Key Factors to Manage Employee Merit, Bonus & Incentive Plans Effectively


There are many ways to incentive performance in an organization. Typically grouped together under the umbrella term “pay for performance plans,” employers may choose among merit programs, bonus options, and individual or team incentive plans. In order to manage employee merit, bonus, and incentive plans effectively, however, it’s important to first understand the key differences among these types of pay.

When Incentive Pay Goes Rogue!

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A friend of mine likes to say: “It’s not that incentive pay doesn’t work well, it’s that it works TOO well. 124,000,000 “retirement pay” for the executive who ran the problem area.

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Stop Wasting Money on Signing Bonuses: 3 Recruiting Incentives That Actually Work


Candidates may feel great about getting a 5–25% bonus check but having to sign a scary-sounding contract detailing what’s going to happen if they leave too soon feels icky. And if word gets out that signing bonuses were offered to some employees and not others?

The Real Cost of Mismanaged Incentives: Wells Fargo

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Today is a steaming jolt of quadruple espresso in response to the Wells Fargo incentive pay mess. If you have been under a log for a couple of weeks, please start by reading a couple of earlier Compensation Café Articles (my own When Incentive Pay Goes Rogue!

Incentive Pay is Like a Par 4 Golf Hole

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He worked down on the manufacturing floor, and this game was part of his retirement party. In the end, Janet won the most money, which she immediately donated as a retirement gift to Joe. It was a glorious day, the conditions were perfect, and the smell of just cut grass filled the air.

The Best Employee Incentive Programs For Businesses: 4 Tips

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Is the line between “employee appreciation” and “employee incentive” a little blurry to you? However, I think it’s important that we do attempt to clarify the differences, because effective employee incentive programs serve a different purpose than employee appreciation programs.

Incentive Compensation Management Software


Incentive compensation planning takes the concept a step further. Incentive Compensation is variable pay that is given to deserving candidates for exceptional performance. When done right, incentive compensation: Pushes all employees to give their very best.

Retirement Savings? HSA, IRA or 401(k)

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We want to save for retirement, but reality kicks in. As the saying goes, “Don’t leave money on the table” This is very true when considering your approach to retirement savings. Verify HSA contributions, incentives or matching programs. HSA Incentive Contributions. There are many flavors that an HSA incentive program takes on. Pay close attention to the details of the incentives and the time frames. Looking to retire early?

What's Going On Out There?

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23% are planning to make benefit changes and 14% are planning to make retirement changes. Her firm, re:Think Consulting, provides market pay information and designs base salary structures, incentive plans, career paths and their implementation plans.

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Cafe Classic: That's The Way We Do Things Around Here

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5) Given the last recession when many of your employees probably lost a good deal of their savings in the stock market, would it be a good idea for the company to offer retirement planning workshops to educate employees on some good ways to build up their retirement accounts?

Astron’s Yearly Compensation Review Part III: Non-Profit Executive Compensation Planning for 2019

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The second most impactful change is the clarifications from the Internal Revenue Service on the use on “incentive” and “bonus” programs for non-profit executives. As noted in the regulations, “tax-qualified” retirement plans are exempt from this provision.

Marketing Compensation to Employees and Managers? You Bet.

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Just as increased medical deductibles can simply telegraph higher out-of-pocket costs to employees unless they are addressed from a marketing standpoint, compensation announcements are strengthened by addressing employees' desires for recognition, a career with a successful company and retirement.

Equity for the Gig Economy?

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The service economy did not do wonders for employee retirement savings. I await other writers to address things like market data, retirement, pay equity and so much more. I am not going to bury the lead.

Cafe Classic: Predicting the Next 10 Years of Compensation

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As someone who spends a lot of time designing and honing long-term incentive programs, I thought I’d skip 2014 and make some predictions about time frames that compensation people really have to worry about.

Job Candidates: How to Win Friends and Influence Their Decisions to Join You

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If you have strong savings and retirement plans, don't skip that topic either. Many candidates come from employers who use incentives very differently than your company does. Base Salaries Compensation Communication Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses Total Rewards

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Startup Equity: Staying Private in a Public World (Part 11 in an n part series)

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The events increasingly trigger vesting events, earn-out periods, house purchases and early retirements. Compensation Philosophy Executive Compensation Incentives/Bonuses Stock/Equity Compensation Total Rewards dan walter equity compensation pay performensation startup

More Retirement Plan Options—Which One Is Right for Your Business?

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In yesterday’s Advisor , business consultant Bridget Miller wrote about some of the options out there for employer-provided retirement plans; today, Miller provides some more retirement choices for employers to consider. Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs, are commonly associated with individuals rather than businesses. As mentioned yesterday , SIMPLE stands for Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees of Small Employers.

Are We Dealing with Reality or Just Giving In to Bad Habits?

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With awareness growing about how much people in administrative and similar job levels struggle financially, how much respect do you show other employees by ignoring compensation "rules" for one special person who then earns higher retirement and H&W benefits, too?

Pay Equity: Facts and Questions

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Don't forget to add lower bonuses, equity awards, retirement contributions and so on. Her firm, re:Think Consulting, provides market pay information and designs base salary structures, incentive plans, career paths and their implementation plans.

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Will Employee Compensation Beat Out the Kardashians for Celebrity Status?

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You can find the headline " One-Time Bonuses and Perks Muscle Out Pay Raises for Workers " on the front page of the Business Day section. Should we recognize a bubble has been forming, and liquidate our retirement investments (so we can bury them in the back yard)?

The Misallocation Dilemma

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The retired and the unemployed, I guess. Meanwhile, we who frequent this corner of the total rewards world tend to obsess about the many challenges we face dealing with all the complexity we find behind wages, salaries, bonuses stock options and fringe benefits.

Sales Compensation During Turbulent Times


These can be achieved by: Putting in place short-term quota retirement accelerators for scenarios, like a new logo. Giving employee retention bonuses for top performers.

Female Overcommitment Is Not Rewarded

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A guy completes his list of tasks, then retires to the man cave for a beer and a game on TV; but the woman is expected to continue to toil indefinitely, sacrificing her time for family welfare until absolutely nothing remains undone. Women work differently than men. One major difference leads to much mutual frustration because neither gender fully understands the viewpoint of the other. I have always called it female overcommitment.

Life Cycles and Compensation

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Hiring bonuses for key talent may be used to keep the fixed cost of salaries down. Informal bonus-type programs are based mostly on company profits. Compensation : Formal compensation programs are put in place including merit pay systems, job descriptions/grades, bonus plans with formal metrics and a full complement of benefits. Life cycles exist everywhere. Example: Countries have life cycles. Compare a developed country (U.S.) with an emerging country (Indonesia).

5 Ways To Recognize Employees in the Transportation & Logistics Industry


Recognition programs may include referral bonuses or non-monetary compensation such as priority for in-demand routes. Referrals may fill some open headcount but not enough to replace retiring drivers. A thoughtful Safety Incentives program can help reinforce those behaviors.

From Boomers to Millennials, here are workers’ top 6 benefit needs

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At the 2017 Mid-Sized Retirement & Healthcare Plan Management Conference in Phoenix, AZ, President and CEO of Cowden Associates Inc., retirement plan. bonus/incentive, and. retirement plan. bonus/incentive. retirement plan. bonus/incentive.

5 Reasons to Work for the Federal Government

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From greater job stability and longevity to excellent retirement plans and industry-leading healthcare benefits, the federal government offers some of the best perks and incentives of any employer. 2) Generous Retirement Benefits. b) Relocation bonuses.

4 Elements of Effective Compensation Management


Short-Term Incentives: Short-term incentives (STIs) or bonuses can encourage desired employee behavior and may include monetary or non-monetary rewards. Compensation management is the process of developing and administering employee pay.

Tackling Total Rewards: A System for Communicating Employee Benefits

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Another which values seasoned workers might create a lucrative retirement plan that increases in value the longer the employee is with the company. Short-Term Incentive Pay. Long-Term Incentive Pay (stock options, restricted stock or performance) shares. Retirement awards.

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Employees Don’t Respond to Perks, They Respond to Culture


These values cannot be doled out like bonus bucks. Thus, wages, health insurance, retirement benefits, all of which are measured in dollars, are not perks. A few days ago, Jordan Yadoo at Bloomberg reported that employees will give up big pay raises in exchange for job perks.

4 Elements of Effective Compensation Management (Besides Base Pay) Copy


Short-Term Incentives: Short-term incentives (STIs) or bonuses can encourage desired employee behavior and may include monetary or non-monetary rewards. Benefits: Medical, disability, life insurance, paid time off, and retirement benefits are among the most common types of employee benefits, but the options are virtually endless. Compensation management is the process of developing and administering employee pay.

How Fast-Growing Companies Can Improve Culture


Those values should be identifiable in all employee-related processes, from hiring to resignation, retirement, or dismissal. Incentives and Startup Culture. Until the culture you want is imbued in the company, you may need to use incentives. Improving team culture with incentives works–if you use the right motivators. Some companies offer financial bonuses, days off, or stock options, all of which are costly options for a startup.

6 Tax Breaks and Benefits for Small Businesses in 2020


As 2020 progresses, owners of small and medium-sized businesses are planning for the future and looking for ways to leverage tax cuts and incentives to grow and expand. If you missed any of the tax incentives from last year, it might not be too late to use them, as well.

The New #FLSA Overtime Changes: Make Sure Company Policies Are Aligned

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Employers will be allowed to use nondiscretionary bonuses and incentive payments (including commissions) to satisfy up to 10 percent of the new salary threshold.

4 Elements of Effective Compensation Management (Besides Base Pay)


Short-Term Incentives: Short-term incentives (STIs) or bonuses can encourage desired employee behavior and may include monetary or non-monetary rewards. Compensation management is the process of developing and administering employee pay.