4 Labor and Employment Law Changes to Keep an Eye On In 2015


There are potential changes to several other employer-related laws that you may need to prepare for. Right now to qualify for exempt status, employees have to earn $455 a week. To learn how to properly classify your employees read: Employee or Independent Contractor?

The Burden of FLSA, FMLA and ADA


I’ve given a brief overview of three laws that, unfortunately, are often ignored and/or applied incorrectly. Many…most…US employers have to comply with the FLSA. It was born in an era where, quite honestly, US employers took advantage of their employees.

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Alleged Pay Discrimination at Google Makes Marc Benioff and Salesforce Look Amazing.

The HR Capitalist

Here's a rundown from the post : "In a panel at a conference organized by Fortune last week, Marc Benioff, the CEO of the cloud-based software company Salesforce, said that he recently ordered a review of all 17,000employees’ salaries to see if female employees’ pay was in line with those of male employees doing similar jobs. Department of Labor (DOL), available data suggests that women who work at Google suffer from "systemic compensation disparities" compared to their male peers.

Expanding Your Business – 9 Things You Need to Know

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However, have you considered the employer and employee elements? Employment laws: Every state has its own set of employment laws. Employers are forced to consider the most stringent regulations and align their policies with those. For example, you may need to revise your paid time off policy if operating in a state or municipality that has a paid sick leave law that is more strict than your current policy.

HR services for small business

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Nor does anyone start a business for the excitement they feel when complying with employment law. Processing payroll, benefits shopping, employee relations, and a host of other HR services for small business are obligations of employers, not options.

HR and Workplace Guide Tackling Employee Conversations That Stink


Employee friendly HR software designed to help tame your business. . Know company policy and applicable law. I know these conversations with employees are uncomfortable. Make sure there is really an issue before approaching someone based on a report from another employee.

How to HR in a growing company – A guide for every size business


In a perfect world, all businesses would operate in strict accordance with the laws and best practices governing HR. For every size business, there are certain laws and regulations you must adhere to or risk financial or legal penalty. 20 to 49 employees. 50 to 99 employees.

Are You Considering A Career In Human Resources?


Before I started my career in Human Resources , I had a perception that the HR lady sat behind a desk the entire day, listening to people complain about problems at work, pushing a box of tissues across the table to emotional employees and dispensing motherly advice. Employee Benefits.

What is co-employment and how can it benefit my business?

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What is co-employment? Most simply put, co-employment is a relationship between two or more employers whereby each has the legal responsibilities to the same employee. Why would a business want to enter into a co-employment relationship?

The Role of the HR Business Partner


The Human Resources (HR) as a domain is unfortunately still not very clear even to CEOs, employees, and hiring managers from a perspective in terms of its role in the overall business, compliance, and from an employee perspective. What is a HR Business Partner HR Business Partner – This role is an exempt level position which is relatively less of a manager and more of a consultant. They are relatively much less focussed on administration and compliance.

Business Resolutions

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What some may not know is that a PEO or Professional Employer Organization can be instrumental in achieving these business resolutions. I RESOLVE TO lower employee turnover. I RESOLVE TO attract better employees with a better benefits package.

Business Resolutions. I Resolve To…

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What some may not know is that a PEO or Professional Employer Organization can be instrumental in achieving these business resolutions. I RESOLVE TO lower employee turnover. I RESOLVE TO attract better employees with a better benefits package.

4 Responsibilities You Never Realized HR Professionals Had

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The primary function of any HR department is to ensure that all laws and regulations are followed. Managing Employee Relations. A large portion of what an HR professional does is manage employee grievances. You would be handling any employee conflicts that may arise. You’re responsible for abiding by the employment laws for the state in which the employee resides. Handling Compensation and Benefit Matters. Aiding Employee Relocations.

The 5 Main Roles in HR


An effective human resources department can help provide organizational structure and the ability to meet business needs by managing your business’s most valuable asset – your employees. The talent management team is responsible for recruiting, hiring, supporting and retaining employees.

Things Employers Should Know About Emergencies and the Workplace


Here are a few things you should know about paying employees, leaves of absences and planning ahead in emergencies. Paying Employees. Employers must pay exempt employees a full weekly salary for any week in which any work is performed. Plan ahead for emergencies!

Study: The ROI of Using a PEO


According to a new study released in September of 2019 by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), businesses that outsource their HR services to a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) have an annual return on investment of 27.2%

Study 56

WIRTW #482 (the “a bet is a bet” edition)

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Courts Split On LGBTQ Questions, Leaving In-House Counsel Flummoxed — via Above the Law. If necessary, the ADA allows a company to make an employee see a doctor before returning to work. — via Eric Meyer’s The Employer Handbook Blog. HR & Employee Relations.

Fires in California: Reminders About Emergencies and the Workplace


As an employer, you have an obligation to create and maintain a safe workplace for your employees. At this trying time, employers should remember some key obligations. Paying Employees. In emergencies, special pay rules apply for nonexempt employees.

California Wildfires: What Employers Need to Know


During natural disasters, employers must remember key obligations. During this trying time, the California Chamber of Commerce often receives questions from the employer community about how to help their employees, and employers must remember some key obligations.

WIRTW #465 (the “gimme a break” edition)

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Of course, now that I’ve committed not to blog next week, the employment-law poop will certainly hit the fan next week, in which case my blogger OCD will compel me to break my pledge, interrupt my trip, and bring you all the news that’s fit to blog. HR & Employee Relations.

WIRTW #446 (the “I wish I wrote that” edition)

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Connecticut Employment Law Blog — via Dan Schwartz’s Connecticut Employment Law Blog. In other news , this week President Trump named Philip Miscimarra acting head of the National Labor Relations Board. And employers should be doing a happy dance. —

Human Resources LinkedIn Groups


It has a number of affiliated groups for HR professionals who are actively involved in competencies such as compensation and benefits, talent management, OD and Training, diversity, employee relations, employment law, labor relations, safety, staffing, technology, ethics, and analytics.

WIRTW #360 (the “one shining moment” edition)

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via employeescreenIQ Blog Federal judge reincarnates atheist’s religious bias claims — via Eric Meyer’s Employer Handbook blog Parental Leave Can’t Just Be for Mothers — via Harvard Business Review Social Media & Workplace Technology Believe This? via Labor Relations Institute.

3 Steps to Protect Information While Leveraging Social Media

HR Daily Advisor

partner with the law firm of Faegre Baker Daniels LLP., and editor of Indiana Employment Law Letter —the rise of social media comes with both pros and cons for employers. Garrison advises that the guidelines or policies should not just be stuck in the employee handbook.

5 ways the COVID-19 crisis will transform HR’s role

HR Morning

Human Resources is at the front lines of employers’ response to the COVID-19 crisis. As HR pros struggle to keep employees safe and informed, it helps to think about what changes will be more permanent and how you’ll guide employees and organizational leadership through those changes. Luckily, for most employers, the technology and communications infrastructure needed for successful remote work are available to employees.

WIRTW #361 (the “#RaceTogether” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Have you heard the one about the coffee chain that wants its employees to engage customers about issues of race and racism in America? via Matt Austin Labor Law.

WIRTW #406 (the “April Fools” edition)

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Lighten up, baby,” and other harassment “best practices” for employers — via Robin Shea’s Employment & Labor Insider. Hiring Felons: 6 Rules Employers Need to Know — via ERC Insights Blog. Welcome to the intersection of ADA and FMLA — via Eric Meyer’s Employer Handbook Blog.

HR’s Role in Dealing with Office Misconduct

Astron Solutions

HR safety and risk specialists also work closely with HR benefits specialists to manage worker compensation issues. Employee Relations: Ensure proper labor relations and strengthen the employer-employee relationship.

HR Needs to Transform and Refocus, Now, with HRBP


Human resources emerged during the last century in response to new government requirements, employment laws, and employer expectations. They may also be responsible for internal communication, like employee newsletters, or act as social coordinators.

Masters of Fundamentals

Robin Schooling

Pulling out the buzzword bingo card HR and Recruiting pundits the world over pontificate about candidate personas, employee engagement, and optimization of this-that-and-everything. It can be incredibly seductive, living out in consultant land, to find a niche and focus on the sexy side of HR.

WIRTW #363 (the “iron throne” edition)

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Here’s the rest of what I read this week: Discrimination EEOC on Transgender Harassment, Discrimination, and Restrooms — via Phil Miles’s Lawffice Space A white employee tossed banana peels at work, and HE claims discrimination. I was a Sesame Street kid.

WIRTW #476 (the “… punk rocker” edition)

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Not Giving Employees Something (Namely a Discrimination Complaint) To Talk About — via Dan Schwartz’s Connecticut Employment Law Blog. via Eric Meyer’s The Employer Handbook Blog. Unbelievable – Health Care Providers Sued For Disability Discrimination — via Above the Law.

Take Me Seriously

Global People Strategist

Compliance with international labor and employment issues has become a concern for more organizations because each country in which they operate has its own labor laws. If organizations want to remain compliant, those laws must be taken seriously and followed. The laws and regulations in different countries may change quickly; this is one of the main challenges related to compliance.

WIRTW #490 (the “hilarious world of depression” edition)

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In defense of confidentiality (yes, even in harassment cases) — via Robin Shea’s Employment & Labor Insider. Day as Basis for Race Discrimination Claim — via Dan Schwartz’s Connecticut Employment Law Blog. HR & Employee Relations.

10 signs your business needs a PEO


Have you considered outsourcing your business’s HR to a professional employer organization (PEO)? If clients or vendors regularly point out mistakes you weren’t aware of, you probably have too much on your plate to keep up with how well your employees or processes are working. It’s not uncommon for small businesses to fall short when managing employees, but it’s usually not due to a lack of consideration. Surprise headaches pop up from incomplete employee paperwork.