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Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Proven Tactics for Recruiting a Diverse Talent Pool

HR Digest

Diversity recruitment and hiring practices have become a critical aspect of building a successful and inclusive workplace culture. However, diversity recruiting and hiring require a deliberate and strategic approach. What does diversity recruitment mean?

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6 ways we’re getting diversity recruiting all wrong


That way of thinking, Clayton noted, has led HR to go about building diverse workforces in all the wrong ways. See also: 4 things to avoid if you want to diversify your talent pool When recruiting diverse talent, she said, HR and recruiters often search for those who “fit the culture.” Related: Read more Spring HR Tech coverage here.


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What is “Diverse Slate” Hiring?


If you want to boost diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, a “diverse slate” hiring strategy is a great way to achieve this goal. Here’s a quick “diverse slate” definition: Diverse slate hiring is a talent acquisition strategy where you start with a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

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How Synchrony is Using Data to Increase Workplace Diversity

Great Place to Work

Business leaders have been touting their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging for years — but what’s really changed? Beyond words, what makes a difference in the employee experience for workers from diverse backgrounds? To do that effectively, Synchrony created the Advancing Diverse Talent (ADT) initiative.

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Build Diverse Tech Teams: Strategies for Hiring & Reskilling Your Workforce

Learn from the experts at HR Dive, Guardian Life, Axios, Vettery, and General Assembly about common biases within the talent sourcing process and strategies for improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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PwC removes diversity requirement for Start interns

HR Brew

PwC Chief People Officer Yolanda Seals-Coffield confirmed to HR Brew that the company is removing the diversity requirement from its Start internship program as a direct result of the SCOTUS decision. She said that the communications, human capital, diversity, and legal teams collaborated on the decision to make the change.

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Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare: Building a Stronger Workforce

UrbanBound HR

Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives—aka DEI—play an important role in every industry, but especially in healthcare. That’s because DEI programs do more than help hospitals burnish their brand (although they accomplish that, too). At the end of the day, DEI benefits patients, communities, and employees.

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Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Systemically in Today’s Workplace

The challenge: Corporate America has been struggling to achieve sustainable progress in diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) at the workplace for decades. The approach: Adopt futuristic thinking, growth mindset, innovative approaches, a DEI ecosystem, and agility to well-position today’s workforce for new challenges in the digital era.

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Embrace Design Thinking to Advance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Thinking like a designer can help us transform and advance DEI efforts by being more strategic and human-centric. Design thinking reflects the signature traits of cultivating systemic and growth mindsets, being problem-oriented, and seeking out-of-box solu­tions and innovative breakthroughs.

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How to Fortify a Diverse Workforce to Battle the Great Resignation

Speaker: Alysha M. Campbell, Founder and CEO, CultureShift HR

The Great Resignation, also known as The Great Realignment, wreaked havoc in organizations and businesses. It's left many leaders scratching their heads, trying to understand the climate, and scrambling to find solutions to keep their top talent from departing, all while attempting to increase engagement and drive productivity.

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Creating a Workplace Culture of Belonging Requires a Broad DEI Lens

Speaker: Dr. Damary Bonilla-Rodriguez, EdD

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are terms used more commonly now than ever. That said, not everyone repeating these terms is consciously implementing behaviors to promote more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments for all. When we think of DEI, we often think of race and ethnicity.

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Beyond Employer of Record

Expanding internationally poses challenges in managing employees due to diverse labor laws. Employer of Record (EOR) services offer assistance, but have limitations. Explore the potential solution of Employment Process Outsourcing (EPO) in our whitepaper.

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Racism Reimagined: How Critical Race Theory Imperils the American Workplace

This sentiment is infecting the American workplace via racial sensitivity and diversity trainings. Critical Race Theory (CRT) supports the logic that all whites are born racists and oppressors by nature. This eBook explains CRT and argues against it.

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Build a Mentorship Experience That Drives Engagement, Promotion, and Retention

Retain, engage and support a diverse workforce with an effective mentorship program. Companies with mentorship programs can see a boost in minority representation at management levels of up to 24%, with higher employee engagement.

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Debunk the Four Myths in Reskilling & Upskilling

In this article, I want to zoom in on and debunk some related myths, so organizations will intentionally include and engage diverse talent, while putting together a blueprint and roadmap for reskilling and upskilling efforts.