Pilot Groups or Sandboxes: Which Is Better for Your Implementation

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That testing phase is often referred to as a pilot group. The pilot group participants not only attend the training, but they provide design feedback. It does seem to me that pilot groups and sandboxes – while they have the same ultimate goal – are two different things.

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Group Coaching Enhances Opportunities

Center for Coaching

In addition to group or team coaching serving clients well, it is a smart business move because it adds to the options and grows your client base as a coach. Group coaching is an amazing opportunity based on the niche of the coach. Build a group around what they want to explore.


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Focus Group Check In

Compensation Cafe

Historically, Human Resources have had an on-again, off-again relationship with focus groups. These research practices are far more disciplined and professional than the focus groups we have leaned on. While focus groups are a type of research, they do not have the power of analytics.

What to do when your group health insurance premiums go up


As renewal season comes around each year, employers everywhere brace themselves for what their new group health insurance premiums will look like in the new year—because chances are, they’ll be higher. Switch to a high deductible health plan with a group coverage HRA as a supplement.

How To Create A 100% Virtual Onboarding Experience

Speaker: Workbright

Are you struggling with virtual onboarding? Whether you are making the switch to remote work or biding your time until you can get back to the office–you need a solution that works. Check out our webinar on Thursday, May 20th at 2 PM E.T. to learn more!

Group or Team Coaching – A Smart Opportunity

Center for Coaching

One of the most common areas of feedback following the Certified Master Coach or Certified Coach Specialist programs is how excited people are by the potential of adding group or team coaching to their service offerings. What was the previous hesitation behind offering group or team coaching?

How to supplement your HRA with a group health insurance plan


Is a traditional group health plan the next big step for our health benefits plan? Get our quick comparison chart on group health insurance vs. HRAs. Health Reimbursement Arrangement Group Coverage HRA

The Judge Group

HR Lineup

The Judge Group Overview. The Judge Group offers all professional services under one umbrella to have a steady and efficient work environment. The Judge Group also allows job seekers to find work through its search tool, which has more than 5,000 job opportunities.

Expedia Group

Stories Incorporated

rebranded to Expedia Group, Inc. They wanted to communicate specific elements of their culture—especially through the Expedia Group kununu page—to attract the right candidates. We interviewed five Expedia Group team members in their Seattle headquarters. Expedia Group – Culture. Here, we focused on a few of Expedia Group’s Guiding Principles, using stories to bring them to life. Women at Expedia Group – Technology.

What is Group Coaching versus 1-on-1?

Thrive Global

GROUP COACHING. Group coaching is an incredible format that gives you a similar level of coaching and mentorship but in a group format. The group starts the program together, has weekly coaching sessions, and daily support in a private community off Facebook.

The Power of Recognition: How HR & Business Leaders Can Partner to Develop a Strategy for Recognizing Employees

Speaker: Keri Ohlrich, CEO & Kelly Guenther, COO, Abbracci Group

Join Abbracci Group’s CEO Keri Ohlrich, PhD and COO Kelly Guenther as they explore how you can develop these relationships with leaders and influence engagement in your company.

Small group health insurance for beginners


Small Business Small Group Health Insurance Qualified Small Employer HRAFor many small employers, offering a competitive health benefit to employees can be a real challenge.

Clearway Energy Group | Case Study


Resource Download: Clearway Energy Group Case Study. Clearway Energy Group | Case Study. The post Clearway Energy Group | Case Study first appeared on PlanSource. Return to resources.

How to use group health insurance with an HRA


Group health insurance is a common way for organizations to provide employees the health coverage they expect from their employer. So which should your organization use—group health insurance or an HRA? Group Health Insurance Health Reimbursement Arrangement Group Coverage HRA

Group coverage HRAs: an overview


This article provides an overview of group coverage health reimbursement arrangements (HRA)s, also called integrated HRAs, and how employers use them to achieve health benefits cost savings. health reimbursement arrangement HRA Group HRA Integrated HRA

Opportunities for Teaming and Engagement

Speaker: Jon Ingham, Social HR Strategist

In this webinar, social HR strategist Jon Ingham will explain some of the key opportunities for using teaming as a direct input to meeting business needs, while also strengthening employee engagement.

Why Individual Health Insurance is More Affordable Than Group


Individual health insurance is more affordable than group health insurance. Individual Health Insurance group health insurance small business health insurance healthcare costs risk pools affordability

Minimum contribution requirements: Group health insurance vs. HRAs


With all of the regulations and restrictions surrounding group health insurance plans, it can be frustrating for small and midsize business owners (SMBs) to find a plan that works for their employees. Group Health Insurance Health Reimbursement Arrangement Qualified Small Employer HRA

Take control of group health insurance costs and quality with a GCHRA


Organizations that offer traditional group health insurance often feel they’re at the mercy of their insurance providers, spending more and more each year just to maintain benefit levels. Group Health Insurance Group Coverage HRA

Group Health Plan vs. Group Health Insurance Plan - What's the Difference?


The terms 'group health plan' and 'group health insurance plan' are often used interchangeably, but in fact they mean different things. This article provides the definitions of a group health plan vs. a group health insurance plan.

Payroll Integration: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Your File

Speaker: Bonnie Treichel, JD, Senior Consultant, Multnomah Group

*HRCI-Approved*. There are many benefits to keeping up with technology. By embracing ideas like fully-integrated payroll, your organization will be able to save time and resources by eliminating what was once a very manual part of your workflow.

Is a Group Coverage HRA Right For My Organization?


Following are questions you can ask to determine whether a group coverage HRA (GCHRA) is the best option. Affordable Care Act HRA Health Reimbursement Account HRA Rules HRA Eligibility Group Health Insurance Plan Group Health Group HRA Benefit gchra group coverage hra

How to Cancel Group Health Coverage


Today, many small employers are canceling group health insurance coverage. group health insurance defined contribution canceling group health insurance Benefits ProfessionalsAnd it's not because they don't want to offer employee health benefits.

What constitutes a group for health insurance?


Group Health Insurance Health Reimbursement Arrangement Small Business Qualified Small Employer HRA Individual Coverage HRAThe Affordable Care Act requires employers to provide health insurance for all full-time employees or face steep penalties from the IRS.

Work Life Balance: Every Age Group Wants It

HR Bartender

The post Work Life Balance: Every Age Group Wants It appeared first on hr bartender. (Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Capella University. Capella is an accredited online university dedicated to providing an exceptional, professionally-aligned education that puts you in a position to succeed in your field. They offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees as well as certificate programs for human resources and business professionals.

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How 2400+ Recruiting Professionals Are Reimagining Their Fall Strategy

Speaker: Handshakes Find Your Next Conference

Join 2,400+ recruiting peers who have registered for Handshake’s Find Your Next Conference to hear from Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai, and 15+ transformational leaders at Disney, Gap, Prudential, Johns Hopkins University, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

Making the switch from group health insurance to an HRA


When it comes to offering health benefits to your employees, group health insurance is the traditional choice, but it isn’t for everyone. For many small employers, the high costs, lack of flexibility, and complicated nature of group plans aren’t worth the hassle.

7 Group Coverage HRA rules to know


A lot of employers who offer group health insurance have an itch. HRA Group HRA group coverage hraThey know it’s not perfect, and the ways they’ve tried to scratch it in the past just don’t work. Offering the Rolls Royce of health plans would be great, but they can’t afford it.

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Even When You Are in a Majority Group


A female colleague immediately stopped me and said, “No, you are precisely the group that needs to talk more about diversity.”. I had been sure that the only viewpoints that mattered were voices from diverse groups. Does your organization sponsor employee resource groups for minorities?

The Power of Group Coaching

Center for Coaching

Increasingly, more people are finding that group coaching fulfills the desire for cost-effective coaching. Group coaching creates a win-win financial situation for coaches and the clients as well as in organizations. Instead of clients or their organization paying for one-on-one sessions, session costs are split between the group members. Group coaching also provides a safe space to experience coaching and then consider more in-depth individual sessions.

Putting the Human Back in HR: How to Create a Positive Offboarding Experience

Speaker: Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer, The Granite Group

The offboarding process has been an essential part of the employee work life cycle but in the last year it almost seemed like it was the only part of the cycle. Join Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer of Granite Group and keynote speaker as she discusses the intricacies of the offboarding process and how to make it a positive experience for all employees & employers.

3 Ways To Engage Each Age Group At Work

ClearCompany HRM

What group of professionals based on generational age do you think is the most engaged in the workplace? If you guessed the very young and the older age groups, you were right. A recent survey by Quantam Workplace identified the most and least engaged groups in the workplace based on age. Among the most engaged were young Millennials under the age of 25 and Baby Boomers over the age of 66. The least engaged were older Millennials between the ages of 26 and 35 years old.

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Adopting Continuous Conversations at Newport Group


Newport Group helps companies offer their employees a more secure financial future through retirement plans, insurance, and consulting services. The post Adopting Continuous Conversations at Newport Group appeared first on Reflektive.

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Harrier Group Appoints New Acting Group CEO

HRO Today

May 20, 2020 – The Board of Harrier Group today announce the appointment of Zain Wadee as acting Group Chief Executive Officer. Harrier Group Chairman David Sourbutts said: “Zain is an accomplished leader who exemplifies our values and shares our strong vision for the business.

How Can Small Groups Overcome the Barriers to Self-Insurance?


Healthcare costs have been outpacing inflation for years , long before COVID exacerbated the situation. The pandemic has challenged the status quo on seemingly every front, and employer-sponsored insurance is no exception.

Preparing for the Workplace of the Future: HR’s Role

Speaker: Robin Schooling, Managing Partner, HR + People Strategy, Peridus Group

Join Robin Schooling, Managing Partner, HR + People Strategy with Peridus Group, to learn what you can do now to prepare yourself and your organization for the future workplace while simultaneously solidifying HR’s impact as a strategic and influential leader for business success