire Performance.

What Do You Do After Ending Performance Ratings?

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Note: This is the first of three articles dealing with managing performance and compensation in the post-ratings organization. The second article on bonus and comp distribution will post Tuesday. The third discusses calibration formulas.

Building a Great Workplace Culture? It’s a No Brainer For These Nerds

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Best Practices Culture High Performance Culture HR Insights Leadership Organizational Leadership Talent Management Workforce FeaturedJust about every company in existence was started by someone (or several people) who saw an opportunity to make money in the marketplace.

Want Productive, Engaged Team Members? Create Workplace Dignity and Respect

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Culture Disengaged Employees Engagement High Performance Culture HR Insights HR Management Organizational Leadership Retention & Engagement Talent Management Workforce FeaturedHow do leaders and team members treat each other in your workplace today?

Why Managers Should Play Favorites

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High Performance Culture HR Insights Performance & Personality Talent Management DisruptHR Featured managersLiving up to its name in a major way, this DisruptHR talk’s title “Why Leader Should Play Favourites” is about as contrarian as it gets.

You Can’t Build a Talent-Driven Organization Without HR

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High Performance Culture High Potentials Strategic HR Talent Management FeaturedLeaders understand the significant competitive advantages of attracting and retaining exceptional employees , yet the talent practices in most of their organizations are remnants of a bygone era that do little to actually achieve that goal.

The 5-Hour Secret to Happier, Productive Workers

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Culture Environment Flex Work High Performance Culture WorkforceThis series profiles people whose ideas have the power to transform the workplace. Several are company leaders who have put their ideas into practice. Others are thought leaders influencing the way we work.