Tips for creating smart corporate holiday policies


In this seasonal scramble, having effective corporate policies in place can help reduce confusion and alleviate some of the pressure. Here are four tips to keep in mind when thinking about your corporate holiday policies.

How does your parental leave policy stack up? Is it fair? Equitable? Competitive?


And two current employment trends are putting additional pressure on employers to take a closer look at their current parental leave policies: Employees want better work-life balance as they seek a higher quality of life. The post How does your parental leave policy stack up?

Tips for creating fair and friendly holiday policies [Video]


While this time of year is filled with cheer and celebration, it’s also important to make sure your company’s policies reflect fairness, equality and safety. Tip #2: Make sure your policies work with diverse religious beliefs. Blog HR Policies‘Tis the season!

What Should Your PTO Policy Look Like?

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Vacation, sick time, personal days—it's enough to make your head spin when you're trying to come up with a perfect paid time off (PTO) policy for your company. While there isn't a "perfect" solution that all businesses should adopt, there are some guidelines that will help you make the best PTO policy for your business. Unlimited PTO Some businesses—most notably Netflix—have adopted an unlimited vacation day policy.

The Goldilocks ATS Story

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Programs and Policies that Foster a Transparent Company Culture


It will also make business decisions and policies much easier. By applying this transparency to company policies and perks, we’ve seen these benefits. With that in mind, here are four ways you can integrate transparency into your company policies, traditions, and office perks.

Tips for creating fair and friendly holiday policies [Video]


While this time of year is filled with cheer and celebration, it’s also important to make sure your company’s policies reflect fairness, equality and safety. Tip #2: Make sure your policies work with diverse religious beliefs. ‘Tis the season!

Phantom Policies and Rules

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Like ghost and goblins, phantom policies may be creeping about in your organization [que evil laugh] Bwahahaha! Phantom policies are undocumented and not widely known rules or expectations. I don’t mean to frighten anyone. There may be phantoms lurking about your halls.

DOL Pulls Back Policies on Worker Classification, Joint Employers

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The Department of Labor this morning announced it was pulling back from two Obama-era policies regarding the classification of independent contractors and joint employer liability.

Policies don’t Fix Anything

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One reason I was always an outlier when I worked in HR is that I have a healthy disdain for policies. I understand that necessity of some policies. I’m not completely anti-policy. But I am anti-unnecessary policies. Here’s the problem with policies.

NLRB Overturns Rules On Joint Employer and Neutral Policies

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The second set aside a 13 year-old standard governing whether facially neutral workplace rules and policies interfered with protected worker rights. Employee Handbook & Policies Legal - Compliance & Policies National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) & Board (NLRB) Featured legal issues

The Keys to Balancing Your First Relocation Policy

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Creating your first relocation policy can feel like being dropped in the middle of a desert with a bag of random tools and no map. Technology Relocation Policy HR

Paternal Leave Policies Are Vital for Retaining Talent


The United States maternity leave policies fall far behind the rest of the world , leaving it one out of three countries that do not offer mandatory paid maternity leave. In 2016, major technology company Twitter announced a revised paternal leave policy, giving both parents up to 20 weeks of unpaid leave. Gender-Balanced Leave Policies. Companies are also getting smart by setting leave policies that are gender-balanced.

Five Best Practices for Developing a Company Smartphone Usage Policy

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One highly recommended solution to overspending is a company smartphone usage policy. Rounded up below are five of the best practices for developing a company smartphone usage policy. Balance the smartphone usage policy by including rewards and incentives for adherence to it.

Finding your ideal vacation policy


The post Finding your ideal vacation policy appeared first on Replicon. In 2014, a New York City councilman proposed a bill requiring three weeks paid leave for employees who had worked at a company for five years.

Engaging in Public Policy: 5 Questions for Stewart Verdery of Monument Policy Group


Workday Rising this year included a number of wide-ranging sessions with executive attendees, including a roundtable where participants learned about the ins and outs of public policy. Facilitated by Stewart Verdery , founder and CEO of Monument Policy Group , the discussion touched on the climate in Washington, thoughts on next year’s congressional election, and, most importantly, why and how companies can help shape policy.

A Few Thoughts on Parental Leave Policies

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One of the criticisms leveled against Netflix’s policy here is that it doesn’t cover some (or all) employees in its DVD distribution and customer service groups.

How Time Off Accruals Can Enhance Your PTO Policies

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In an effort to reduce absenteeism and loss of productivity within the workplace, US businesses are reforming their vacation and PTO policies to better support their employees needs. The post How Time Off Accruals Can Enhance Your PTO Policies appeared first on nettime solutions.

Christmas Party Policy


So I thought I would … Continue reading → Just for Fun Christmas Party HR Guidance Christmas Party PolicyIt is nearly that time of year again. When we in HR have to start worrying about whether our employees will be able to behave themselves, once the Christmas spirit takes hold (or is consumed).

We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy!


Check out our updated Privacy Policy here. The post We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy! We value our users’ privacy and know that the GDPR is aimed at making people know that their personal data are safe and not being used in some way that they do not approve. So here’s a quick rundown of what we changed to be GDPR compliant. We would love your feedback and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. appeared first on Product Update Product update

6 must-have policies for a strong employee handbook


Not having clear policies can mean big problems. Your employee handbook should provide guidance to reinforce your policies. Outline the policies that affect your employees. Communications policy. A clear communications policy may have been optional in the past, but it’s more important than ever in the current technological environment. Nondiscrimination policy. Compensation and benefits policy. New hire and separation policy.

Sexual Harassment: 4 Critical Questions for Reviewing Your Policy

HR Daily Advisor

Here are but a few: Ask yourself when your company last took a look at its harassment policy. If you have an employee out there who needs to come forward, is it clear from the policy whom the employee needs to contact? That’s all I have to say: Wow.

#6Things: Dating, Linda, and Public Policy

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If you are interested in the wage gap, gender gap, earnings gap, etc, you may find this public policy study by Uber of interest. The post #6Things: Dating, Linda, and Public Policy appeared first on Red Branch Media. I am out of time people but there were so many cool things I stumbled on this week, starting with… Dating and Recruitment are like Peas and Carrots.

Sample Fraternization Policy

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Need a dating or fraternization policy for an employee-oriented, team workplace? See a policy, too Many employers don't discourage friendships or romance.

Keeping Up With Popular Policies

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What happens when your candidate asks about cell phone use, Internet access, and other policies? Have you kept your policies current as the culture changes? Weitzman shares guidelines for cutting edge policies. Technology Policies. BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) Policies.

Here’s Why You May Want to Rethink Your Office Dog Policy


The post Here’s Why You May Want to Rethink Your Office Dog Policy appeared first on Reflektive. An amazing job in my field came up a few weeks ago. It was a short contract, part-time position and I was perfectly qualified to apply. Yet, I didn’t. I couldn’t, because like so many other roles I have seen advertised recently the office was pet-friendly. And not just any pets – cats. Dogs by discussion, it stated. What’s going on?

Why Having No Remote Work Policy Isn’t a Great Idea

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I was surprised to learn that 57% of companies that do have remote workers do not have work-from-home policies. While 64% of companies feel they have the resources in place to support a remote workforce, many lack a formal work-from-home policy.

Time for a menopause policy?


I’m doing some policy work at the moment. Should we have a policy on the menopause at work? My immediate response, fuelled by a general dislike of having a policy for everything, was…. A little while ago the question arose…. … Continue reading → General HR Stuff Other Stuff

The Alternative Policy Guide


Policies featured heavily. So, just for fun, is my alternative HR policy guide, entitled… Don’t be an arse at … Continue reading → Just for FunToday, my friends at the HR Magazine held an event where you could pitch to put something in HR Room 101.

Workday’s Policy Priorities for 2018


In setting our public policy agenda at Workday, the first thing we consider is how well a particular policy empowers our customers and our employees. For example, we support laws and policies that enable customers to fully harness the power of cloud computing. For both customers and employees, we value policies that promote security, strong privacy protections, and a supportive environment for technological advances.

Importance of Creating a Drug Screening Policy

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When creating a drug screening policy as part of a background screening policy for your company, there are many things that need to be clearly described including defining prohibited behaviors, explaining how drug testing is done, consequences for policy violations and the definition of “under the influence” As a result, companies should be ready to take measures based on employees’ actions rather than their drug test results alone.

Business Travel: 4 Ways to Mix Satisfaction with Policy Compliance

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Yesterday’s Advisor explored the latest findings regarding corporate travel program “leakage” – those policy and usage challenges that confound even the most well-managed business travel policies.

6 Costly Travel Policy Mistakes To Avoid

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If your corporate travel policy fails, it’s a sign of multiple issues. There may be many reasons why a corporate travel policy fails, including clunky payment systems, complicated procedures, and stringent rules. Is Your Travel Policy Ambiguous?

Understanding the Benefits of an Unlimited Vacation Policy

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Do you have any friends with an unlimited vacation policy? There’s a lot more to an unlimited vacation policy than meets the eye, however, and there are advantages and disadvantages on both side of the CEO’s desk. But is an unlimited vacation policy right for your company?

Dumb HR Policies That Simply Drive Employees Crazy

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Behavior Employee Handbook & Policies HR Communications HR Insights HR Management HR Trends Legal, Compliance & Policies Social Media Policies Workforce Best of TLNT FeaturedEditor’s Note : It’s a TLNT holiday tradition to count down the most popular posts of the year.

The Importance of Enforcing Company Policies

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The post The Importance of Enforcing Company Policies appeared first on HRSherpas. Human Resources company company policy enforce HR online policyIn what seems like an amazing case to me, two sisters who were fired from a company after spending hours of time doing online college course training, unrelated to work, on company time, sued for being treated unfairly related to a host of issues, including discrimination. The case is Gemma Sawa and Jacqueline Sawa v. Read More.

Zero-Tolerance Sexual Harassment Policies Could Help Curb Unwanted Advances

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Employees are more likely to report sexual harassment they witness at work when there is a zero-tolerance policy in place, according to a new Florida International University (FIU) study. Eaton and Jacobson recommend implementing and repeatedly emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy.

Conflict resolution: 7 tips for creating an air-tight policy


A conflict resolution policy is for those “other” offices, right? Having an employee conflict resolution policy is essential for managing employee issues and maintaining harmony in your office. When you’re ready to create a policy for your team, here are seven important tips you should consider to help guide your employees and managers alike. Policies and procedures

3 Tips for Setting Time-Off Policies

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But as a business owner, you need to get smart about the time-off policies you set. Whether you are concerned about losing money or being understaffed, put some thought into your time-off policies. When considering your time-off policy, consider which paid holidays will be provided.