Three Employment Law State Trends that Every Employer Should Know


We’re seeing momentum build around several areas of employment law, and during a recent webcast , I spoke about three: Paid Leave, Retirement Programs (“Auto-IRAs”) and fair scheduling. Sign up for the free webcast: Top Compliance Issues Every Employer Should Know.

Keeping up with Illinois Employment Law Changes


With so many new federal, state, and city employment laws and additional bills in the pipeline, HR compliance can become a distraction from your business goals. These sick leave benefits can refer to paid or unpaid sick days depending on each specific employment agreement.

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Penalties for employment law violations just increased … again

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The Department of Labor (DOL) and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), for the second time in just six months, are raising the penalties for employment law violations. . The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) penalty for violating the law’s posting requirements will increase from $163 to $166 for each separate offense — that’s after a jump from $110 this past summer.

The 12 Days of Employment Law Christmas (2016 edition)

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For the past four Noels, I've concluded my posting year with “The 12 Days of Employment Law Christmas.” On the first day of Christmas, my employment lawyer gave to me. On the second day of Christmas, my employment lawyer gave to me.

Learn the law: The Back to School Employment Law Blog

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Here, we in HR are going back to school too with lessons taught us in the Employment Law Blog Carnival, hosted by Blogging4Jobs. You have an opportunity to learn about dealing with medical marijuana, I-9 forms, and the sticky area of California employment law.

Employment Law Blog Carnival: The “Candy Cane Children” Edition #ELBC

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People seem to like lists, so here’s one to kick off this month’s Employment Law Blog Carnival. So, for this month’s Carnival, I present employment law according to the greatest band of the last 20 years, the White Stripes. at her Employment & Labor Insider.

Is this the worst employment law decision of 2017?

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Raimondo —holding an employer’s attorney for liable for FLSA retaliation against his client’s employee because the employee sued his client for unpaid overtime—I’m thinking of adding the 9th Circuit to my list of tourist stops in San Francisco to see if courthouse resembles a Salvador Dali painting. The wage and hours provisions focus on de facto employers, but the anti-retaliation provision refers to “any person” who retaliates.

CalChamber Releases List of New Employment Laws Affecting Businesses in 2016


The California Chamber of Commerce today released the list of new employment laws scheduled to take effect in 2016 or earlier that will have an impact on businesses in California. The CalChamber also reminds employers that the minimum wage increases on January 1, 2016, to $10 an hour.

?An Introduction to Global Employment Law

New to HR

A fully global employment law does not exist. Instead, local companies are bound to their country’s domestic law. Each of their laws governs the relationship between employer and employee. An Introduction to Global Employment Law appeared first on New To HR.

Update on Employment Laws Pending and Passed by the States

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Significantly fewer generally applicable labor and employment bills were introduced in April, around 60 overall, with Michigan tallying the most new bills with 16 proposals. (By

The 5 Most Common Employment Law Risks


Founder David Ehrenberg breaks down exactly what you need to do to protect your small business from the biggest employment risks. Why worry about employment law risks when you have enough things to focus on: building your team, getting traction, and lining up funding?

Midyear Employment Law Update White Paper


Download the 2015 Midyear Employment Law Update now! California’s mandatory paid sick leave law is the story of the year. On July 1, employers had to start providing the benefit to employees. The governor also signed “clean up” amendments to the law that were effective on July 13. It’s already been a busy year with several noteworthy developments that demand employers’ attention. Workplace Policies employment law update white paper

Global Employment Laws: Do You Know Your Stuff?


This is just one example of the interesting global employment laws that can catch an unsuspecting employer at an inopportune time. Global Employment Law Differences It has been said that companies based in the United States have it “easy.”

Keep Cool When Complying with Seasonal Employment Laws


As summer gets into full swing, you may be considering hiring seasonal employees. Before you do, keep the following regulatory factors in mind to stay in compliance

Know What’s New for 2016 by Attending CalChamber’s Employment Law Updates Seminar


Governor Brown signed significant employment-related legislation into law for 2016. For clear explanations of your employer obligations, take a seat at one of CalChamber’s 2016 Employment Law Updates seminars in January. agrees: “I regularly attend CalChamber’s Employment Law Updates seminar and always learn something new. 2016 Employment Law Updates Seminar. General 2016 employment laws seminars

The 12 Days of Employment Law Christmas (2014)

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For the past two Noels, I published “The 12 Days of Employment Law Christmas.” Some musical accompaniment) On the first day of Christmas, my employment lawyer gave to me a lawsuit for my company. On the fifth day of Christmas, my employment lawyer gave to me.

The Importance of Training Managers on Fed and State Labor and Employment Laws

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The resulting settlement and excoriation by the DOL on its’ website will lead to bad press that may ultimately damage Staples’ employment brand to the tune of damages that far exceed the monetary costs outlined in its settlement with the DOL and employee.

CalChamber-Opposed Employment Law Bills Await Action by Governor


Quite a few employment-related bills have passed the Legislature. Five bills that could significantly affect California employers are on the Governor’s desk awaiting review and action. In addition, the bill carries the threat of litigation for employers.


Employment Law Blog Carnival: The Wreck of the Old 97 Edition #ELBC#ELBC

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Regardless the reason, my favorite band gets billing as the honoree of this month’s Employment Law Blog Carnival, as we look at the month’s best blog posts through the swarthy lens of some of the Old 97’s best songs. Employment Essentials has some suggestions, in The EEOC Asks: Is Your Corporate Wellness Program Really Voluntary? The Mad Pooper, though, is clearly worse, says Eric Meyer’s Employer Handbook Blog, in Well, that stinks!

Employment Laws: Where Employees Work or Live – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

We’ve answered questions before related to employment laws about giving notice and final paychecks. He is telling us that, due to California law, the company owes him the accrued PTO. I met Andrea through the Employment Law Blog Carnival , which if you don’t read, you should.

The illegal questions you’re asking on your job application

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Hiring, Selection, Onboarding hiring hiring strategy employment law You Got Served creating applications employment law webinar applications

Five Employment law highlights from around the country

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently signed into law the Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act which goes into effect September 1, 2015. Five news items to pay attention to in HR. Here are a few notable tidbits I came across as I was scanning news stories and blogs.

Is New Jersey trying to out “California” California with new employment laws?

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In Cuevas , two plaintiffs filed an action under New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD) claiming that they were victims of race-based discrimination, a hostile work environment, and retaliatory firings. But, the employer felt that the award broke the mold, so to speak.

Is New Jersey trying to out “California” California with new employment laws?

The Employer Handbook

In Cuevas , two plaintiffs filed an action under New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD) claiming that they were victims of race-based discrimination, a hostile work environment, and retaliatory firings. But, the employer felt that the award broke the mold, so to speak.

Which of you hot shot lawyers wants to join an employment law panel with me?

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It’s the Plaintiffs’ Employment Panel. You see, as of yesterday at 11:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time, I officially became the co-coordinator of the Plaintiffs’ Employment Panel for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

4 Labor and Employment Law Changes to Keep an Eye On In 2015


There are potential changes to several other employer-related laws that you may need to prepare for. In order to avoid paying overtime compensation, many employers are misclassifying their employees as independent contractors or exempt. Changes in marijuana laws.

Compliance Checklist: Federal Employment Laws You Need To Know At Every Stage Of Your Company’s Growth


Here’s a quick checklist of some major federal laws you’ll need to tackle at different employee thresholds in your growth. Employers must properly classify and pay employees a corresponding minimum wage, while following overtime and child labor standards. Employers may only hire those who can legally work in the United States and must maintain up-to-date I-9 forms for all employees. Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) , via DoL.

The 12 Days of Employment Law Christmas (2015 Edition)

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For the past threeNoels, I published “The 12 Days of Employment Law Christmas.” On the first day of Christmas, my employment lawyer gave to me. On the second day of Christmas, my employment lawyer gave to me. On the third day of Christmas, my employment lawyer gave to me.

Oh, it’s on! Class-action waivers to be first Supreme Court employment-law heavyweight battle of 2017

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Among other things, the FAA allows an employer and employee to agree that all employment-related claims between them will be arbitrated (as opposed to heard in court, with a jury). The Fifth and Eighth Circuits have agreed with employers.

Screening Your Employees? Here is How to Reduce Your Risk of a Lawsuit


Change is sweeping through employment law, and small businesses are finding themselves caught in the riptide. Talent Acquisition employment lawWith an increase of lawyers filing Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) class action lawsuits. Visit site for full story.

Critical employer law reforms move forward in Ohio House

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This is the important first legislative step to getting this bill passed and enacting necessary changes to Ohio’s employment discrimination law. With opposition moving out of the way, I am cautiously optimistic that HB 2 will become law this legislative session. Related Stories Ohio again tries to restore sanity to its bonkers employment discrimination law. Employment Law Uniformity Act

Sleepiness: The Career Killer

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Sleep deprivation causes over 274,000 workplace accidents a year, costing employers $31B. Blog Absence Management Employment Laws Fatigue Management Organizational Culture Time and Attendance WFM Technology Workforce Scheduling

Employment Law Implications of Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s Death

TLNT: The Business of HR

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