CFO & CHRO: Embracing Digital HR

NGA Human Resources

Traditionally, HR and finance departments have depended on bespoke internal software and solutions to optimise employee administration. Finance Director Europe speaks to Michael Custers at NGA HR about how the company plans to build a culture of more streamlined and efficient digital strategies to bring the two departments closer together. Consider any HR or financial process that was carried out on paper or in an offline form in the past - all of that can be done online today.


Why a Change Pathfinder is Essential to HR Transformation


Why is it so difficult to successfully implement change? . This is a haunting question for any HR professional. Any perusal through common literature in the genre of change management will reveal high probabilities of failure – some sources stating that as many as 70% of all attempts at change fail. Adapting to a Changing Landscape. The business conditions that spurred this HR transformation were all-encompassing and dynamic.

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If you don’t have a Chief Human Resources Officer you’re behind the curve

Business Management Daily

There’s another C-suite role in town — the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). The HR department is responsible for hiring, managing employee benefits , ensuring labor law compliance, and a myriad of other responsibilities. That’s where a CHRO steps in.


Steal this People Analytics Leader Job Description!


You need the right People Analytics Leader in order to build an effective and strategic people analytics function. In the coming weeks, we’ll also release job descriptions for CHRO and HRBPs. In emerging organizations (those just starting their people analytics journey), they may be a manager or sometimes an analyst. I’ve even seen some go on to become the CHRO! Leading the change management that ensures analytics usage that achieves business outcomes.

How this HR exec built the function from the ground up


Key HR Challenges: Building an HR function from the ground up for the organization, which had little in the way of HR when McGovern arrived. Key HR Accomplishments: Transitioning a 100% paper-based system to a comprehensive integrated platform. Michelle McGovern.


Adopting Continuous Conversations at Newport Group


With 1,500+ employees and 26 offices, Newport needed a performance management strategy that aligned with how the company conducted business and offered employees frequent career and growth conversations. Reflektive : What was performance management like prior to using Reflektive?

Groups 130

10 Assignments for Human Resources Managers to Develop Future Skills


The Covid-19 pandemic has put tremendous pressure on organizations to change the way they operate. As a matter of fact, the HR function is at the forefront of digital disruption. Your ability to build a skilled HR department is instrumental to make your organization future-ready.

10 HR Leaders Anyone in Talent Management Should Follow on LinkedIn


It follows, then, that the roles and responsibilities of senior HR leaders are incredibly important. . Indeed, an apt description of the senior HR role comes from Christine Hayward , executive director at global executive search organization IIC Partners. In that spirit, we want to spotlight 10 senior HR leaders making their mark in the field. Denise Moulton is an HR and talent research leader at Bersin, Deloitte Consulting. “Our biggest asset is our people.”


10 Assignments For Human Resource Managers To Develop Future Skills


The Covid-19 pandemic has put tremendous pressure on organizations to change the way they operate: from sales and marketing, to finance and customer service. As a matter of fact, the HR function is at the forefront of digital disruption. Competency developed : People Management.

The Business of HR

HRO Today

What comes with being a CHRO at an HR service partner organization? As the CHRO of any organization, running the management of human capital is no easy feat. But imagine the challenges of being an HR leader at an organization whose business is to make HR’s life easier. “It’s It’s a higher bar in my view,” says Dave Almeda, vice president and CHRO of Kronos , a human capital management and workforce management solutions provider.

Influencers Discuss HR Tech’s Dramatic Shifts


Influence in HR technology comes from many places, takes many forms and continues to evolve over time. When the HRE /HR Tech Conference team met over the winter to work on this Influencers list, we knew it would be important to consider all aspects of influence. It’s safe to say all, however, are having an important and noticeable impact on where HR technology has been, where it is today and, perhaps most importantly, where it is heading. HR Technology Top Stories

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


As you are probably aware from some of our other articles, we love to showcase lists of HR influencers for our readers to follow, such as our quarterly HR Gurus feature and 89+ HR Analytics Influencers post. This is largely because we believe it’s a great resource for business owners (and others working within the HR function) to gather ideas from the insights and articles they share, enabling followers to improve their own business practices.

What Does The Future Of Work And A Whirling Dervish Have In Common?

SAP Innovation

We deal with unprecedented change, wide-scale transformation across geographical regions, and unprecedented complexity that seems to grow daily. So in the spirit of Churchill, maybe “complexity is wrapped in change wrapped in transformation.” One of these changes is the overall market dialogue. The future of work is not just an HR problem. Form over functionality. Let form follow functionality and define how your business really functions.