What Keeps Human Resources Professionals Awake At Night?


What one aspect of your HR role has kept you up at night in the last week? ??After What really keeps Human Resources professionals up at night? Perhaps the next time someone asks you what is keeping you up at night, you can respond with,”nothing at all”.

Emojis At Work Are Fine If Used Properly [poll results]

HR Bartender

The post Emojis At Work Are Fine If Used Properly [poll results] appeared first on hr bartender. A few weeks ago, I asked for your thoughts on using emojis in work-related communications. It was just an informal poll. And the outcome was pretty one sided.

ATS 318

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Mindfulness at Work


The post Mindfulness at Work appeared first on eni. There are simple ways to reduce the impact workplace stress can have on your mind and body. Here’s a guide to get you started. Mindful Living & Leading

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Harnessing The Power Of Gratitude At Work


Here is a deeper look at gratitude at work, and tips for developing a practice you can use throughout the year. Steps to nurture gratitude at work. It’s more like a radio channel: you can choose at any time to tune in.”

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How To Create A 100% Virtual Onboarding Experience

Speaker: David Secunda, CEO, WorkBright

Are you struggling with virtual on-boarding? Whether you are making the switch to remote work or biding your time until you can get back to the office–you need a solution that works. Check out our webinar on Thursday, August 19th at 2 PM E.T. for more information.

Empowering Women at Work

Get Hppy

A major influence in a woman’s ability to grow is the opportunities that are presented at work. This can leave women feeling stagnated and discontent at work. Consider who you offer opportunities to at the workplace and who you first consider as a candidate.

ATS 169

How Innovative Leaders are Preventing Burnout at Work


Burnout has become a common occupational phenomenon in 2021. Even before the pandemic began, addressing burnout was considered a top priority for companies, and now leaders cannot ignore it.

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Spirit at Work

Don Phin

The post Spirit at Work appeared first on HRSherpas. Human Resources Business HR HR executives hrsherpas spirit spirit at work workThis is the time of year we are invited to look deeper into the meaning of our work. We are reminded of the opportunity to bring joy and mirth to our labors. We are reminded to be grateful for our lot in life and to be considerate of those less fortunate. Here is a link. Read More.

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How To Accept an Apology at Work

The People Equation

Has anyone ever said anything to you at work that was really hurtful or snarky? Accepting apologies at work is a good “people equation” skill to master because it maintains relationships and enhances your professionalism. . Or, their attempt at edgy repartee came out sounding mean.

ATS 139

How To Have Clearing Conversations At Work


In a global study by CCP , more than 85% of employees cited experiencing conflict at work. While these differences are at risk to be expressed through tension and irritation, the aim is to make space for conscious and production communication through a clearing conversation.

ATS 225

How To Create A 100% Virtual Onboarding Experience

Speaker: Workbright

Are you struggling with virtual onboarding? Whether you are making the switch to remote work or biding your time until you can get back to the office–you need a solution that works. Check out our webinar on Thursday, May 20th at 2 PM E.T. to learn more!

Bot busting! How to spot an ATS


With some strategic steps, the ATS can be your friend, but for many job hunters it feels like your worst enemy. The basic way an ATS works is the hiring manager programs different requirements and keywords into the system to efficiently filter through many candidates.

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Podcast: Battling the Bro Culture at Uber


136: Battling the Bro Culture at Uber. In this episode, Matt Wride and Christian Nielson discuss a cautionary tale of the “bro culture” that existed at Uber, how the leadership of it’s former CEO, Travis Kalanick contributed to it, and how it ultimately lead to his downfall.

ATS 130

Is Resume Keyword Stuffing for ATS Killing Your Hiring Potential?


Many companies use an ATS to manage the application process. Some even hide keywords in white font to try to trick the ATS without sacrificing the visual appeal of the text to the human eye. Some ATS systems can’t read white font.

Putting People at the Center of Hiring


And the best way to attract great talent is to put your people at the center of the process. Additionally, skills tests can help candidates who aren’t selected for positions at your company understand their shortcomings.

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How HR Can Promote Mental Health at Work (Actionable Advice to Help Your People Thrive)

HR leaders are on the frontlines of a mental health crisis, but the topic can still be taboo—or at least something that’s only talked about reluctantly. What can HR do to help? Download our latest guide to learn the 4 ways you can support the mental health of your employees and identify warning signs of burnout.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. at Work

ACI Specialty Benefits

Demonstrating empathy ultimately makes people feel understood, which strengthens leadership, relationships and performance at work. Reach out to ACI Specialty Benefits at 800.932.0034 or info@acispecialtybenefits.com to get started. at Work appeared first on ACI Specialty Benefits.

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Boosting Mental Wellness at Work


Here are some of the best ways to boost mental wellness at work: . All of this can help give employees a sense of meaning from working at your company. . The post Boosting Mental Wellness at Work appeared first on Helpside.

Personalization and Wellness: How AI Supports Wellbeing at Scale


What’s just amazing about the time and space we’re in now is you can really use personalization to surface opportunities from among and within those programs and benefits at the right time, in a way where it’s really a health and benefits journey of one.”.

Announcing Hireology at NADA 2021


Join thousands of dealers, dealership managers, exhibiting companies, and the world’s leading auto industry representatives virtually at this year’s NADA Show. The pandemic can’t stop NADA 2021 !

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3 Steps to Develop a Global Mindset

Speaker: Jenna Kass, Global Head of Recruiting at Highspot

Join Jenna Kass, Head of Global Recruiting at Highspot, for her exclusive session as she discusses her framework for developing a global mindset in talent acquisition.

Breastfeeding at Work Policy

HR Digest

A breastfeeding policy at work refers to the provisions for breastfeeding employees. The federal Break Time for Nursing Mothers law requires employers covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to provide basic provisions for breastfeeding employees at work.

Managing Grief and Loss At Work: A Guide for Employees & Managers


Most organizations don’t account for how grieving at work impacts employee engagement and wellness. Grief is universal and one of the most painful things we’ll experience in our lifetime. The loss of a loved one impacts each aspect of our lives. Yet, we rarely address grief in the workplace.

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Love at First Sight Exists …

Thrive Global

Love at First sight exists! I don’t have to push any boundaries to believe that love at first sight exists! Did she know that love at first sight exists ? … and Buddha Proves It! Yes, it does, and I have one more amazing story to prove it.

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The Importance Of Relational Mastery At Work


“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives, but equally so, the quality of relationships at work determines the quality of our work and our overall ability to succeed,” says well-known psychotherapist, Esther Perel.

ATS 194

The Art of Selecting Candidate Pre-Hire Assessments

Speaker: Melissa Dobbins, Founder & CEO, Career.Place

At the core of successful hiring practices is the fair and accurate evaluation of skills, abilities, knowledge and other criteria for a job. One powerful method to do this is through psychometric assessments. The right assessments used in the right way provide objective evaluation of criteria that are far more accurate than interviews alone. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong assessments or using assessments in the wrong way can lead to bad choices, biases, and even discriminatory practices that violate compliance standards.

How to Be Mindful at Your Desk


The post How to Be Mindful at Your Desk appeared first on eni. Stay centered and focused without being frazzled by the mental noisiness that crowds into a typical workday. Mindful Living & Leading

#WorkTrends Getting Real About ATS

TalentCulture - Recruiting

We may be at a tricky point in the economy, but hiring is on many company’s minds — along with what tools can help. the makers of SmartSearch talent acquisition and staffing management software — to talk ATS. The post #WorkTrends Getting Real About ATS appeared first on TalentCulture.

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Vaccine Mandates at HR Events

TLNT: The Business of HR

On episode 80 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn come together to discuss hiring men to listen to you, generational wealth gaps and how money is dispersed generationally, and in-person HR conferences!

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Top 7 Ways To Help Employees Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed At Work


This time of year, it’s common to feel overwhelmed at work. But when people continuously experience feeling overwhelmed at work, it takes a large toll on both our mental and physical states. A 2018 Gallup poll found 67 percent of employees feel burned out, with 44 percent feeling this at least sometimes and 23 percent feeling it very often or always. How leaders can help employees address overwhelm at work. Recognize the signs of an employee being overwhelmed at work.

ATS 172

Implementing Technology in TA for the Win: An Agile Approach

Speaker: Denise Dresler, Director of Talent Acquisition, Avature

What was once traditionally used only in the software industry is making its way to the recruiting and talent acquisition space: agile methodologies. Join Denise Dresler, Talent Acquisition Director at Avature, where she will be discussing how to take this nontraditional approach of agile talent acquisition and effectively incorporate it into your hiring processes.

How To Make Sure Your Resume Is ATS Friendly

Thrive Global

Applicant tracking software systems or ATS systems electronically handle many recruitment and hiring needs. When I was working as a recruiter, at least 80% of the job seekers who responded to my job posting weren’t remotely qualified for the job. 1 How do I know if a company uses ATS?

Why Every ATS Needs A Resume Parser?


Let’s look at how HR teams make a definite and indelible impact on today’s competitive job market with the help of technology. Applicant Tracking System ATS Resume Parser Resume Management Resume management Screening Staffing

How to Deal with Changes at Work

Achievers - Recruiting

While change managers typically focus on planned innovations, their skills are also called upon when companies have to learn how to deal with changes at work that are unexpected. Tackle change at the cultural level. Well-equipped to deal with changes at work.

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ATS Benefits & Features-10 Facts about Applicant Tracking System


And, if you really desire to know each detail of ATS as a candidate or client then you should check out this blog. Modern ATS has the capability to manage and operate each aspect of the recruiting and hiring approach. Do you know anything about the applicant tracking system?

Engage Your Employees Through a Culture of Creativity

Speaker: Peter Merrill, President, Quest Management Inc.

President at Quest Management Inc. Peter Merrill will show you how to assess your own innovative aptitude and how you can contribute to the innovation process. That contribution could come in the form of new ideas or delivery methods, which will also allow leaders to engage their people where they best perform. He will also discuss alternative ways to address the challenges leaders face when trying to get creative behaviors and delivery behaviors to co-exist in innovative organizations.