Key Benefits of Online Learning for Employees and Businesses

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One of the key elements of increasing employee engagement and satisfaction in the workplace is giving staff members the opportunity to grow and develop. Cost Savings. One of the key benefits of online learning to be had for both employees and businesses is cost savings.

Campus Networking Aids Learners And Administrators

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The Internet of Things is all around us, comprising objects from cell phones to thermostats that are connected to the Internet. We use these objects to send and receive information, and sometimes the objects send data to each other, such as in building management systems. The IoT is like a spiderweb of shared information. She connects to the IoT and uses it all the time without much thought because she grew up with computers and the Internet.

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Hey HR Pro: No One Will Remember How Much of the Budget You Saved

TLNT: The Business of HR

When I first started my career in HR on the corporate side of the fence, I was always very concerned about my budget. Ultimately, it was the biggest waste of time I ever spent as an HR professional. I got my team on the road. There are times to save money in HR.

Campus. Job Board. Open House. Choosing a Route to Recruit…

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Anyone who has ever worked in HR or on a talent recruiting team will be more than aware that finding that ideal candidate consumes plenty of all the above. So what’s the best way to go about recruiting in today’s climate? Should you save travelling time and expenses and invest in online job boards or invite candidates to come to you? Or is it worth going that extra mile to visit a student campus to attract young, up and coming talent?

How to Increase Employee Well-Being: A Surprising Solution

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You rush into the office for an early meeting. You have an important project deadline in two days, but you’ve barely started the project. And for the rest of the day, you just can’t seem to focus. HR managers want the best for their employees.

The unexpected upside of wellness at PSE


Since myWellness at PSE launched with Limeade four years ago, the leading energy company in the Pacific Northwest has measurably improved physical, emotional and financial health. Once employees participate in the program, they are awarded points in the myWellness program.

30 fun, fresh ideas for Employee Appreciation Day – or week!


Everyone here on the Achievers team really appreciates YOU for sifting through the vast interweb and landing on the [engage] blog, for spending time reading and sharing the articles we work so hard to create. Budget for employee-selected training/development.

People with Disabilities: An Underutilized and Growing Talent Pool

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Nearly 40% of employers are having challenges hiring qualified employees, while at the same time one in five people in the United States have some type of disability and are facing challenges in getting hired. The approach.

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Colleges and Universities Turn to SkillSurvey to Improve Hiring


the provider of cloud-based reference checking and credentialing solutions that deliver reliable insights, announced that it has doubled its higher education client base in the last two years with a range of institutions that includes more than half of the Ivy Leagues and a growing roster of community and technical colleges, online institutions and state universities. Click here to register for the webinar. Learn more about the conference here.

EEOC begins to crank up new initiative to prevent workplace harassment

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The EEOC is pushing employers to take another hard look at harassment in the workplace. . More than 30 years after the U.S. Supreme Court held in Meritor Savings Back v. Training changes needed. “In simplest terms, training must change.”

52 Epic Ways to Reward Your Employees


Remember how you felt the last time someone told you what a great job you were doing? It also motivates employees to keep up the good work. Positive reinforcement sets an example for everyone in your organization, showing them the kind of work you value most. CEO for the day.

Higher Ed Challenge: Picking Up the Pace to Reduce Time-to-Fill


From the cafeteria to the classroom, every touch made by every member of your campus staff can influence a student’s decision to attend – as well as to stay – at your institution. Also, employee morale can suffer from increased workloads or perceptions of a slow hiring process, and that trickles down to the student population as well. But no matter how fast you move, the hiring process stalls at reference checking. Learn more.

Despicable Shes


All month on the blog we’ve been honoring Women’s History Month with positive, uplifting, and empowering posts about the phenomenal women we know personally and professionally. This post will shine the light on the darkest of women “leaders”. The DESPICABLE SHES.

HR Tech Conference Highlights through a Talent Acquisition Lens

Brandon Hall

Everyone knows the HR Technology conference is a whirlwind of activity with numerous traditional and emerging solution providers showcasing their solutions to HR Professionals. Here is a brief sampling of what I learned during my sessions.

The Rise—and Fall—of the Machines

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Are you part of the 14% of workers who are worried they’ll lose their jobs to automation? decided it to end it all and throw itself into a watery grave after a few days of patrolling the area. And like everything else online, the Internet blew up with an outpouring of sympathy.

Determining If an On-site Fitness Center is Right For You


Think the days of the company gym have gone by the wayside? Amid the boom in individualized fitness apps and technology, many organizations are also doubling down and expanding their use of on-site fitness centers. On-site fitness centers can generate healthcare savings.

The Human Resources Intern Site

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The end of school or study approaches faster than anyone will readily admit and, with that, comes the need to find internships that have the potential of leading to successful careers. One of the best features are the articles that are posted.

Virtual Reality Gives Job Candidates a Vivid Big Picture


Your craft can cruise at over 45 miles per hour, but the noise might alert the enemy to your approach. And you have less than 10 minutes to save the day. VR is a technology-assisted environment that simulates the real world or an imaginary one. By Steve Bates.

In Their Words: Workday Customers Share How They’ve Managed Change


The ancient philosopher Epictetus has been attributed to the wisdom that, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” The same goes for the business world. These changes also need to happen simultaneously across multiple parts of the business, requiring both speed and organizational agility. Read on to learn how some of our customers have managed change with the support of Workday.

Five Steps Every College Student Needs to Take Now to Get a Job Later

45 Things

Not exactly music to the ears of a college student right now. While theyre studying and funneling thousands of dollars into tuition, theyre hearing that the next two years may be even rougher as the job market continues to lag behind an improving economy. Sit in the front.

How Will VR Make Its Way Into Business?

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Virtual reality (VR) has been around at the consumer level since the early 90s. The technology lets users explore full-scale, three-dimensional environments while controlling elements by clicking a button. It first emerged as part of the gaming industry, but with recent developments making VR more functional and user-friendly, will it be coming out of the shadows? So what are the implications of VR for the business world? Better training.

True, the Best Candidates Want Flextime. But How?

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Flextime is one of the most highly rated perks for attracting top talent to your organization. Lee, who is the director of human resources at Architecture Technology Corporation (ATC), offered her tips at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Talent Management Conference and Exhibition, held recently in San Diego. Because of its government work, the ATC considers itself a Work-Flex Outlier. All employees must be in the office Monday through Friday.

Employers Are Using Snapchat to Reach Generation Z


The “Snaplications” video story campaign ran from June 13 through July 9 as part of a push to hire 250,000 employees nationwide this summer. More than half of those new hires in company-owned restaurants are expected to be between the ages of 16 and 24. Learn to let go.

Death By Lousy HRM — The Whole Story In One Sitting!

In Full Bloom HR

Without any planning of plot or characters, without any outline of key points chapter by chapter and, quite frankly, without knowing what the hell I was doing, I just started writing. The first chapter was posted 12-6-2016 (the finale on 12-30-2016), and then the fat really was in the fire.

Modern Marketing And Digital Transformation: A View From The Duke Fuqua 2015 Marketing Conference

SAP Innovation

I work for SAP, recently named one of the happiest places to work. One of those interests includes my role as the ambassador between SAP and the Duke Fuqua School of Business, from which I graduated 30 years ago. Digital transformation and the modern marketer.

Academic Advising: Charting a Clear Path to Graduation


Every year EDUCAUSE shares its list of “Top 10 IT Issues” for the coming year, and we’re always interested to hear what keeps higher education CIOs up at night. We’ve noticed that student success, and the technology that can be used to support it, has remained among the top four issues for the past several years. It’s clear your organizations continue to be concerned about the need to strategically leverage technology to improve student outcomes.

The Judo Of The CDO: The 3 Sutras Of The Modern Information Blackbelt

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Last week I was grateful to host 35 chief data officers in Palo Alto for the 2 nd annual MIT Chief Data Officer Forum West event. I have learned many life lessons from this versatile yet expert group of executives. I’d like to share three “sutras” I’ve learned from these masters: 1.

I don’t want to work in the office sick bay, letting an employer know you’ll be in their city, and more

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This letter got so much interest that I made it into its own post , so that it didn’t overwhelm the comment section here. I don’t want my office to be the sick bay. I work in a pediatric clinic as a claim creator (plus I do the deposits of patient payments, and have other various non-patient care responsibilities). We have receptionists who take turns answering patient phone calls up front in the reception area. The second one … eh.

On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Do Online Classes Make Sense for.

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Monday, July 20, 2009 Do Online Classes Make Sense for Your Career? People just did the work and never challenged anything that was said.

The Judo Of The CDO: The 3 Sutras Of The Modern Information Blackbelt

SAP Innovation

Last week I was grateful to host 35 chief data officers in Palo Alto for the 2 nd annual MIT Chief Data Officer Forum West event. I have learned many life lessons from this versatile yet expert group of executives. I’d like to share three “sutras” I’ve learned from these masters: 1.

Recruitment and How to Create Value with Video Marketing

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The HR Gazette has partnered with the Employer Branding Strategies Conference (#EBrandCon) #EBrandCon to help showcase leading company profiles and gather top branding minds to share insider tips and strategies for improving and leveraging your employment brand.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) Highlights Improved Faculty Hiring in New Video


Online Reference Feedback Makes Hiring Process More Efficient While Delivering Insight on Candidates’ Soft Skills. the leading provider of hiring solutions to effectively recruit, hire and manage employees to drive business results, today released a new video featuring the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) and its talent leaders discussing how they benefit from online reference checking to improve faculty hiring. The video can be viewed at [link]. “It

profane decal on a car used for work, coworkers keep making me buzz them back inside, and more

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Employee has mildly profane decal in the car she uses for work. I recently hired a new employee who is great — very engaging with customers, asks lots of good questions, and her personality clicks with the other team members. The position she was hired for requires the use of a personal vehicle to show homes to clients (clients follow in their own vehicle, not get in hers). Assuming that’s the case, of course. I unintentionally overheard him on the phone.

Attracting Generation Z Employees To Be Big Focus at SHRM Conference

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Employee-focused future of work topics at the upcoming Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference & Exposition June 18-21 in New Orleans will range from analyzing big data to working with the new Generation Z. ASHHRA of the AHA. eLearning Brothers.


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Shortly after the fruit fly incident, our offices were moved from the auxillary building into the main corporate building, which provided a new environment. Part of this move involved the boss losing his private office, and being partially demoted (his job duties were restructured and although he retains the title of “manager” for now, he no longer has any actual manager duties). Probably for the best.