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Smart change management strategies for tech adoption

Bullhorn Blog

Welcome to part two of our three-part series on change management in adopting new staffing tech. In part one, we looked at the three most common change management failures: vendor choice, communication, and budget. In part two, we’ll take these learnings and move on to strategies that surround the change itself.

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The 4-step process that delivers effective change management

Bullhorn Blog

Welcome to the final piece in our three-part series on change management and how it relates to the adoption of new staffing tech. In part one , we looked at the three most common change management failures: vendor choice, communication, and budget. Change is scary because of the unknowns.


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Overcoming Resistance to Change: Empowering HR with User-Friendly Technology and Change Management


In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies of resistance to change , particularly in the realm of HR technology, and explore the significance of user-friendly tools coupled with effective change management strategies. For more relevant posts: Talent Management: Strategy to Solution.

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4 Change Management Strategies for Managing HR Digital Transformation

HR Bartender

It’s about organizational change. Here are a few Workforce Institute articles that share how to use change management strategies for managing HR’s digital transformation. But organizations have to put a solid change management process in place to make the transformation successful.

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How to Create Champions of Change

Speaker: Chas Fields, HCM Strategy Consultant, and Brad Nycz, Manager of Customer Success at Kronos Incorporated

Join Chas Fields, strategic HCM advisor, and Brad Nycz, customer success manager, for a conversation on change management. During the session, Chas and Brad will walk through change management best practices and discuss why change isn’t so hard when you have a solid plan in place.

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What Is Change Management?


That’s where effective change management comes into play. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages, challenges, and significance of change management and how your company can easily transition to newer dimensions. What is Change Management? There are always major or minor changes in the process.

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What Is HR’s Role in Change Management?

HR Digest

Understanding the importance of change is the first step to understanding HR’s role in change management. Change is undoubtedly the only constant in the modern business landscape. Image: Freepik HR’s Role in Change Management: What Is Change Management?

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Are HR Technologies Ruining Your Employee Experience?

Speaker: Rayanne Thorn, Founder and Lead Strategist at Never Enough Media

In this webinar, experienced HR Tech Strategist and Marketer, Rayanne Thorn shares ideas about how to positively impact employee experience and change management without shortchanging the humans that HR Tech and technological innovation are supposed to benefit.

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Driving Change and Increased Productivity: HR Digital Transformation

Speaker: Jason T. Collett, SHRM-SCP - HR Strategist and International Speaker

While this can be an overwhelming task for small businesses and HR departments, a strategic approach to change management and digital transformation is the key to going from paper to the cloud. Join Jason Collett, HR strategist and consultant, for your HR digital transformation guide.

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No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results

Speaker: Cy Wakeman, M.S., CSP, President, Reality-Based Leadership

Uncover modern approaches to engagement and change management strategies. August 21, 2019 11 AM PDT, 2 PM EDT, 7 PM BST

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Mission Critical: Leveraging Learning Engineering to Drive Digital Transformation

Speaker: Trish Uhl, Founder of Owl's Ledge LLC and the Talent & Learning Analytics Leadership Forum

She'll show you how to start leveraging Learning Engineering, a multidisciplinary approach that combines modern technology, data analytics, decision science, learning sciences and change management with human-centered engineering design methodologies to ultimately deliver targeted learning outcomes and business results that keep pace with the business (..)