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5 common wage and hour mistakes every employer should avoid


One major thing the FLSA does is require employers to pay most employees a minimum hourly wage. . As of late 2021, that federal wage is $7.25 States also set an hourly minimum wage , and employers must pay employees the higher of the two. Avoid these common wage and hour mistakes. Make payroll painless.

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Wage Fixing Indictment Has Implications for Employers

ACA Times

3 minute read: A recent federal wage-fixing indictment against the former owner of a health care staffing company indicates that the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division is taking a closer look at the competition in labor markets. Employers nationwide, especially health care operators, would be wise to take notice.

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How to Motivate Hourly Employees


An hourly employee is paid for the number of hours they work each week–unlike a salaried employee, who is paid a set wage no matter how many hours they work. This means that they are entitled to at least the minimum wage, as well as overtime pay. Hourly employees make up the majority of the US workforce.

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How the Great Resignation Has Impacted 10 Industries


Record-breaking numbers of people are leaving their jobs, particularly low-wage workers. Wages for low-income workers have seen their sharpest uptick since the 18-month-long Great Recession that started in 2007, and companies are starting to offer large signing bonuses and even free college tuition to their workers. More than 4.5

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10 Ways to Keep Your Hourly Employees

Not only is great leadership important, but upward movement, flexibility, and benefits like earned wage access can make all the difference. Discover what hourly workers want more than money, including: Career Advancement & Learning Opportunities. Flexibility, Paid Time Off, & Leave. Payroll Options & Earned Wage Access. …

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Ideal Payroll Services for Small Enterprises


For those who prefer online payroll services for small business , here are the features to look for: Time-Tracking System Integration Time-tracking software is needed if the company needs to pay hourly employees. Wage Garnishment Dealing with wage garnishment can be difficult particularly for small enterprises.

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Guide to mandatory overtime: Can you force employees to work long hours?


The fact is that employers can oblige employees to work overtime hours, and employees can be fired for refusing to work mandatory overtime. Learn more. Mandatory overtime occurs when employers require hourly employees to work more than 40 hours in a workweek. times, their hourly wage for every overtime hour.

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Timekeeping Integration - The Key to Compliance

Speaker: Cynthia Hoyt, Regional Sales Director, Southland Data Processing

Another ruling on a wage and hour class action law suit. In this webinar you'll learn: The top 3 payroll compliance offenses that can cost your company huge penalties. In this webinar you'll learn: The top 3 payroll compliance offenses that can cost your company huge penalties. You hear about them almost every day.