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15 Job Titles for Human Resources: A Comprehensive HR Job List

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HR Specialist Job description An HR Specialist is someone who performs specific HR functions like recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits, or employee relations. It is common for an HR Specialist to be involved in recruitment and employment, training and development, and employee relations.

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HR Audit: Meaning, Importance, Types, Process & Benefits

HR Lineup

It involves a thorough review of HR functions, including recruitment, training, compensation, performance management, employee relations, and regulatory compliance. Compliance Audits: These audits focus on ensuring that HR policies and practices comply with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations.


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Workforce Management: Everything You Need to Know


Employers must adhere to applicable federal, state, and local employment laws. Workforce management enables you to implement practices that help you meet your legal obligations as an employer. Employee discipline. Employee relations. Regulatory Compliance. Career advancement opportunities.

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Building An HR Department: A Step-By-Step Guide

HR Tech Girl

Employee relations. Human resources existence in a company is crucial because they help nurture safe a safe work environment, mitigate risks, resolve issues, and nurture employee productivity and motivation. As a general rule, they should always be concise, easy to understand, and available to all employees.

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Human Resource Management Career: 15 Career Paths You Can Follow in HRM

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HR Administrator The HR administrator is an entry-level role focusing primarily on employee information documentation, managing HR data and systems (e.g., the HRIS ), and evaluating employee relations. They’re also focused on ensuring existing employees are happy in their roles.

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What is disparate impact and how can your organization avoid it?


Collect, store and analyze applicant data. Including voluntary EEO surveys in your application process can help you evaluate the diversity of the candidates you’re bringing in. Using an applicant tracking system also lets you track candidates and record information about why someone was selected or not selected for a role.

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TENEO Recruitment in Engineering and Technology - Strategic HCM

Strategic HCM

With over 90 events a year, our conferences and seminars target delegates with interests in: - HR Strategy & Practice - Recruitment - Health & Safety, Employee Well-being - Pay & Benefits - Employment Law - Training & Development - Diversity & Equality - Employee Relations.