What Top Outplacement Services Offer

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It’s difficult enough to have to administer layoffs without also having to search for the right outplacement provider. Let’s take a look at what makes an outplacement firm an outstanding choice. The Features and Benefits of Top Outplacement Services.

Outplacement Process: Top 10 Things to Know?

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Much as hiring isn’t a simple matter of just saying “yes” to a candidate, the outplacement process for your employees has many components, each of which requires careful consideration. Steps in the Outplacement Process. Top Ten Things to Know During the Outplacement Process.


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How an Outplacement Program Can Help Retain Your Customer Base

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Here’s how an outplacement program can help retain your customer base. Beyond a fair severance package and empathetic separation conversations, outplacement services as a part of a severance package is one surefire way to help mitigate negative backlash.

Introducing the Essential Guide to Outplacement

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Still, companies can provide a softer landing and a more positive offboarding experience for departing employees by offering an important service: Outplacement. What are outplacement services? Why offer outplacement? How does outplacement work?

Do Outplacement Companies still have a role in 2020?

Given that we all know there’s no such thing as a job for life anymore, and the fact that millennials are particularly likely to switch jobs, is there still any need for specialist outplacement support?

4 Reasons You Should Use the Outplacement Support Your Company Offers

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If you haven’t reviewed the outplacement support information your former employer gave you, you could be missing out on a solution to that angst. Take a deep breath, review the information, and consider taking advantage of the support and guidance that outplacement has to offer.

Why Outplacement Support is so Important in Today’s Market

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That means some companies put off investing in important employee benefits that are often associated with reductions in force—such as outplacement support to help exiting workers find new jobs. But outplacement support offers companies key advantages even in times of strong economic growth.


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Outplacement is vital for any company or organisation implementing enforced workplace change, downsizing, retrenchment or redundancy. Typically management view the provision of Outplacement services as a benevolent act to assist former employees find another position and move on with their lives, and whilst this is a major objective of an Outplacement program there are more cogent reasons to ensure that proper Outplacement support is provided to former employees.

How to Negotiate for Outplacement Benefits

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This is why many companies today offer outgoing employees outplacement services, also known as career transition support. Should you ever lose a job, outplacement benefits can be of great help—even if you’ve never received assistance while looking for a job before.

Outplacement Trends: Could COVID-19 Change How Companies Manage Layoffs?

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As the pandemic continues, the need to restructure or reduce costs within organizations is likely to grow—but the good news is that outplacement services can help employees quickly get back on their feet. How Are Outplacement Trends Changing? The monthly U.S.

Don't Let Them Leave Mad - Offboarding with Empathy

Speaker: Caroline Vernon, Director of Sales, CareerArc

Layoff. Reduction in force. Termination. Separation. Dismissal. Redundancy. Reorganization. No matter what you call it, no human resources manager enjoys the process of letting people go from the organization. Informing employees they are losing their job is a difficult and stressful task. For the interaction between the employee and the manager or supervisor to go smoothly as possible, careful preparation, planning and effective communication are the most important elements. Proactively planning for a layoff can save an organization thousands of dollars from the cost heavy burden of talent loss.

How Does Outplacement Assistance Work? 7 Things to Know

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Most HR professionals know outplacement assistance is often offered to employees who are laid off or terminated as a part of their severance package. Outplacement assistance is provided by the employer. Outplacement assistance helps job seekers find jobs more quickly and easily.

What Is An Outplacement Consultant and Why You Need One

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Often, that future involves finding an excellent outplacement consultant to help your employees with their career transitions. What is an Outplacement Consultant? What is an Outplacement Consultant’s Range of Services? What is an outplacement consultant’s best case scenario?

5 Ways Outplacement Counseling Helps with the Job Hunt

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To ease the transition, many organizations today offer outplacement to former employees to help them find new positions. . What is outplacement counseling? . Outplacement counseling can simply be described as career transition support.

How to Get Leadership Support for Outplacement Benefits: 5 Must-Know Stats

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Many leaders think of outplacement as a service that benefits employees leaving the organization. After all, outplacement —also known as career transition support—is generally given to workers who have been laid off to help them land new jobs more quickly and easily.

Virtual Outplacement Services: How Do They Work?

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This is where virtual outplacement comes in. Essentially, outplacement services can mitigate the negative impact a termination or layoff can have on a brand. Unlike traditional outplacement, which takes place in a physical location, virtual outplacement happens online or over the phone, allowing former employees to communicate with career coaches in a safe and “neutral” environment. Wait, What is Outplacement?

5 Ways Outplacement Solutions Can Ease Your Company Layoff

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While no layoff process is stress-free, outplacement solutions can help companies mitigate many of the negative impacts. Here are five ways outplacement solutions can ease the impact of layoffs for your company. Outplacement solutions help protect your employer brand.

How Outplacement Assistance Can Strengthen Your Brand

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That is why a company outplacement program is essential for all organizations today. What is outplacement? Here are three reasons why outplacement is critical to long-term branding. Outplacement stops negative social media and reviews before they start. Without a good outplacement strategy in place, a layoff can trigger a sharp nosedive for your brand reputation. The good news is that an outplacement strategy can significantly mitigate such risks.

5 Surprising Stats on the State of Post-layoff Support, Outplacement, and the American Workforce

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More than 4 of 5 Americans (83%) think outplacement services—career transition services that help employees find work following a layoff—should be offered as part of a severance package to every employee who is laid off by their employer.

Intoo USA partners with Career Star Group to Provide Outplacement Across the Globe

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We are excited to announce that Intoo USA (formerly CareerArc Outplacement) and Career Star Group have partnered to make virtual outplacement services available across the globe. Career Star Group , a leader in the local provision of change management, outplacement and career transition services, selected Intoo as its global online technology platform of choice for its 79-country service area. Learn more about Intoo’s outplacement solution.

How to Evaluate Outplacement Companies and Provide Career Transition Assistance

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If your company decides it needs to lay off employees, you can help people find new jobs by using an outplacement company that provides career transition assistance. Unfortunately, not every company that offers outplacement services will provide all the features you and your employees need. Before you put your trust in any solution, learn how to evaluate outplacement options to provide the best career transition services for your company and employees.

Intoo Adds Seasoned Outplacement Executive Kim Johnson as SVP of Sales

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Kim Johnson, a longtime leader in the outplacement industry, has joined Intoo as the senior vice president of sales for outplacement, internal mobility solutions, and candidate care services. Johnson brings more than 20 years of experience in outplacement sales and attributes much of her success to an ability to build, inspire and lead top-performing sales teams, laser-focus product and service positioning in the market and a highly consultative sales approach.

4 Outplacement Statistics That Could Save Your Brand Reputation

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Effective management of layoffs — including providing excellent outplacement services — can have a strong, lasting effect on the perception current and prospective employees and customers have of your business. The following outplacement statistics highlight the importance of offering services to help employees find new employment or make a career transition. Protecting Your Brand Reputation with Outplacement Services.

How to Transition Senior Executives with Executive Outplacement

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That is why many companies offer executive outplacement services to departing senior executives. Here are three steps to take to effectively transition senior executives with executive outplacement services. Understand the unique outplacement needs of senior executives. Outplacement isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Thus, one-on-one career coaching must be part of the outplacement package offered. How much does the outplacement service cost?

CareerArc Outplacement solution is now Intoo USA, part of Italy’s HR leader Gi Group

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Today, we are proud to announce that the outplacement arm of CareerArc has been acquired by Italy’s largest multinational HR services company, Gi Group, and will be rebranded as Intoo USA. “We’ve Learn more about Intoo’s outplacement solution.

Why SMBs Should Offer Outplacement


Hey, HR pros in small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs): Does your company offer outplacement services? There’s a common misconception that outplacement services are for large companies laying off hundreds, if not thousands, of workers. Here’s why outplacement is vital.

Why Your Company Needs an Outplacement Solution Even If You’re Not Downsizing

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Most companies today, for example, are well aware that having outplacement services at the ready can help manage brand reputation , forestall lawsuits, and save money. Yet many still put off putting an outplacement plan in place until the company is actually facing layoffs — leading to a mad scramble when time and resources are already stretched to the limit. The best time to put an outplacement plan in place is when your company is not going through a reduction in force.

4 Ways to Deliver Effective and Personalized Career Transition Support on a Global Scale

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Take, for example, outplacement services, commonly known as career transition support provided by a company at no cost to employees affected by a layoff or other workforce change. Due to the differences across the globe, it is clear that one size cannot fit all when it comes to outplacement.

How Intoo’s outplacement solution Provides ‘Huge Peace of Mind’: An Intoo Client Testimonial

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Hear directly from one of our clients about the difference Intoo’s outplacement solution (formerly CareerArc Outplacement) makes during a layoff. If I have an employee who I’m providing with an outplacement program, that person is set up within a day. Watch the 1-minute video to learn more about how Bernadette and her organization benefited from Intoo’s outplacement solution. . Next : Read the Essential Outplacement Guide.

How Outplacement Services Protect Your Company’s Reputation?

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Today’s best candidates want to work at a company with strong, healthy company culture, among other things , and outplacement services can contribute to that by keeping morale high for those employees that remain. Outplacement Assistance Keeps Morale High.

5 Reasons to Include Career Outplacement in Your Employee Benefits Package

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That is why companies today are adding career outplacement services to their employee benefits packages. An outplacement strategy, which provides assistance at the crucial time when an employee is leaving the company, is essential for brand, workforce, and customer management. Here are five reasons why you should include outplacement services in your employee benefits package: Attract great talent. An outplacement program can be a key recruiting tool.

The Unique Challenges of Executive-Level Outplacement


You may already offer outplacement services to mid-and-lower-level employees who are exiting your company for one of a variety of reasons. Do they need outplacement help? Reasons to consider executive outplacement. What to include in your executive outplacement solution.

New AI-Powered Video Assessment Gives Intoo Outplacement Users a Competitive Edge

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We’re excited to announce that starting today, Intoo Outplacement users now have one more tool in their arsenal—the power of artificial intelligence. News AI Candidates career coaching career transition services Job Search outplacement

Intoo USA Announces Key Appointments and Global Distribution of Intoo’s Innovative Job Seeker Technology

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Intoo USA continues to grow in response to an anticipated 10% growth in the career transition outplacement market in 2021. She has 20 years of experience in the career development and outplacement industries and is an internationally certified career coach.

BEST BOSS EVER Podcast: e3 - Pat Lynch and the State of Outplacement During COVID-19

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In this episode, Kris Dunn talks with Patrick Lynch , President of CMP’s Southeast Region, to talk about the current state of outplacement during COVID-19. CMP helps companies and individuals with outplacement and career transitions.