New eBook: Why You Should Always Be Hiring


This post includes an excerpt from our eBook on why you should always be hiring. Download the full eBook using the link at the bottom of this preview. Get the eBook: Why You Should Always Be Hiring. Blog eBook Employment Brand Hiring Hiring Tips

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How to Make a Phenomenal Health and Wellness Program [eBook]


If you don’t have a health and wellness initiative at your company, you’ve certainly heard about them — workplace wellness programs are on the rise in 2017. But is all the hype worth it? We’re inclined to say yes. According to an Aflac Workforces Report, medical costs decrease by about $3.27 for each dollar a business spends on wellness programs. Those savings can add up quickly. However, it’s not just a monetary return that your business will gain from offering employee wellness. Read more

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David Zinger’s 1500 Blog Posts on Employee Engagement (eBook)

David Zinger

Here is an eBook listing all the posts I have written on employee engagement. If you open the eBook in your browser you can click on any title and it will take you right to the post. Everything you always wanted to know about employee engagement but were afraid to ask.

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[Free eBook]: Stories of Small Business Success


The post [Free eBook]: Stories of Small Business Success appeared first on Zenefits Blog. This week is National Small Business Week and that means we get to celebrate the 28 million small businesses that help run our economy. And when we say “run our economy,” we mean it.

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New eBook: Background Checks for Dummies


The post New eBook: Background Checks for Dummies appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.

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New eBook: Planning for People in Retail Automotive


This post includes an excerpt from our eBook on planning for people in retail automotive. Download the full eBook using the link at the bottom of this preview. Get the eBook: Planning For People. Automotive Blog eBooks Automotive Industry Automotive News eBook Retail Automotive

eBook: Where Are You in Your Workplace Learning Journey?


Whether you’re just starting to understand the importance of workplace learning or want to get more value from the system you already have, our just-published eBook provides a roadmap for the next stage of your journey. In this eBook you’ll learn: Why always-on learning is essential to the employee experience. eBook. The post eBook: Where Are You in Your Workplace Learning Journey?

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Competency Spotlight eBook: What Makes a Manager Successful?


In this eBook you’ll learn: Which competencies predict success in manager-specific roles. Fill out the form to the right to download the eBook today! Bad hires happen all the time—but they don’t have to!

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Engagement eBook

Working Girl

Thanks to Ben Eubanks there''s a new eBook that includes personal stories about engagement and what it means, tips for companies on communication and culture, and some really great, specific how-to content.

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[eBook] The Comprehensive HR Compliance Guide


Download The Comprehensive HR Compliance Guide>> The post [eBook] The Comprehensive HR Compliance Guide appeared first on Synergy. There’s a dizzying number of acronyms facing employers who wish to remain compliant in their HR practices.

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An eBook for the International Day of Happiness


Employee Happiness eBook employee happiness Today is the International Day of Happiness.

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Everything You Need to Know About Communicating Pay [New eBook]

Compensation Today

Compensation can be a sensitive, and therefore scary, topic. Emotions frequently run high in these conversations, and pay decisions touch every level of the organization: employee, manager, HR/comp pros and executives. Comp is hugely important, and hugely important to get right. It can be stressful.

6 Things Your Employees Will Fail Without [Free eBook]


The post 6 Things Your Employees Will Fail Without [Free eBook] appeared first on BambooHR Blog. General HR employee success free ebook HR hris hrms human resourcesWe all spend so much money recruiting that it’s simply crazy to have a “sink or swim” mentality when a new employee begins. What a waste on an investment! That’s why it’s so vital to give your people everything they need to succeed.

26+ ways to boost your benefits strategy [eBook]

Reward Gateway

In our latest eBook, we explore: Employee Benefits Employee DiscountsAs an HR professional, showcasing and centralising your benefits can be a tough task. But it doesn't have to be.

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SPORTS AND HR: The 8 Man Rotation - The 2015 Season (Ebook)

The HR Capitalist

However, if you see sports news, signings, roster decisions and more through your lens of HR, Talent and/or Recruiting, then do we have an eBook for you. It's the next installment of the world-famous free Ebook on Sports and HR - The 8 Man Rotation - The 2015 Season. embedded ebook appears below - click through if you can't see it) . . For those of you not down with the whole comparing our corporate talent lives to the world of sports thing.

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eBook: 8 Things You Never Realized Service Anniversaries Could Do


We’ve just published a new eBook, A New Vision for Milestones , to help you consider a shift in how you think about and leverage your employees’ years of service milestones. Written from the employee’s perspective, this eBook takes you on a journey of what could be, explores eight new perspectives on service anniversaries and talks about ways to make them more meaningful in your company. We think we know what service anniversaries are.

Retention: Rhymes with eBook

Working Girl

That''s where the free eBook titled " Where do you think you''re going? As the economy turns around, up to 84% of employees across the US have said they are looking at the possibility of changing jobs. That''s a lot of people. We all know the numbers on employee turnover and the impact it has on the bottom line. So what''s our alternative? Retention. Keep the good people around (not by force, hopefully) and keep them on our team.

Know Which Fringe Benefits Are Reportable for the Holidays [eBook]


It’s that time again — the end of the year, where annual tax forms, employee gifts, and holiday celebrations all blur together. The last weeks of the month are also the time to start thinking about employees gifts. Gifts are a great idea — and even better if your employees don’t have to pay lots of income taxes on the year end rewards you give them. And according to a study conducted by Towers Watson, strong managers who recognize employee performance can increase employee engagement by.

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Employee Engagement: How to Measure What Matters


Download the eBook now and begin learning how to measure what matters! By: Josh Danson Director of Content Marketing, Achievers. Recently, there have been some eye-opening reports about the state of employee engagement, both here in the U.S. and globally.

Get Leadership Tips on Thorny Topics with Our Free eBook


It’s a story aspiring entrepreneurs hear often: employers highlight the success their company has found through a pinch of luck, a market need, and a clever strategy. But behind the glamour, the challenges of running a business can feel crushing — something entrepreneurs don’t always talk about in the spotlight. As Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy put it, “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.” Both PivotDesk and Justworks help entrepreneurs free.

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Onboarding-NHO eBook Release

Working Girl

You''re in luck, because Ben Eubank''s new free eBook So, what''s next? It''s about time there was a tool out there to help HR pros, managers, and business leaders with the onboarding and new hire orientation process. It''s often neglected or at the very least, really boring uninspiring. is going to fill that need. Inside this guide you''ll find some great tips and tricks, personal stories, and other tools to help you do this stuff the right way.

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How to Manage a Modern Retail Workforce

Workforce Software

Download our eBook to get started today. eBook Absence Management Time and Attendance Workforce Management Workforce SchedulingLearn how to use the latest workforce management best practices to engage your retail employees and delight customers.

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DIY: The Tried And True Guide To Mastering HR Best Practices [EBOOK]


The post DIY: The Tried And True Guide To Mastering HR Best Practices [EBOOK] appeared first on. We come across a lot of different types of organizations with many different types of HR teams. Some have a large HR department, some have much smaller teams, and some are fill-in HR pros—office managers or company founders—just kinda’ winging the HR stuff. Most of the people we talk to have a firm belief in […].

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How leaders can align workplace culture

The Predictive Index

People Data leadership company culture workplace culture leadership skills cultural change leading cultural change leading cultural change ebookBy Jared Lafitte.

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Slideshare: 69 Questions Every Manager Should Ask Their Employees


Since managers don’t always know what to ask employees, we put together The Great eBook of Employee Questions. Many of the questions in the eBook slideshare below were designed by members of our team or our beloved customers.

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The 10 Questions These Top Influencers Ask Their Teams


Their answers and more are included in The Great eBook of Employee Questions , which contains 70 valuable questions to ask employees and explanations on why you should ask them. Communication Anese Cavanaugh eBook Rand Fishkin Ryan Holiday shawn murphy Simon Sinek team communication

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2017 Workforce Management Trends Survey

Workforce Software

eBook Absence Management ROI Time and Attendance Workforce Management Workforce SchedulingLearn how the latest workforce management trends are helping organizations around the world make work easier for everyone, managers and employees alike.

New eBook: Driving the Future of Performance Management

Halogen Talent Managment

Everything you need to know about the future of performance management is in this free eBook Tweet this The next generation of performance management. We’ve put together a handy new eBook called Driving the Future of Performance Management to help you do just that!

Compensation Transparency: Advice for Getting the Balance Just Right


If you’re interested in reading and learning more about compensation transparency, be sure to check out our free eBook on the topic underwritten by the great team at, where this content was pulled from. General Communication Compensation eBook Lighthouse Research ResearchWhen we think about tools like Expedia and Yelp, we realize the value of transparency in the marketplace.

Communicating Pay the Right Way: Why It Matters and How to Do It [New Ebook]

Compensation Today

We’ve just launched a new ebook to help you get pay-talk right. Compensation can be a tricky topic. What someone is paid has an enormous impact on his or her life, and can carry all kinds of implicit meanings.

New eBook! Writing Effective Job Descriptions: The Perfect Pitch


If you’re having a conversation with someone you admire or would like to impress, how do you go about talking to that person? Typically, more often than not, you’re going to use your choice of words carefully and speak in a manner that’s engaging, rather than boring or off-putting.

18+ Ways for Leaders to Improve Employee Engagement on Glassdoor [eBook]

Reward Gateway

Did you know that Glassdoor reaches more than 20M visitors every month? While we do our best to keep ours updated with RSS feeds of posts like these, top jobs that our recruitment team is trying to fill and exciting Reward Gateway news, the best overview of our company is within the reviews.

[eBook] Engaging Millennials in the Workplace

Benefit One USA

In this ebook you will learn; ・What Motivates Millennials? Get the eBook! Engaging the Millennials in the workplace is crucial for the employers. They will form the 75% part of the workforce by 2030. In this regard, organizations cannot afford to ignore their demands. Organizations are experiencing the tension when it comes to attracting, engaging and leading the Millennials.