Who Cares About Compensation?

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What if you worked in an organization where the Head of Human Resources didn't view the Compensation function as vitally important to the organization? We weren't invited to critical HR planning sessions, my boss was never a member of the inner HR circle, and the department's list of annual objectives never included a compensation project. So What's Wrong With Compensation? It is unusual for this office holder to have cut their teeth in either Benefits or Compensation.

HR TROLLS: Thinking Unemployment on Steroids Means You Have a Compensation Problem.

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How dare you not pay your employees enough to incent them to come back from a historically rich form of government benefit designed to keep the economy going in a pandemic? Compensation Employee Relations RecruitingShort post today, but an important one.


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Employee Relations: Why Such a Bad Rap?

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Industrial Relations begat Labor Relations with its accompanying cliché: a smoke-filled room laden with labor bosses and cigar-chomping industrialists hammering out a collective bargaining agreement. Yet, even as Employee Relations matured into young adulthood and then into a comfortable middle-age, a number of organizations continued to “relate” to their employees as if they were still huddled around that bargaining table with overflowing ashtrays at the ready.

Top 5 challenges in employee relations and how you can address them


WHAT ARE EMPLOYEE RELATIONS? Employee Relations is not just a term, nor it only means relationships between employers and employees. It refers to an organization’s efforts to create and maintain a positive relationship with its employees.

What Are The Compensation Questions Your Managers Should Be Able to Answer?

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There's a lot on a manager's plate related to be ready for comp questions from their team. Communications Compensation Employee Relations Leadership Learning and Development Managing

‘Managing’ Diversity for Your Organization: Inclusion, Employee Relations and More

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But more than that, it’s not enough to hire a bunch of employees who are different from one another; as humans, we need to feel included. On the flip side, without inclusion, you see a negative impact on employee engagement and retention. Employee Relations. When we fail to manage diversity, employee relations issues can arise. Promptly investigate any complaints by employees. Learn More About Our Compensation Software.

Cafe Classic: What HR Wants to Do (Not Compensation & Benefits)

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Currently HR pros are spending the lion's share of their time on employee relations. This may not be surprising, as Sharlyn notes, given the level of employee frustration and disengagement today. Far less time is currently being spent on compensation and benefits, staffing and recruitment, and training and development - the former, for many, probably continued investment in figuring how how to do more with less. Compensation Philosophy Total Rewards

Bernie Sanders: Proving the Compensation Side of the People Business is Problematic.

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But now the union complains some employees are getting less. The FLSA exists to provide legal boundaries for SMBs (as well as large companies) related to classification of workers. Compensation Current Affairs Employee Relations Recruiting TalentLet me start by saying this is not intended to be a political post. It is intended, however, to show the complexities of running a SMB (small to medium sized business). Need a case in point? Try Bernie Sanders.

How to handle compensation during uncertain times


When businesses go through a crisis resulting in abnormal (or interrupted) operations and significant economic challenges, many companies look to their compensation budgets as an obvious means of cutting costs. Creative compensation strategies for struggling businesses in crisis.

Isn’t It Time We Get Employee Relations Issues Out of the Closet?

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Yes, I realize that HR is tasked with investigating employee relations issues; it’s often a substantial percentage of HR’s work. And the article offered good advice from a labor attorney about handling the delicate issues of confidentiality and responsibility in employment-related investigations. Get employee relations issues out of the closet. In my experience, employee relations issues are held close to the vest by the HR/ER team.

COVID-19 Employee Leave and Compensation

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Many employees have spent close to two months (to date) staying at home in order to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19. Many employers are anxious about how to give their employees some sense of job security and how to keep their organizations afloat during this challenging time.

How Buffer Approaches Salary Transparency (It's Kind of Cool)

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Also, attention anyone who is interested in current events, which finds some highly compensated workers moving out of high priced areas (SF, NYC, LA) to work remote. There are generally 5-6 geographical grades in a compensation plan. Compensation Current Affairs Employee Relations

Should Employees Have to Payback Payroll Errors?

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Here’s her question: This really isn’t a staffing agency question, which Kristna knows, but this was the specific example, it’s a payroll and employee relations issue that happens at all organizations, big, small, public, private, etc. It’s not the employee’s money. By law, you can’t actually take the money out of an employees paycheck.

Cost of Living Pay Cuts for Twitter Employees Moving from Bay Area: Valid or BS?

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But as every HR pro knows, salaries offered via compensation plans get adjusted based on how much it costs to live in specific geographical areas. The salary reductions depend on where the employee relocates. Twitter employees who move and lose pay will get a $3,000 one-time allowance.

Clickbait Reporting on HR Issues in Today's World.Sucks (The HR Famous Podcast)

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Case in point, this recent Bloomberg article about employees at Blizzard entertainment not making enough to eat. They didn't share how many employees they talked to for the article. I've seen articles describing big problems at a company with as little as 6 employees cited.

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UNLIMITED VACATION: 6 Things to Consider

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The concept of unlimited vacation is focused on trust, transparency, and employee engagement. Today’s employees want flexibility and unlimited vacation gives them the opportunity to take advantage of new and exciting things, while at the same time, achieve their professional goals. Employees with an existing bank of vacation will want to know what’s going to happen to their existing vacation time. Get the buy-in of employees with seniority.

Employees Need to Own Their Success

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She had heard the most interesting title – Vice President of Employee Success. When a person has the job title Vice President of Employee Success, that takes responsibility for achieving success away from: 1) The organization. 3) The employees. Let’s say I’m applying for a job and scheduled to interview with the Vice President of Employee Success. Organizations want their employees to understand that they are vested in the employee’s success.

Minnesota Amends Rules on Lactation Breaks and Pregnancy Accommodations

SHRM Resources

Tim Walz has approved an amendment relating to pregnancy accommodations and barring reducing compensation for lactation breaks, among other changes. Employee Relations Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Minnesota

Five Steps to Simplify Your Compensation Program

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As compensation professionals we are often asked if there are alternatives to simplify the method by which compensation decisions are made and communicated within an organization. The following are five basic ways to simplify the complexities of compensation. Employees are placed into the classification and level based upon their competency levels and ability to perform the complexity required.

Amazon Employees (BHM1) Crush Union - 10 Things You Need to Know.

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A related issue is the unwillingness of normal people to share their thoughts and beliefs on any news topic of relevance in the world for fear of one side—generally the left these days—looking to shame the source for any thought not believed to be progressive enough.

When Employees Want COVID Unemployment Over a Job at Your Company.

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who requested that her last name remain private, said she initially felt relieved when she was spared from layoffs at the public-relations firm where she worked in New York City and instead given a pay cut. 1--Employees who don't want you to protect jobs because unemployment is richer, or .

HR Functions and Outsourcing

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Some employers have found benefits in having a third party provide employee support for routine questions on areas such as benefits, payroll, and employee onboarding. It is thought that this particular shared service provides an organization’s employees with quick, reliable, and consistent responses. Compensation Administration. Do you have your HR team organize social activities and team building to boost employee morale?

2017 Compensation Budgeting Outlook

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economy and compensation budget planning. So as we collectively begin the annual ritual of compensation budgeting, let’s start with a quick analysis of the projected economic climate for 2017. As slack in the labor market diminishes and firms must increasingly compete for a shrinking pool of unemployed or underemployed workers, growth in hourly compensation is expected to pick up.”. 2017 Compensation Budgeting – A 30,000 Foot Review. Employee Relations.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Talking About Your Salary

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DO understand what factors are tied to compensation. Many companies today are expanding employee benefits and perks. All of those items need to be included in conversations about compensation. Employees need to think about how much they use the benefits that the company offers. Sometimes, even when a manager wants to increase an employee’s salary, there are factors beyond their control. I’ve seen many employees make this mistake.

Compensation Management is Important in Every Company

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Compensation management is vital for employee motivation. Everyone should be recognized for the value they bring to organizational success; not just those in companies with 1,000s of employees, and millions of dollars a year in salaries. For many reasons, effective and fair compensation management is a must for every business. Employees who are recognized for the value they bring are more likely to be motivated, loyal and higher performing than those who’re not.

6 Ways a PEO Can Help You Manage Your Employee-Related To-Dos


The more time you spend managing employee issues, the less time you have to run your business. But ignoring your employee-related responsibilities could cause a rift in your workforce and create potentially costly legal battles. Your simple employee relations issue just escalated. Other employees are now complaining that Joe is very careless around equipment in the warehouse. An employee requests leave.

Astron’s Yearly Compensation Review Part I: Base Pay Projections

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Effective organizations will explore four key areas to better understand the “best” approach when it comes to 2019 base pay compensation budgeting: The 2019 Economic Forecast and Its Impact on Employment and Wages. Compensation costs for private industry workers increased 2.9% Compensation costs increased 2.4% Compensation costs increased 2.2% in education and healthcare related industries and 4.5% in information technology related industries.

HR Trends for 2021

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Talent management and performance management software also has played a role in helping organizations manage employees remotely. Even the World Economic Forum noted that 98% of employees want the option to work from home at least some of the week across the rest of their careers.

Information You Need Now: COVID-19’s Impacts on Total Rewards

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As it’s been a long time since the world has had to deal with such a severe pandemic, many are wondering what organizations are supposed to do from a compensation standpoint. Apple also is encouraging employees to work from home if possible. Coronavirus. COVID-19.

Balancing Compensation and Benefits to Improve Employee Experience

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T his document outlines the ways in which you communicate with your employees and defin es the key metrics to track your communication effectiveness. . Before we start, here is an addition to your internal communications materials: our free employee appreciation email templates. .

FLSA Games: Exempt Salary Threshold Moves from 23K to 35K.

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Employees who make less than $35,568 are now eligible for overtime pay under a final rule issued today by the U.S. To be exempt from overtime under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employees must be paid a salary of at least the threshold amount and meet certain duties tests. My experience is that the new law impacts small to medium sized business the most, as they'll have a good number of employees labeled as exempt who have a salary in the low 30k's.

How To Know If Your Defined-Benefit Pension Plan Is In Trouble.

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workers and offering pension buyouts to 100,000 former employees, as the conglomerate joins the ranks of U.S. Benefits Compensation Employee RelationsI'm not an expert on pension plan funding. But if you're relying on a pension in retirement, you might want to take a look at what % of obligations are funded currently in your pension plan. Why would I say that? Because while I'm no expert, I can tell you when your pension plan is in trouble.

Concerns Surrounding Non-Profit Executive Compensation

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Executive compensation is a natural concern of many in the non-profit sector. Three years later, Charity Navigator reported that the typical charity CEO’s compensation had increased just 2.6% In addition to higher pay, some non-profits compensate for the lack of stock options and other corporate extras in the sector by allowing flexible work time. A previous Astronology® highlighted details to consider when developing a compensation plan for non-profit executives: 1.

5 Questions: Should Amazon Employees Take the Company Offer (10K, 3 Months Pay) to Quit?

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In case you missed it, Amazon was in the news again late last week with a Godfather offer (you can’t refuse) to employees designed to create momentum to build the delivery capability needed to meet its future needs. The offer was this - 10K and 3 month’s pay for any employee who will quit and start a franchised delivery business under the Amazon partnership umbrella. Not sure whether the offer is for you, Amazon employees? Compensation Economics Employee Relations Managing

Why You Should Pay Employees a Competitive Salary

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Paying employees a higher salary in order to grow your business sounds like it’s counterintuitive. After all, if you paid employees less money, wouldn’t there be more money left for the business? A major cause of employee turnover is salary. Compensation Employee Relations