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Fond of Work: Kevin J. Bohan, CHRO and SVP of Human Resources at WernerCo


Bohan, CHRO and SVP of Human Resources at WernerCo. Kevin is a strategic and commercially-focused global HR leader who believes that culture and top talent bring competitive advantages. Why do you think HR is an important department for every business to have? Any advice for future HR leaders?

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CHRO to CEO: Former Dunkin’ leader on making the move


For C-suite veteran Nigel Travis, the path to the CEO office was atypical—because it ran directly through the HR function. While his transformation from CHRO to CEO was an outlier several decades ago, it is a more natural move today, experts say, as HR leaders increasingly play a strategic business role.


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Are we ready for CHRO readiness?


Why is it that more than half of companies remain unable (or perhaps unwilling) to develop CHRO-ready successors? Should we be proud of infusing non-HR talent into CHRO roles, or troubled by it? Further, it is common—and many would say likely—that a change in CEO will yield a change in CHRO. Is 50% readiness good enough?

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HR Operations: 5 Proven Ways to Improve Any HR Team


Credit: Cottonbro/Pexels Let’s discuss a few of the most pivotal HR roles, including some emerging ones. The CHRO role. The chief human resources officer (CHRO) role is becoming increasingly elevated, as Forbes says. After all, the CHRO has led organizational transformation over the past couple of years, notes Gartner.

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Caterpillar’s transformative CHRO is the 2023 HR Executive of the Year


Cheryl Johnson, CHRO for Caterpillar Inc. Previously, Caterpillar had HR leaders embedded in each of its divisions but not in the business segments, which she says fueled a “gap” that cut the C-suite off from understanding talent issues. “I never lose sight of that.”

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The CHRO of Memphis on Getting to HR’s Purpose


I think is important for all HR professionals to understand really the critical business needs for the organization that you’re a part of, and what is your role in your purpose within that? . Alex Smith, CHRO of the City of Memphis. One of the things we’re tasked with as HR leaders?

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Peloton, Hearst and REI land new chief people officers


Related: The state of the CHRO: How to capitalize on the post-COVID HR momentum In her new position as Hearst’s top HR executive, Kay will lead companywide HR strategy, human capital management and HR programs. Musni also previously led operational and HR functions at McDonald’s and Target.