Are Your Employment Law Policies in Compliance?

HR Counselor's Corner

Have you reviewed your policies and practices lately? Are you confident you’re in compliance? Completing an HR Assessment can ensure legal compliance with federal and state employment laws, regulations and HR best practices. Performing the assessment will not only help you measure risk and legal compliance, but also identify areas in need of process improvements – all of which could threaten the continued success of your business. .

Post-pandemic, back-to-work compliance: New regs, policies

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Now that some states are beginning to bring employees back to work after the coronavirus lockdown, employers need to be on top of their game with employee safety concerns and compliance with new regs. New policies.


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3 IT policies that can enable better compliance management

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The pandemic has also exposed the vulnerabilities of many financial institutions when it comes to IT infrastructure, compliance management, and risk management. It is possible to make laptops as secure as desktops with comprehensive IT policies and device security tools.

Make Your Staffing Firm an I-9 Compliance Master With These 3 Tips to Speed Up The Process

Essium HRM

If 2020 showed owners of staffing firms anything, it is where their weaknesses lie in terms of policy and procedure. 3 I-9 Compliance Tips For Staffing Firms. Have Clear Policies. This will also help you maintain compliance when it comes to the paperwork being submitted.

Workplace Mask Policy & Return to Work Templates

Paycor’s comprehensive checklist and customizable letters will help you re-start your business and welcome your team back to a new normal.

How Compliance Technology Helps Uphold Core SOX Compliance Principles

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Much has been written about SOX compliance and there are many dedicated SOX compliance management tools that businesses can use. What is often overlooked in this conversation is how the goals of SOX compliance and compliance technology overlap.

How to Establish a COVID-19 Safety Policy

TalentCulture - Recruiting

The post How to Establish a COVID-19 Safety Policy appeared first on TalentCulture. featured #talentmanagement compliance coronavirus COVID-19 employee benefits employee safety remote work workplace policies workplace safety

The Importance of Enabling Streamlined Compliance Monitoring and Testing

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Compliance monitoring and testing enables organizations to detect potential issues and vulnerabilities in the risk and compliance management framework of the organization. A look at the workflow shines a light on how difficult the process can become for risk and compliance teams.

ComplianceHR Now Offers Policysmart for Employee Policy Compliance and Management


(July 16, 2019) – ComplianceHR, a joint venture of Littler and Neota Logic, announces the addition of PolicySmart to its suite of intelligent, on demand, compliance applications. A technology-based platform, PolicySmart provides comprehensive employee handbooks, policies and guidance together with tools and features to facilitate efficient policy monitoring and tracking. Articles Compliance HR News News PolicySmart

More Than A Handbook: Maintaining Conduct Policy Compliance

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Whether you’re dealing with minor infractions, or major, fire-able offenses, your business needs an employee conduct policy that properly informs your employee, as well as protects your business from possible lawsuit. Additionally, your conduct policy has to have “teeth”, in order to extend to contractors who may sit outside of the every-day communication patterns of your team. It’s time to leverage the latest in technology to help you maintain conduct policy compliance.

Up Your Analytics Game: How to Empower People to Take Action

Speaker: Tom Davenport, President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

Join top-ranked analyst and bestselling author of Competing on Analytics, Tom Davenport, to learn how analytics technology provides Financial Services HR professionals with unique insights that create strategic value.

Policy & Procedure Management – Linchpin of a Defensible Compliance Program


It's central to a corporate compliance program that can stand up to scrutiny. The post Policy & Procedure Management – Linchpin of a Defensible Compliance Program appeared first on Mitratech. Blog Post Policy Management compliance featured governance risk and compliance GRC live-blog policy management risk and compliance managementLearn why!

Why your business should have a promotion policy


There may come a day when it’s time to develop a formal employee promotion policy for your growing business. But what exactly does an employee promotion policy cover? And what are the benefits of having a promotions policy? What is a promotion policy?

An Important Discrepancy in Workplace Harassment Policies, Law

Ultimate Software

With the rise of the #MeToo movement, companies across industries and of every size are taking a closer look at their policies and training against harassment, of all forms, to determine whether changes need to be made. While every policy could use a refresh now and then, one sentence commonly found in harassment policies is outdated: the requirement that targets of harassment say “no.”. So, why include this obligation in a harassment policy?

How can Expense Reimbursement Policy Reduce Out-of-policy Spending?


A good expense reimbursement policy should be in place to track these costs. Necessary components of an expense reimbursement policy Knowing what to mention in an expense policy can be challenging, especially when considering different elements to ensure compliance. The following are some critical elements in the expense reimbursement policy: Define rules for employees The foremost aspect of any expense policy is to set rules and guidelines for employees.

Payroll Data and GDPR Compliance: Everything You Need to Know

Get Hppy

While many people have talked about GDPR compliance in sales, it affects HR even more. Another thing GDPR payroll compliance demands is an acknowledgment of new employee rights. The next question you have is how you can achieve payroll GDPR compliance.

New York’s Anti-Harassment Compliance Guide

Namely - Talent

As a New York State Employer, it’s critical to update your policies and training materials to reflect and emphasize anti-harassment policies. ComplianceNew York State is taking the lead on enacting laws to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

Denmark Employment Policy Changes

Global People Strategist

The changes include amendments to policies regarding holiday laws, paid leaves, and employee data protection, among others. Keeping in line with the European Parliament and the policies for European Union’s Member States, the Danish legislation has also made amendments to the parental leave.

HR’s Role in Hazard Pay Policies and Compliance | BerniePortal


Still, great HR professionals take it upon themselves to learn the ins and outs of the workplace, so consider this your primer on hazard pay compliance. For some employers, hazard pay is part of the job. Dangerous worksites, physically demanding tasks, and other duties require additional compensation to keep positions staffed with skilled workers. For others, hazard pay probably won’t ever enter the budgeting equation.

What to Expect for HR Compliance in 2018

ClearCompany HRM

As the new year rapidly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about compliance. To help you navigate, we’ve compiled a quick list of HR compliance subjects your department should be aware of as we head into 2018: Overview of 2017 Rulings Taking Effect in 2018. These are issues employers should pay special attention to in years to come as they will likely influence compliance regulations. Try to be cognizant of policies that might not be applicable to an overarching policy.

Background Check FCRA Compliance for Employers

Accurate Background

One important thing to look for when using a professional background screening company is expertise with compliance. What are Employer Compliance Responsibilities? Professional background screening companies like Accurate have an important role to play in FCRA compliance.

3 Ways to Stay On Top of #HR Compliance – Friday Distraction

HR Bartender

I know human resources compliance issues aren’t the sexiest thing to talk about but, they’re a necessary part of HR. In fact, compliance is a part of any business. Even if a compliance issue decreases, we need to know details so we can stop devoting resources to it. And chances are all compliance won’t be eliminated. The sooner we realize that the goal isn’t to make compliance go away – it’s to learn the best way to manage it – the better off we will be.

HR Compliance in a Legal Whiplash World

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HR compliance is hard. With the federal government in conflict over nominees, travel bans, and religious policies, state legislatures, county commissions, and city councils are busy bees. Trust me, when HR has a say in making the law, compliance is easier. The makeup of the ever-controversial National Labor Relations Board will change and, with it, the Board’s decisions on social media and respectful workplace policies will likely swing the other way too.

Create a hiring policy: 6 steps to improve your process


Yet having a written hiring policy makes it less so. And, no matter the size of your company – whether you’re a staff of two or 10,000 – you’ll experience the benefits of having a written hiring policy in place. Create a hiring policy in 6 steps. Write the policy and procedures.

Compliance Checklist: Employer Annual Benefits Notice Requirements | BerniePortal


Among the countless responsibilities HR professionals oversee on a daily basis, compliance remains one of the most vital for the continued success of every organization. HR Compliance Benefits & Healthcare

Key Considerations for Workplace COVID-19 Vaccine Policies


However, while employers can legally require employees to provide proof of vaccination before returning to work and not be in violation of any federal laws, many employers are undecided or still working out their return to work policies. Mandatory Versus Voluntary Vaccination Policies.

Global Upside Announces HIPAA Compliance

Global Upside

The compliance verified by a third-party audit confirms that technical; physical; and administrative safeguards, and company policies, and procedures meet HIPAA requirements. Company Updates compliance HIPAA healthGlobal Upside announced that it now complies with the U.S.

The Basics of Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory compliance is one of the central components of our GRC solution – the compliance module has even been endorsed by the American Bankers Association – thus it is a topic we are very interested in. So, what exactly is compliance and why is it so crucial to our economic system? What is Regulatory Compliance? Regulatory compliance is the function that organizations have to establish procedures that ensure internal and external regulatory compliance.

Business Travel: 4 Ways to Mix Satisfaction with Policy Compliance

HR Daily Advisor

Yesterday’s Advisor explored the latest findings regarding corporate travel program “leakage” – those policy and usage challenges that confound even the most well-managed business travel policies. Today, we delve deeper into what we introduced yesterday: How traveler satisfaction and policy compliance go hand-in-hand. Yet such feedback usually has a moderate-to-high influence on the adjustments companies ultimately make to their travel policy.

How to Use Compliance Policies to Build your Workplace Culture

EverFi - HR

Many companies take a “check the box” approach to compliance. But, for compliance to be effective it must be embedded in workplace culture. But how can you lay the foundation to embed your compliance policies into the fabric of your workplace culture?

How to create a progressive discipline policy


A progressive discipline policy is one in which, as an employee’s behavior or performance fails to improve or even worsens, the consequences increase in severity – culminating in termination. Critical benefits of a progressive discipline policy. Apply the policy uniformly.

Want Fewer Compliance Headaches? Stop Using FLSA Status as a Reward Criteria!

Compensation Cafe

Make FLSA status solely about compliance with overtime laws. Regulations & Public Policy

Dear ReWorker: What Should My Company's COVID-19 Quarantine Policy Be?

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

What should my policy be when an employee tests positive? If you suspect there’s intentional non-compliance taking place, you need to have a serious conversation. But first, here’s what you need to know about COVID-19 policy.

Compliance check from legal experts: Policy changes you need to make before 2020

HR Morning

The new year is rapidly approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to review your policies and make the necessary adjustments. There were a lot of new employment trends in 2019, and 2020 will bring even more compliance changes. Now might be the ideal time to check your leave policies. So if your policies allow workers to do that, it’s time to revise them. It’s critical to ensure your family leave policies are equal for both mothers and fathers.

4 HR and Compliance Changes for 2020


A comprehensive legal and HR compliance update is essential for keeping up with ever-changing laws and regulations. New HR Compliance Changes for 2020. It also covers employers with at least one employee unless the employer can show evidence of undue hardship for compliance.

Creating a remote work policy for COVID-19 and beyond


Any debate over the value of having – or need for – a remote work policy was thrown out the window just last month. Why not make sure the remote work policy you put in place for COVID-19 will stand the test of time? Maintaining compliance.

Wage and Hour Compliance | benefitexpress


Wage and Hour Compliance. Much of that liability could have been avoided had the employer reviewed and changed its pay policies. Making a mistake on employee payroll obviously impacts the employee - but it can also cost the employer in lawsuit damages.