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Looking beyond the résumé: How talent pros can lean into skills-based hiring

HR Brew

There are a number of unconscious biases that cause recruiters and hiring managers to eliminate a candidate’s résumé, Mazzullo said, adding that talent pros should “educate, guide, and in many cases, push back to the hiring manager, so that they don’t overlook really amazing candidates just based on the résumé.” Interview facelift.

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Cisive Celebrates Global Talent Acquisition Day!


Global Talent Acquisition Day, celebrated on the first Wednesday of September each year, is a day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the essential role that talent acquisition plays in organizations worldwide. Happy Global Talent Acquisition Day! first appeared on Cisive Blog.


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PreCheck Celebrates Global Talent Acquisition Day


Get Email Updates PreCheck Celebrates Global Talent Acquisition Day Sep. This day was established by the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals and KRT Marketing to shed light on the efforts of talent acquisition professionals who tirelessly seek out and engage top talent for their organizations.

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How to Build a Successful Global Talent Acquisition Strategy

G2 Crowd

Here's how you can build a successful global talent acquisition strategy. Learn about the benefits of global talent acquisition and how to expand your team across borders.

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How A Global Talent Acquisition Strategy Can Benefit You


Finding talent locally has its benefits — but expanding your outreach outside of traditional methods can yield excellent results as well. Global talent acquisition normally involves sourcing candidates internationally, as you’d expect, but it could simply mean recruiting from new areas that you wouldn’t normally consider.

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How To Deal With Astonishing Growth in Global Talent Acquisition

Pragna Technologies

In 2018, virtually 75% of employers struggled to fill positions with the proper candidates.Unfortunately, this talent shortage is simply worsening. Research by Korn Ferry predicts by 2020, the technology, media, and telecommunications industries alone may be short over one million complete staff globally.

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HR tech Number of the Day: recruiting tech


—saying their organization does not have an HCM solution, despite three-quarters of U.S. leaders saying that such investment is a high or essential priority.