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Are you doing enough to leverage tech for employee relations?


It may not be surprising that during 2020, social and political conflict —along with ongoing challenges due to COVID-19—helped position the employee relations (ER) function as a vital factor in shaping positive employee experiences. million employees globally, including 2.3 million employees in the U.S.

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7 Toxic Factors That Damage Employee Relations


Additionally, Human Resource managers spend 24% of their time resolving employee relations disputes. Why are employee relations issues so prevalent and how can they be improved? The ultimate goal is to cultivate stronger and healthier employee relations and a happy workplace that runs efficiently and effectively.


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10 Roles In Human Resources That You Should Explore

HR Management

This role requires strong organizational skills and attention to detail to ensure accurate record-keeping practices and full compliance with the company’s HR policies and procedures. An HR coordinator is expected to act as a point of contact for employees and may also assist in resolving HR-related issues.

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Key Human Resources (HR) Pillars: Your 101 Guide

Analytics in HR

A department : The HR department manages all HR activities, including recruitment, onboarding, compensation, development, performance management, and employee relations. HR as the workforce : Human resources are essentially the employees of the organization. Confidentiality of any surveys is key!

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Human Resources Director: Job Description, Skills & Salary

Analytics in HR

A Human Resources Director is responsible for creating and implementing HR policies and activities of the organization. They also manage the HR staff, overseeing all employee-related initiatives, from recruitment and onboarding to managing performance, promotion, and conducting exit interviews.

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Employee Relations Trends and Technology for 2024


Fortunately, labor and employee relations software has been evolving and improving as well. 5 Must-Have Features For Your HR Labor and Employee Management Software In 2024 1. Robust analytics for continuous improvement Finally, it's not enough to collect employee data - you need to be able to work with it!

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What is employee relations? Beyond the basics of HR

Business Management Daily

Employee relations is a buzzword that is thrown around a lot within human resources and people management discussions, but do you truly know what it means? Many people confuse employee relations with general HR, but it’s actually a bit different. What is employee relations ?