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Emerging Trends in Employment Laws for 2022


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold in 2022 it’s expected that employment laws will evolve according to the situation. Many employers will be facing legal questions as they adapt their policies to meet the requirements of the “new normal”. Federal Contractors Employment Laws.

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New Employment Laws 2023: What SMBs Need to Know


Quick look: A new year brings a range of new HR and employment laws. The new year is in full swing, and just like last year , if there’s one thing that human resources (HR) professionals can expect in 2023, it’s a slew of new employment laws.


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Watch Out California Employers: SB 1162 On Track To Become Law


Still, SB 1162 requires employers to report median and mean hourly rates within each job category and for each combination of gender race/ethnicity, strengthening the DFEH’s ability to identify pay discrimination in employer compensation systems. .

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New 2023 California Employment Laws


In 2020, along with the COVID notice requirements, SB 1159 established a rebuttable workers’ compensation presumption for workers that contract COVID-19 under certain conditions and required employers to report COVID-19 cases to their workers’ compensation carriers. Industry-Specific Measures. Not a member?

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Employment Laws in Nigeria

Global People Strategist

However, any organization looking to take advantage must be prepared – creating and adhering to employment contracts that abide by employment laws in Nigeria is crucial for successful expansion into this highly desirable hub. Employment Laws Dictating the Nigeria Labor Landscape. The Bottom Line.

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2023 Colorado Employment Law Updates

Turning the Corner

Employers with 10 or more employees are required to pay the employer premium and must deduct and remit the premiums on behalf of their employees beginning the first quarter of 2023 (Employers with less than 10 employees must still deduct and remit the employee premium).

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5 Best Employment Law Firms in 2022

HR Lineup

Employment law refers to labor law, which is set to protect employees’ rights from employers. For this reason, every employer needs legal advice from the best employment lawyers in order to stay abreast with employment law. Our List of Top Labour & Employment Law Firms 2022: 1.