Crimcheck Is Now A Bullhorn Marketplace Partner

Crimcheck | Pre-Employment & Background Check Information

Crimcheck Is Now A Bullhorn Marketplace Partner Crimcheck is proud to announce that we have become a Bullhorn Marketplace Partner. Crimcheck and Bullhorn have had a successful integrated partnership for a number of years.

Bullhorn Acquires Herefish to Help Accelerate Automation of Staffing Processes


Bullhorn®, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, today announced that it has acquired Herefish, a provider of automation solutions for staffing firms.


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Spark Hire and Bullhorn Launch Video Interviewing Integration to Provide Staffing and Recruiting Firms with World-Class Technology

Spark Hire

Spark Hire is excited to announce its partnership with Bullhorn, a leading provider of cloud-based CRM solutions. The integration enables Bullhorn customers to seamlessly schedule, review, and share one-way and live video interviews without having to leave the Bullhorn platform. We’re ecstatic to announce our partnership with Bullhorn and excited to deliver the awesome video interviewing integration to our mutual customers,” said Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire.

3 Metrics that Should Matter Most to a Bullhorn Staffing Agency User


Let’s assume that your agency is using Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system (ATS) functionality to create job orders, distribute jobs across multiple channels, generate candidate interest for a given job order, and ultimately build and nurture a pool of talent for current and future opportunities.

InfoMart, Leader in Staffing Industry Background Screening, Announces Partnership with Bullhorn


Atlanta, GA – October 24, 2018 InfoMart, a globally-recognized background screening and identity verification company, announced today a new integration partnership with the applicant tracking system Bullhorn. Our integration with Bullhorn is a perfect complement to our decades of screening for some of the world’s largest staffing companies,” said Erica Clausen-Lee, InfoMart’s Chief Strategy Officer. About Bullhorn.

New PrismHR Partnership with Bullhorn Will Fuel Growth and Efficiency for PrismHR HRO Partners

Prism HR

This morning, Bullhorn, a leading provider of software solutions for the staffing industry, announced its new platform for the commercial staffing market, Bullhorn One Commercial Edition, which includes integrated payroll from PrismHR. . This announcement also kicks off our partnership with Bullhorn overall. The post New PrismHR Partnership with Bullhorn Will Fuel Growth and Efficiency for PrismHR HRO Partners appeared first on PrismHR.

Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Of 2021 | Which One To Choose?

Recruit CRM

Bullhorn Image via Software Advice Bullhorn is on a mission to provide a top-notch customer experience for its clients. Though most of the users claim Bullhorn to be bulky, it's still a popular choice among recruitment agencies. Ratings 4.1/5 Read Bullhorn's reviews on Capterra.

Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Of 2021 | Which One To Choose?

Recruit CRM

Bullhorn Image via Software Advice Bullhorn is on a mission to provide a top-notch customer experience for its clients. Though most of the users claim Bullhorn to be bulky, it's still a popular choice among recruitment agencies. Ratings 4.1/5 Read Bullhorn's reviews on Capterra.

4 Things You Need to Know About Global Candidate Sourcing

TLNT: The Business of HR

According to Bullhorn recruiting firm’s 2015 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report , 75 percent of the 1,285 agency recruiting professionals surveyed reported a “skills shortage” in the industries they recruit in. Finding the best talent for your organization isn’t always easy, and in today’s job market, it can be downright difficult.

Katie Larson, Celarity Recruiting Manager, Wins ASA’s Women in Leadership Scholarship


Additional women in leadership interest group sponsors are Anthem, Bullhorn, ClearEdge Marketing, Mee Derby, and WorkN. *Originally published by American Staffing Association (ASA).

Real-Estate Agents- Get Quality Leads Quickly!


Salesforce, Bullhorn, Zoho Recruit, Nimble are a few to be named. This can be explained with an example: If you have resumes in your Gmail inbox and you use Bullhorn, check out how to upload resume from Gmail to Bullhorn or any other CRM. Not able to get relevant leads? Stop worrying! An easy-to-use solution is waiting for you. We understand that these days, real estate marketing is more than advertising in print and electronic media.

10 Best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Software to Look Up in 2020


Bullhorn. Bullhorn. A cloud-based applicant tracking software, Bullhorn , provides you with an end-to-end solution for finding and recruiting the talents suited for your organization. Recruitment and hiring can be one of the most daunting and tiring processes.

Worker shortages? Where are the robots…?


ETZ’s leading back office solution also acts as a hub, allowing you to integrate your other favoured applications, such as Xero and Quickbooks for accounting, as well as dedicated RecTech platforms such as JobAdder and Bullhorn, further increasing efficiency and value.

Case Study: Recruit CRM Is Helping Sagesa Healthcare Hire Medical Professionals All Over Ireland

Recruit CRM

We used Bullhorn for two years and honestly it's slow, it's dictated, it has a lot of features that we don't absolutely need and I was just getting fed-up of using it. Read more: 4 reasons why you must choose Recruit CRM over Bullhorn.

2020 HR Challenges and Opportunities

Crimcheck | Pre-Employment & Background Check Information

According to a recent survey of over 2,000 global staffing and recruitment professionals conducted by Bullhorn, a full 71% of those surveyed expected their business, regardless of size, to experience increased revenue in 2020.

CRM List that you can parse in


You can set it up with some simple clicks Salesforce Bullhorn Nimble Zapier Hubspot CRM Google Sheets Zoho Recruit SugarCRM ZohoCRM OpenERP amoCRM Kunversion Act! Premium Solve CRM Cloze CallTrackingMetrics Spotio Batchbook Bullhorn CRM Workbooks CRM Clevertim CRM Automational MySQL Autotask MOCO Resume data or Jobs can be picked up from multiple source depending on where your data is generally stored.

The Real Question In 2020 Is This: What's YOUR Platform?

The HR Capitalist

When it became apparent that 10+ people would be crushed if the statue came down on the protesters, he got on the bullhorn and asked for 24 hours to get the statue down (knowing that the city was under order from the state not to bring down the statue from past years litigation, etc.).

5 All-Time Best Recruitment Tools For Hiring

Recruit CRM

Bullhorn: helps you with everything right from sourcing to managing the candidate. The main downside with Bullhorn is that it’s extremely expensive (~$2000 per recruiter per year) and since it was built in 1999 it can also feel a little clunky.

2018’s Most Popular Webcasts — #12DaysofHCM

Ultimate Software

The voices of incredible women have always been behind the bullhorns of positive change in society. Employment Law for the New Year. At the end of the year, we receive the gift of employment attorney and HR consultant, Kate Bischoff, and her rich understanding of everything you’d ever need to know about workplace compliance and regulations.

AI and hiring bias: Why you need to teach your robots well


Social networks provide companies a massive bullhorn for their openings. The year is 2021, and you hold a single resume in your hands, the golden resume of the ideal candidate. How do you know it’s the ideal candidate? Your artificial intelligence hiring tool told you so. Author: Tim Kulp.

Top 6 Enterprise Applicant Tracking Systems for 2020

TrustRadius HR

6 Bullhorn. Bullhorn is a joint ATS and CRM product focusing on recruiting agencies. Given the unique aspects of recruiting for a third-party clients, and at high volumes for those clients, Bullhorn tailors its features to best suit those users.

The Women’s Commemorative

Thrive Global

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4 Ways to Maximize Productivity and Optimize Your Contingent Workforce Background Check Program

Sterling Check

When evaluating existing workflows, staffing firms should consider integrating the background screening portion of their hiring process with a staffing software such as Bullhorn.

Restructuring Hiring

HRO Today

According to Bullhorn’s COVID-19 Impact Survey , carried out among recruitment agencies, an overwhelming 91% of respondents reported an increase in the use of video interviewing and conferencing. In an uncertain world, recruiters are shifting gears to focus on short-term hiring. By Simon Kent.

Millennials in the Workplace — August 2015 Roundup

Spark Hire

Bullhorn published this article on their blog and offers three things you need in order to manage a successful millennial sales team: Structure. via @Bullhorn #MillennialsInTheWorkplace Click To Tweet. Art Papas, CEO of Bullhorn, wrote this article about how the millennial mind is all about easier, faster, more flexible, and more efficient — so what does this have to do with the workplace?

How Your Background Screening Provider’s Global Partner Ecosystem Enhances the Hiring Workflow

Sterling Check

Sterling seeks out partners that enable tailored integrations to meet the unique requirements of different industries, be it the expertise that Bullhorn offers on staffing and retail industries or HealthcareSource’s insights into the healthcare industry.

CandidateZip Goes Public on Zapier


As of now, we connect with more than 4000 ATS/CRM namely Salesforce, Bullhorn, Zoho Recruit, Google Spreadsheets and much more. CandidateZip was in the beta phase for the last couple of months. We are proud to announce that it has been approved for beta and now integrates directly with Zapier. CandidateZip has entered into a partnership with this company. In short, we are now live on Zapier. Scanning a large number of resumes is a tough job.

Future of Recruitment Technology | 17+ Tools and Software

Get Hppy

The most popular applicants tracking tools used in recruitment are: Bullhorn. During the pandemic, many companies experienced a change in technology priorities.

Tools 91

The Best Onboarding Software Will Have These 4 Capabilities

Essium HRM

The system should be designed with integration top of mind, with an open API that makes it easy to work with common systems like Bullhorn, ADP, background checks and the other tools that staffers rely on. What’s the key to an optimal onboarding experience?

10 Most Curious Questions for Recruiters


It connects with more than 4000 ATS/CRM namely Salesforce, Bullhorn, Nimble, Google Sheets, etc. I cannot deny that recruitment is a tedious task. If I have to step into the shoes of a recruiter, I would definitely get the jitters. Screening numerous job applications or resumes to shortlist the best ones is time-consuming and mentally tiring. I am writing a few questions which every recruiter has in mind. 1) Uploading resumes manually to my ATS/CRM is time-consuming. What should I do?

This week on the #HRHappyHour Podcast Network

Steve Boese

Guest: Art Papas, CEO, Bullhorn. Join George LaRocque from HRWins to explore how the role of the recruiter is changing today with guest Art Papas CEO of Bullhorn.

3 Surprising Ways Twitter Is Linked To Unemployment

Intoo USA

Protecting one’s employer brand is more important than ever as social media and review sites have become the online employee bullhorn to rave and rant about workplace practices. Layoffs in particular have been observed to incite instant employee reaction on sites like Twitter, and companies have become more vigilant in defending their reputation and finding more preventative ways, such as providing career and transition assistance to affected employees , to get ahead of a bad review.

Are You Hiring on Your Own?


CandidateZip connects with 4000+ ATS/CRM such as Google Sheets, Nimble, Bullhorn, Salesforce and many more. I have a few questions for you. Have you just started your business?Are Are you recruiting without an HR?Do Do you have a limited hiring budget? And my final question is: Are you hiring on your own and looking for an easy way to hire the right talent? If yes, spare some time and read this article. Hiring challenges is a primary concern for small-scale businesses and startups.

CandidateZip to Exhibit in HRTech, Las Vegas


and 4000+ ATS/CRM such as Salesforce, Bullhorn, Zoho, Google sheets, etc., A few days are left for the HRTech Conference to take place. This mega event is happening in Las Vegas from September 11-14, 2018. HRTech is the place to get a glimpse of what is happening in HR technology across the globe. It is a perfect opportunity to meet and connect with industry thought leaders, experts, and HR professionals.

A Quick Guide to the Recruitment Agency?s ?Work From Home? Software Stack


Salesforce and Bullhorn are prime examples of CRM and ATS. Preventing COVID-19 spreading means working from home is here to stay! But how well are you set up and what should be in your recruitment agency’s ‘work from home’ software stack?