?An Introduction to Global Employment Law

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A fully global employment law does not exist. Instead, local companies are bound to their country’s domestic law. Each of their laws governs the relationship between employer and employee. This allows for a relatively seamless way to spread one’s reach.

Employer Lawfully Focused on Applicants’ People Skills

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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)--Employee Relations Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) 11th Circuit Relationship ManagementThe school board of Shelby County, Ala.,

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Risky Business: Calmer Heads Prevail in Employee Relations


There are a few different profiles when it comes to organizational risk as it pertains to Employee Relations. They expect employee claims and suits to come against them, but that doesn’t move them much. Employee claims will happen. .

Tis the Season for Employment Law Compliance

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With all of the upcoming holidays, employers may be wondering if they are legally obligated to offer employees paid time off for any of them. Is there an employment law compliance or any obligations regarding cultural holidays and religious beliefs?

Paycheck Protection Program: What to Do if Your Rehire Offer Is Rejected

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New guidance that helps Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) borrowers with loan forgiveness may lead to a tricky employee relations issue. Employment Offers Employment Law

New employment laws to watch in 2020


Every new year brings new employment laws, and 2020 is no different. There are some big changes employers need to know about at the federal, state and local levels. For many years, the minimum salary exempt employees could earn was $455 a week, or $23,600 per year.

What Star Wars teaches us about employee relations #TheForceAwakens

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The premier of Episode VII has got me thinking, what can Star Wars teach us about employment law? Let your employees post to Facebook and shop on Amazon. Each offers a real benefit that will help you attract and retain good employees. employee relations

The Impact of UK’s Shared Parental Leave Law – Ask #HR Bartender

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I recently received a question about the United Kingdom’s Shared Parental Leave law. Simply put – what is it, how does it work, and most importantly how does it impact companies and employees. blog would write about UK employment law, it’s simple.

4 Labor and Employment Law Changes to Keep an Eye On In 2015


There are potential changes to several other employer-related laws that you may need to prepare for. Right now to qualify for exempt status, employees have to earn $455 a week. To learn how to properly classify your employees read: Employee or Independent Contractor?

Employee Access to Payroll Records – Ask #HR Bartender

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Either way, HR and accounting need to partner so employees aren’t confused. My company uses a website to ‘give’ employees electronic access to their paycheck stubs, rather than issue paper. I fear that I will need them in the future months to show employment, for tax purposes, etc.

Can Employees Refuse a Pay Increase – Ask #HR Bartender

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I’ve always (jokingly) said that the one thing I can count on is an employee not refusing a pay increase. He said that I need to speak with HR, who said they can’t take the pay increase back because it’s a law in Massachusetts and would look like the company is discriminating against me.

Can HR Reopen an Employee Investigation – Ask #HR Bartender

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Sad to say but there’s a spectrum of inappropriate conduct – from conduct that that violates civil rights laws to conduct that violates organizational rules. We also don’t know the type and length of the employee’s medical leave. This is a very interesting reader note.

Company Refuses to Reimburse Expenses – Ask #HR Bartender

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I’ve always said never mess with an employee paycheck. I left my employer to take a position in my field. Now they are refusing to reimburse expenses which I incurred during the final month of my employment. The other option is to bring suit against the employer in court.

Handling Your HR Mistakes – Ask #HR Bartender

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Each employee is being given a severance package of 1 week for every year worked. Meyer is a partner in the Labor & Employment Practice Group at the Philadelphia-based Dilworth Paxson LLP. Most states have laws that require timely payment of wages to employees.

Whistleblowers are trying to do the right thing – so why don’t employers support them?


Dorothy McKinney explains how employers’ attitudes need to change. HR, and managers more generally, can still be guilty of apathy and confusion – essentially seeing whistleblowing employees as troublemakers who are just trying to assert their own personal agendas, acting in ways that ultimately could make their employment untenable by questioning practices and the authority that has allowed them to happen. Opinion Employee relations Employment law Strategy culture and value

Employer Sends Invoice to Former Employee – Ask #HR Bartender

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But after thinking about it, overpaying employees is a serious issue. I recently received a letter from the finance department of my former employer stating that they overpaid my sick leave benefits during my course of employment and I owe them $18,500.

Employees: You Need to Read This

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Take, for instance, the employee handbook. Companies have been writing, printing and distributing employee handbooks for decades. Is there another way to provide employees the same information without killing a bunch of trees? Employees swear they will read it someday.

Five Brexit scenarios that HR teams can plan for now


Although the precise details of UK immigration and employment law are still to be determined, there’s plenty that HR teams can do now to support EU-national staff. How UK immigration law currently works. Advice Employee relations Employment law Recruitment and retention

The Burden of FLSA, FMLA and ADA


I’ve given a brief overview of three laws that, unfortunately, are often ignored and/or applied incorrectly. Many…most…US employers have to comply with the FLSA. It was born in an era where, quite honestly, US employers took advantage of their employees.

Turns Out, There Is Political Discrimination and Harassment Too


You see, while I’ve always been an advocate for fair and just treatment of employees, I’m not a huge fan of protecting every little group of folks. Laws prohibiting political affiliation discrimination differ depending on location and on public or private sector employment.

Is this the worst employment law decision of 2017?

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Raimondo —holding an employer’s attorney for liable for FLSA retaliation against his client’s employee because the employee sued his client for unpaid overtime—I’m thinking of adding the 9th Circuit to my list of tourist stops in San Francisco to see if courthouse resembles a Salvador Dali painting. Raimondo did not deny his role in setting up the sting, and claimed instead that he could not be liable under the FLSA for retaliating against someone who was never his employee.

Fine, Be a Bigot


Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and numerous other anti-discrimination and harassment laws have, as their main purpose, the intent of prohibiting discrimination and harassment in employment.

Four pressing challenges facing health and safety teams


Taylor noted that the corporate manslaughter regulations, which came into force in 2008 are resulting in prison sentences for staff at organisations found to be in breach of their duty of care to their employees. If you are found to be in material breach of health and safety law, you will have to pay for the time it takes the HSE to identify the breach and put it right,” he said. Advice Employee relations Employment law Strategy culture and values

What employers need to know about serving notice of dismissal


Nina Robinson from ESP Law explains the ins and outs of dismissal, from statutory and contractual notice periods to garden leave and working the notice period. In this article, we explore the learning points from that case and explain what employers need to know about serving notice of dismissal on employees. Ms Haywood’s employer informed her that she was at risk of redundancy approximately three months before her 50 th birthday.

Is Your HR Department the Police Or a Partner?

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For years, when HR was known as “Personnel” and even after, the department was mostly concerned with the mechanics of hiring and paying people correctly as well as making sure that all employees were following the organization’s rules. Employment Law HR Trust

Notice Deadline Nears for South Carolina Pregnancy Accommodations Law

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South Carolina employers are facing a September 14 deadline to provide notice to applicants and employees related to the new South Carolina Pregnancy Accommodations Act (SCPAA). The new law, enacted in May, applies to all South Carolina employers with at least 15 employees.

5 Excellent Tips For Managing Workplace Diversity

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In a broad sense, it’s the varied composition of employees in a company. Employees in a company may be diverse, but not included in office processes. Each employee should feel comfortable in an office environment. Above all, collaborate with your current employees.

Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Takes Effect April 1

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Massachusetts employers will face new obligations regarding pregnant women and new mothers when the state’s new Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) takes effect on April 1. 151B, which applies to employers with six or more employees. Accommodations Under the Law.

Marijuana, Opioids and Disability Discrimination: What Employers Should Know


In an era where employers are having to plan for changes in workplace drug testing compliance, primarily due to evolving marijuana laws and our nations opioid crisis, another compliance beast continues to rear confuse employers: Disability Discrimination. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees with disabilities. Both federal and state laws provide this protection. Equal Employment Opportunity for Individuals with Disabilities.

Latest NLRB ‘Microunits’ Reversal is ‘Big Win for Employers’

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The latest National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision reversing actions by the Obama-era Board hands employers a win against an organizing tactic that gave unions the upper hand in determining what constitutes an appropriate bargaining unit.

Court Provides New Guidance on What to Expect When You’re Expecting (or Breastfeeding)

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Just as parenting guidance continues to evolve, so too does guidance from the court on issues relating to pregnancy and breastfeeding in the workplace. This law requires you to make reasonable efforts to accommodate an employee who needs to express breast milk for her baby.

Alleged Pay Discrimination at Google Makes Marc Benioff and Salesforce Look Amazing.

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Here's a rundown from the post : "In a panel at a conference organized by Fortune last week, Marc Benioff, the CEO of the cloud-based software company Salesforce, said that he recently ordered a review of all 17,000employees’ salaries to see if female employees’ pay was in line with those of male employees doing similar jobs. Not only did they change the narrative related to diversity (important, but so it equality, people!), Compensation Employee Relations Litigation

People Management Mistakes That Small Businesses Tend to Make

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While there are fewer employees to contend with in a small business, people management is just as important as in larger businesses. Many small businesses make the grave error of failing to properly train employees. Failing to Comply with Employment Laws.

HR services for small business

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Nor does anyone start a business for the excitement they feel when complying with employment law. Processing payroll, benefits shopping, employee relations, and a host of other HR services for small business are obligations of employers, not options.

State sues pizza chain for illegally underpaying workers

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The lawsuit claims that Domino’s is a joint employer of the workers at the 10 franchise locations, and is therefore responsible for underpaid wages to these workers. Joint employer relationship?