The New Role of the CHRO

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As a former CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer), I’m familiar with the role. We need a new definition of the CHRO. Take this information forward and you can see a newer, bigger definition of the CHRO. CHRO is a business role.


How to Be a Respected and Successful CHRO


Do you see yourself becoming a respected and successful CHRO one day? A strategic, data-driven CHRO will turn this approach upside down: starting with an accurate, Big Data insight into operations and people, and making the budget planning process far more accurate.


6 Traits that Make a Top CHRO

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Career Management Featured C-Suite CHRO HR Human Resource executive LeadershipThere is a key difference between the organizations who are the best and those who aspire to be the best. The top-performing organizations have set an example for us by recruiting a new breed of a C-level employee.


HR Tech Trends for Today’s CHRO

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Today’s CHRO needs to prove value, which requires more sophisticated measurement tools. What trends do you see hitting today’s CHRO? The post HR Tech Trends for Today’s CHRO appeared first on The HR Gazette. Editor's Pick Featured HR Tech CHRO hr tech


What it Takes to Become a CHRO

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If you dream of becoming a CHRO, remember the number 60. By the end of this article, it will remind you of what type of people make it to CHRO and the CHRO hiring trends over the past several years.


Sarah Stephenson, CHRO, CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries


The post Sarah Stephenson, CHRO, CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries appeared first on PayActiv. As a forward-thinking HR executive, Sarah tells us about her passion for HR, how the PayActiv benefit has been received by the organization thus far, and what she hopes for the future. Blogs HR Leaders: Interview Series


Becoming—or grooming—your organization’s next CHRO

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If your goal is the CHRO chair, how are you preparing yourself to take the helm? Next Generation CHRO Academy. In a similar vein, how a CHRO translates thoughts into words and actions was reinforced through hands-on coaching and role playing.


What CEOs Look For In Their CHRO

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CEOs are actively upgrading their CHRO talent with talent management needs driving much of that change. Our 2016 placements to date at TSG Executive Search show some clear trends in who’s securing the CHRO role and why.



The world of work is changing, and the CHRO’s role has never been more important or more in flux than it is today. 80% of executives say their company cannot succeed without an assertive, data-driven CHRO. The post 5 TRENDS EVERY CHRO SHOULD KNOW FOR 2018 appeared first on Limeade.

SAFEbuilt Recruits New CHRO


SAFEbuilt Recruits New CHRO Gatti & Associates Assists SAFEbuilt in Recruiting Key Member of Their Leadership Team. Simone was most recently Interim CHRO at October Hill International. The post SAFEbuilt Recruits New CHRO appeared first on Gatti HR. Gatti & Associates is pleased to announce Simone Reynolds has joined SAFEbuilt as Chief Human Resources Officer.

How Does A CHRO Add Value In An Organization?

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I also had the opportunity to share some of my thoughts in this 2-minute video below about the challenges CHRO’s face, how they can add value, and how the role of human resources is evolving. What’s ahead for HR and CHRO’s in 2017?


Why the CEO Should Report to the CHRO

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Here’s what every CHRO should do tomorrow: “Go to the CEO, and say ‘guess what’ we’re changing the org chart. I’m in charge now, and you report to me.”. Future of HR HR Insights HR Management Leadership DisruptHR Featured videos

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#SHRM16 Interview with Tim Mulligan the CHRO of the Year

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He is also participating in the CHRO panel hosted by Halogen Software. Interviews SHRM16 #SHRM16 #SHRM16blogger CHRO HR interview Tim MulliganI lived in Southern California for my high school and college years. In college I studied comparative animal psychology, primates in particular.


Insights from the CHRO Panel at #WorkHuman 2017


The post Insights from the CHRO Panel at #WorkHuman 2017 appeared first on Lighthouse Research & Advisory. This week I’m honored to be at the WorkHuman conference put on by Globoforce.

Postcard from the Future: A CHRO in 2021


Imagine someone who leads a high-impact HR organization in the year 2021: The CHRO—or perhaps her title is Chief Employee Experience Officer or Chief People Officer—connects to an earnings call to help the CEO explain how new people programs drove the latest uptick in profitability. Skills Required of the Future CHRO. So, if we have a vision of how the CHRO of the future operates, what should be done today to create this hypothetical future?


HR Isn’t Enough If You Want to Be a CHRO

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While many HR professionals dream of someday earning the big company CHRO job, few will achieve it. After all, there are only 500 companies in the Fortune 500 and 98 “unicorn firms” valued at $1 billion or more.

Unilever CHRO Leena Nair: How to Thrive in an Upside-Down World


” —Unilever CHRO Leena Nair. “Those who really thrive in the upside down world are those who can bring a more human touch to what they do,” said Unilever CHRO Leena Nair. The post Unilever CHRO Leena Nair: How to Thrive in an Upside-Down World appeared first on Workday Blog. Community CHRO continuous learning customer innovation leadership Unilever workday rising europe


How to Make Feedback a Force for Positive Change in Your Organization | CHRO Community Series

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This is part of our CHRO Community Series , which highlights big ideas from CHROs working to push the boundaries of HR and transform their organization for the better. Our first mini series focuses on improving feedback operations within organizations. Implementing a culture of feedback from scratch at a company is no simple task, especially if it hasn't historically been a part of the company's values.


Aspiring to be a CHRO? Here's How to Get There

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Do you have your sights set on a CHRO position? Good choice! Whether a business succeeds or fails is determined by the quality and happiness of the employees who work there. And because over 50% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged, companies are crying out for talented CHROs.

People First: Hema Tuitt, CHRO at Kerry's Place Autism Services


This month we spoke with Hema Tuitt, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Kerry's Place Autism Services. We're tracking down TemboStatus users inside the world's most amazing organizations to discover their favourite tools, inspirations, pet peeves and the philosophy behind what makes them so great.


Trust: Why It Matters and How Tech Can Help

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Featured Guest Post Sponsored Post Technology Business CHRO Cloud technology Employee Morale Employee Sentiment HR Human Resources Janine N. 000010000000Campaign/FTC disclosure: This is a sponsored guest blog post. I will receive compensation for this post.

CFO & CHRO: Embracing Digital HR

NGA Human Resources

Traditionally, HR and finance departments have depended on bespoke internal software and solutions to optimise employee administration. Finance Director Europe speaks to Michael Custers at NGA HR about how the company plans to build a culture of more streamlined and efficient digital strategies to bring the two departments closer together. Finance Director Europe (FDE): To what extent do you think companies are ready for a digital transformation in all lines of business, including HR?


7 Skills Every Future CHRO Should Have

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The ultimate career goal for many HR professionals is to land the chief human resources officer (CHRO) title. The value of the CHRO has steadily increased in recent years, often heralded one of the most important or influential jobs in the company.

Ian Ziskin on CHRO Success

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But Ian Ziskin, a high profile CHRO, has written a book and he very kindly sent me a copy. Ian was the CHRO of 3 Fortune 100 corporations – Northrop Grumman, Qwest Communications and TRW – so he knows whereof he writes. I don’t usually do book reviews on Data Point Tuesday.

How Does A CHRO Add Value In An Organization?

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I also had the opportunity to share some of my thoughts in this 2-minute video below about the challenges CHRO’s face, how they can add value, and how the role of human resources is evolving. What’s ahead for HR and CHRO’s in 2017?

5 Questions for Carole Watkins, CHRO at Cardinal Health


Carole Watkins, CHRO, Cardinal Health. The post 5 Questions for Carole Watkins, CHRO at Cardinal Health appeared first on Workday Blog. Carole Watkins is chief human resources officer for Cardinal Health, a large healthcare services company and Workday customer since 2009.


Keeping the CHRO in the C-Suite

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Human resources is rarely appreciated for providing thought leadership. At least, that’s according to Lynda Spiegel, who wrote “Why HR Belongs in the C-Suite” on the Wall Street Journal ‘s The Experts blog today.

Beware Knowledge-Poaching Leaders

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010011000210Two years ago, I wrote an article about things I needed to CHRO’s to know about what the organization needs from them. I find myself wanting to have this discussion again after yet another anecdote about an ill-equipped CHRO.


CHRO to CEO: Stairway to Heaven

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The Korn Ferry Institute recently released a report that looks at the leadership traits of “best-in-class” executives, and the important relationship between Chief Executive Officers and Chief Human Resources Officers.


Would the Real CHRO Please Emerge

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” Turns out, according to that research, CHROs not only have traits closest to CEOs of all C-suiters combined, but the CEOs in the report, themselves, even agreed the CHRO could be a contender for their role. You got it, CHRO. When HRE Senior Editor Andrew R.


Five Ways Video Can Enhance Your Recruitment Process

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Featured Guest Post HR Innovation Recruitment Ask Czarina Assess Hub Business Candidate Experience Candidate Relationship Management CHRO Communication CRM HR Technology HRTech Human Resources IT Janine N.

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Why Workday is a Top Workplace for Women: Q&A with CHRO Ashley Goldsmith


The post Why Workday is a Top Workplace for Women: Q&A with CHRO Ashley Goldsmith appeared first on Workday Blog.


The Changing Role of the CHRO


To kick off the second day of Deloitte’s CHRO Academy event last week, Lisa Weber highlighted many of the challenges facing today's HR leaders. The Bold, Business-savvy CHRO. Driven by the need to deliver greater business impact and drive innovation, the CHRO role is changing.


Six Pivotal Actions for the CHRO as Employee Engagement Architect


While some leaders are aware that employee engagement is a strategic differentiator for business success, many organizations have struggled to respond to the dramatic expansion of engagement measurement options now available and the increased need for timely responses to engagement concerns. We believe that an employee engagement strategy guides organizations through the maze of measurement […]. Engagement Talent Strategy

The Only Thing Leaders Should Have Top Of Mind For 2018 is Integrity

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010011000010 This is the time of year that predictions are made and data is shared about what the strategic and operational goals are for the upcoming year.

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7 Talent Acquisition Metrics Your CHRO Really Cares About

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Editor’s Note : It’s a TLNT holiday tradition to count down the most popular posts of the past year. This is No. Our regular content will return on Jan. 5, 2015. Happy Boxing Day ! . Metrics enable you to gauge the overall health of your talent acquisition process.

Letting Go: Three Functions HR May Want To Delegate Responsibility For

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Featured HR Innovation Organizational Design #NewWayToWork #TAOHR Business C-suite CEO CHRO Conflict Mediation dispute resolution Diversity Employee Relations Future of Work. 000000000000 These days you can’t evade commentary on what HR should be doing and assuming responsibility for.


Accenture’s CHRO Ellyn Shook to Speak at the i4cp 2018 Conference


Ellyn Shook, Accenture’s chief leadership & human resources officer, has joined Brené Brown, Daniel Pink, Andrew Razeghi, and many more as a presenter at the i4cp 2018 Conference: Next Practices Now. Shook has been ranked by as one of the top 10 CHROs.

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A CHRO Reader Sounds Off: Have HR Vendors Lost Their Ever-Loving Minds?

The HR Capitalist

I could say more to introduce this post, but the best path is just to allow a CHRO friend of mine tell you how he feels. Dan" is a CHRO for a large employer in the US with thousands and thousands of employees.


??Social Collaboration: The CHRO’s Secret Weapon

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By emphasizing the importance of social collaboration throughout an organization, a company’s chief human resources officer (CHRO) can radically transform the enterprise. Workplace collaboration is nothing new.