Should Employees Have to Payback Payroll Errors?

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Here’s her question: This really isn’t a staffing agency question, which Kristna knows, but this was the specific example, it’s a payroll and employee relations issue that happens at all organizations, big, small, public, private, etc.

Who Cares About Compensation?

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What if you worked in an organization where the Head of Human Resources didn't view the Compensation function as vitally important to the organization? So What's Wrong With Compensation? It is unusual for this office holder to have cut their teeth in either Benefits or Compensation.

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The Top Payroll Companies in Massachusetts

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Looking into payroll companies in Massachusetts? But is a payroll company really all the help you need? Keep reading to find out whether your ideal solution is purely payroll, or if you might benefit more from a slightly different option (that still includes payroll services): a PEO.

5 Questions: Should Amazon Employees Take the Company Offer (10K, 3 Months Pay) to Quit?

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In case you missed it, Amazon was in the news again late last week with a Godfather offer (you can’t refuse) to employees designed to create momentum to build the delivery capability needed to meet its future needs. Not sure whether the offer is for you, Amazon employees?

Build a Philosophical Foundation for Your Compensation Program

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Does your compensation program have a solid foundation? It does if you took the time and made the effort to develop a compensation philosophy. Compensation Philosophy as a Tool. When shared with managers and employees, it answers the “why” about compensation programs.

Compensation Management is Important in Every Company

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Compensation management is vital for employee motivation. Everyone should be recognized for the value they bring to organizational success; not just those in companies with 1,000s of employees, and millions of dollars a year in salaries. What Is Compensation Management?

Growing a Healthy Compensation Program -- The Turning Point

Compensation Cafe

This is the fourth in a Compensation Cafe series for small and early-stage companies. Part one is for companies that have fewer than 100 employees , part two is for 100 to 500 employees , part three is for DIY Communications. The employee count is up to 843.

HR services for small business

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Rarely do you find a business started for the sheer thrill of processing payroll or because hiring and firing people is a hobby. Processing payroll, benefits shopping, employee relations, and a host of other HR services for small business are obligations of employers, not options.

Why You Should Pay Employees a Competitive Salary

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Paying employees a higher salary in order to grow your business sounds like it’s counterintuitive. After all, if you paid employees less money, wouldn’t there be more money left for the business? A major cause of employee turnover is salary. Compensation Employee Relations

Alleged Pay Discrimination at Google Makes Marc Benioff and Salesforce Look Amazing.

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Here's a rundown from the post : "In a panel at a conference organized by Fortune last week, Marc Benioff, the CEO of the cloud-based software company Salesforce, said that he recently ordered a review of all 17,000employees’ salaries to see if female employees’ pay was in line with those of male employees doing similar jobs. According to Fortune , Benioff said that the company is spending about $3 million extra this year on its payroll to make these adjustments. “We

When Should You Give Your Employees a Raise?

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The best asset of any company is the employees. While employees leave for a wide variety of reasons, pay is a major cause of employee turnover. Employees who feel that they aren’t valued by the company or paid enough for their positions tend to search for other jobs.

Increasing Productivity with a HRIS

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Improving employee productivity is a constant goal across the entire company. Highly productive workers can help a company achieve higher levels of profit while less productive employees can drag the company down. Measure Employee Satisfaction. Self-Managing Employees.

The Challenge of Misclassification in the Gig Economy

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The report further expresses, “Employers who misclassify avoid paying payroll taxes and workers’ compensation insurance, are not responsible for providing health insurance, and are able to bypass requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act.”.

Are Your Employees Broke? Financial Wellness and Your Workplace

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When employees are in difficult financial situations, it can affect their productivity, job satisfaction, attitude, behavior, and development. Student loan benefits can help employees in all of these situations. Employers may benefit from having their employees sharpen their skills.

6 Tips for Beginning an Employee Incentive Program

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Incentive programs can be a powerful motivator that can help to improve company productivity and make employees feel more content. Selecting gifts as an incentive may also bomb if not enough research is done, because employees may not end up caring about the gifts being offered.

Should You Offer PTO?

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There’s no need to figure out whether an employee is lying about being sick, because it doesn’t count any differently if the employee is sick or not. When a PTO system is in place, employees tend to view all of their PTO as vacation days. appeared first on HR Payroll Systems.

New Overtime Rule: Minimum Salary Raised to $35,568


If you currently have employees who earn more than $23,660/year but less than $35,568/year and are paid a salaried amount, be prepared to track hours and pay overtime wages (where applicable) or increase their salary amount to maintain exemption status as of January 1, 2020.

HR Functions and Outsourcing

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Use of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to handle issues such as human resource consulting, payroll processing, and health benefits has been helpful for both smaller and startup organizations. Some employers have found benefits in having a third party provide employee support for routine questions on areas such as benefits, payroll, and employee onboarding. applicant tracking and training performance] and payroll applications.”

Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: Kashable – Low Cost Loans for Employees (@GetKashable)

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Today on The Weekly Dose I take a look at the HR Tech, voluntary employee benefit and financing solution for your employees called Kashable. Kashable is basically a simple way for your employees to borrow money, where you as a company are not involved, but can still ensure they get the assistance they need! Loaning out money to employees, through your company, always becomes a nightmare. Having this option for employees is important! .

5 Tips for Motivating the Best Employees at Your Small Business

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Employees are any company’s greatest asset, but for small businesses, great employees are truly the life blood of the place. Good employees that are positive and motivated can help your business to secure loyal customers and can keep things running smoothly. Employee Relations

Cafe Classic: The Seven Step Compensation Diet: Step #1 - The Mirror

Compensation Cafe

One of the truly classic series we've had the opportunity to feature is The Seven Step Compensation Diet by Chuck Csizmar. Everything you need to get your compensation program in shape - in one pithy and practical series! So ask yourself: Do you have an HR / Compensation policy manual?

Are Holiday Bonuses Right for Your Company?

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Holiday bonuses can be tough on companies when profit margins are down and can send the wrong impression if employees are expecting more than they receive. If an employee is too disappointed in their holiday bonus, he or she may feel undervalued and decide to leave.

Are Employee Loans a Good Idea?

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Many employees ask their employers for a loan when faced with emergencies and financial difficulties. Asking an employer may seem to be a good idea for employees, as the employer may offer more favorable terms than a bank and will be able to line up repayment dates with paycheck dates.

Is Recognition a Part of Your Company Culture?

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Recognition can help your employees to feel appreciated, which may in turn improve your business in several ways. Employees that feel appreciated are less likely to leave and, in keeping with the quote, are more likely to go above and beyond expectations. Employee Relations Leadership

Understanding Employee Motivations to Increase Productivity and Satisfaction

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Employee motivations are fickle things that are unique to each employee and may change as employees’ lives change. The motivator that is most commonly cited in the workplace is money, after all, that is the compensation that each employee is working for every day.

How to Become the Most Popular Workplace on the Block

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Combine these bonuses with an ever-shrinking influx of talented newcomers to the market and you have good reasons to want to make your company more attractive to employees. Offer Competitive and Fair Compensation. Empower and Engage Employees. Benefits Employee Relations

Business Resolutions

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I RESOLVE TO lower employee turnover. Not to mention, businesses that partner with a PEO also see 23-32% lower employee turnover, according to the same study. Do you spend too much time addressing employee relations issues, answering benefits questions or making payroll corrections?

Business Resolutions. I Resolve To…

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I RESOLVE TO lower employee turnover. Not to mention, businesses that partner with a PEO also see 23-32% lower employee turnover, according to the same study. Do you spend too much time addressing employee relations issues, answering benefits questions or making payroll corrections?

Expanding Your Business – 9 Things You Need to Know

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However, have you considered the employer and employee elements? Payroll tax returns: You need to file one payroll tax return to each state that charges income tax in which you do business. This way, you can offer consistent paid time off benefits to all of your employees. Talent pool: Consider your pool of potential employees in the area. Overtime pay: The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that employers classify employees as either exempt or nonexempt.

Top priorities for HR due diligence in a corporate transaction

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For organizations involved in a corporate transaction, understanding the HR-related impacts and potential risks from a financial, people/culture, and operational/structural perspective is vitally important to maximizing transaction value. Related links. Employee-related liabilities.

Straight Talk About Managing the Impact of New Standards for Paying Overtime

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I have observed that many in the HR community have no problem with the reasoning behind the 2016 overtime changes —that an employee who is truly doing an administrative, professional, or executive role is probably worth the $47,476 in annual salary necessary to avoid overtime. By David W.

Ask the Expert: Can Employees Complete Personal Administrative Tasks Off the Clock?

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Question: Can we ask a new hourly employee to complete paperwork in advance of orientation (W-4, Direct Deposit form, etc.) What about if employees complete annual enrollment benefit paperwork at home on their own time? FLSA/Wages benefits enrollment employees onboarding payroll

Exempt or non-exempt? Classifying employees


Unsure whether you have an exempt or non-exempt employee? If you classify an employee incorrectly, you could be putting your business at risk. Exempt Employee Definition . The term “exempt employeerelates to any worker who is exempt from receiving overtime, regardless of the number of hours worked. Computer employee exemption – Serves in a role that is highly skilled at computers. Non-Exempt Employee Definition.

Workday Community Voices: Q&A with Bruce O’Neel, Vice President of Total Rewards and HR Operations, CSG International


HR can often be seen as a very tactical part of the business, processing payroll and bonuses, hiring staff, and dealing with employee relations. Leading a team is more than just a professional obligation; employees want to know you genuinely care about them holistically.

What is a PEO? – Top 10 FAQs Business Owners Have About PEOs

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It’s your responsibility to ensure your employees are paid on time, stay safe throughout the workday, and have access to benefits like workers’ compensation, health insurance, and 401k. Can I use a PEO for payroll? What else can PEOs provide beyond payroll and benefits?

What is a PEO? The solution to making your company great!


This can include (but is not limited to) managing human resources, taking care of payroll, overseeing workers’ compensation issues, and offering employee benefits. They also aren’t interested in finding employees whose job description includes an expiration date.

Key Roles and Responsibilities in an HR Department


Who Is Responsible for Payroll? Who Is Responsible for Employee Development? Employee development comprises a number of activities, including training, leadership development programs, mentorship, and cross-team rotational programs. Who Is Responsible for Employee Engagement?