Get Smart About Knowledge Management

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Knowledge. And effective knowledge management and sharing can be the key to enhancing employee performance and fostering innovation. Talent professionals have a major role in enabling access to critical knowledge and expertise in real time, wherever and whenever work gets done.

Stop Calling It Boring: The Importance of Knowledge Management

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Think knowledge management is a snooze? Without knowledge management, we would fail to share information with our co-workers, clients, and customers. how to use knowledge management as a performance improvement tactic. Think again.

Why Knowledge Management Matters


You may have heard of knowledge management, but do you know why it’s important to business success, and what strategies you can use to help put it to work at your company?

Building Employee Confidence & Productivity through Knowledge Management


A knowledge management initiative can provide a powerful way to leverage the working knowledge, specific to your business, that is resident in your workforce.

Get Ready For the Brain Drain [infographic] – Friday Distraction

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That’s why we have to think knowledge management (KM). Knowledge management isn’t just for large organizations. And they will want that knowledge. I really liked the sample forms in the book that offer ways to list knowledge sources and confirm knowledge transfer.

How To Turn Employees Into Active Users Of Corporate Knowledge


When launching their knowledge-management initiatives, organizations often resemble oil-extraction companies. They start to drill their knowledge wells and rub their hands in anticipation of the upcoming boost to their business. Why knowledge lays idle.

KMWorld names Jostle a 2016 Trend-Setting Product


In its 16th year, the list identifies products that fulfill the ultimate goal of knowledge management—delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

7 Reasons HR Needs to Learn About Unretirement

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Knowledge Management : Retaining workers, even in a part-time or contingent status, allows the organization to retain knowledge. Performance Management : Another way that “retiring” employees can help the organization is by being a mentor or coach.

3 Big Knowledge Gaps in STEM Workforces

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When there isn’t enough scientific, technical, engineering, and math (STEM) talent to go around, where can an organization get the STEM knowledge it needs to succeed? In a recent APQC survey of more than 750 technical and engineering, knowledge management, learning, and talent management professionals, more than half ranked STEM competency and expertise development as an urgent or significant priority for their leadership. Addressing New and Emerging Knowledge.

WhoKnows awarded – 20 Most Promising KM Solution in 2016


makes to the list of CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2016. “We as one among the 20 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2016,” said Jeevan George, managing Editor of CIOReview. helps employees collaborate in real time by sharing their knowledge and improving team engagement while providing HR and Executives actionable insights into talent.”. FREMONT, CA—September 27, 2016—WhoKnows, Inc.

Give Your New Managers the Tools to Succeed

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Managers have one job – to find and train their replacement. When managers are focused on that one job, they hire the best talent, train for success, coach for high performance, and retain employees. They can do cool stuff that will enhance their skills and knowledge.

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How STEM Experts Help High Potentials Step Up Their Game

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These firms see having the right experts in place as key to tapping into and applying emerging knowledge to strategic goals.

Modern Corporate Training: The Enterprise Learning Framework

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Over the last year or so we have talked with hundreds of companies about their desire to transform their corporate training programs to take advantage of social networking, knowledge management, Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management.

What’s Trending in HR Tech?

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This used to be called knowledge management. Want to know what’s trending in HR tech? Big data. Also known as the phrase you’re misusing. It’s the beast that won’t go away. Nobody knows what it is and everybody fears it. Customer experience. Some call this CX and others call this UX because there are gradations of customer and user experiences. Anyway, I have no idea why it’s trendy to suddenly care about customers and users.

The Increased Prevalence of DC Pension Plans is Going to Change the Way We Retire. How to Prepare?

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I say this because currently knowledge management and transfer is perhaps one of the biggest gaps facing employers the world over. A shift towards phased retirement will get rid of a lot of these knowledge transfer issues, though.

Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2017


This new type of transparency within the workplace has created a need to cultivate positive reviews and manage negative reviews before they become public information. Most importantly, employee feedback was consistently positive regarding company CEO’s , culture, compensation, and management.

Study 52

Quote of the Week: “Fall in Love with the Problem…

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Of course, the answer to all of these queries starts with ‘it depends’ 1 Every organization has different business conditions that should impact its talent development, succession, compensation and benefits, HRIS management, and labor strategies (among others).

The Rise of The Employee Experience - DecisionWise


Angela Heyroth, Managing Director, Employee Experience at Charles Schwab. Ryan Miller, Senior Manager, HR Knowledge Management and Employee Experience at The Walt Disney Company. Shauna Cort, Employee Experience Program Manager at Tesla Motors. Try this experiment. Go to LinkedIn and type in “Employee Experience” in the search bar. As of November 29, 2016, I found: 5,293 people with “Employee Experience” in their title.

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Utilizing Talent Swaps as an Employee Development Tool

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’ The departments were structured in such a way that the knowledge management process was optimized for the open positions, and the jobs were value added. Talent Management hr human resources

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How Enterprise Social Networks Help Build Company Culture

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He writes on the subjects of social intranets, employee engagement, business communication, knowledge management, and collaboration. By Tim Eisenhauer, president of Axero.

IRS FY 2018 Compliance Priorities Stress Analyzing Failure Trends, Refining Outreach

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The work plan also mentioned an enhanced knowledge management system, which already offers plans issue snapshots to study as well as audit tools.

Mentoring: The Glue That Makes Employees Stick

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With employee retention as the ultimate goal, workplace mentoring programs can be structured to transfer knowledge within an organization, allow employees to develop their interpersonal skills and advance in their careers, or simply help people fit in. Transfer of Discipline Knowledge.

#WorkTrends Recap: Leverage a Digital Workplace for Better Engagement


The four pillars of the digital workplace are communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and culture. The mobile and digital revolution has changed the traditional workplace as we know it.

Top 4 Ways to Engage Employees in Your Mentoring Program

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A mentoring program can help you build stronger relationships with your employees, giving them the career skills and knowledge they need to grow with your organization. To get in, an employee just needs six months of employment at Cardinal Health and manager approval.

Who Are Your 20-Percenters?

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” My take on this, as I discuss in my book 50 One-Minute Tips for Trainers, is that knowledge plus skill equals mastery. Hank and Joe are the 20-percenters who own 80 percent of the knowledge in the workforce. How can my SMEs become trainers to spread their knowledge?

How Walmart and other companies improved learning to continuously invest in people


In fact, companies should focus their respective learning strategies on training and support, manager development, and self-directed and dynamic learning. As such, it gives employees the knowledge of where they need improvement and reinforces the knowledge they’ve already mastered.

7 Ways to Make the Shift From HR Pro to HR Leader


HR is too costly, resistant to change and is not able to provide the hard numbers that would build the case for its usefulness… As we notice through the fast evolving nature of work (through a variety of management styles, business automation and a sophistication of organisational behaviours) and the necessity to hire top talent to create value; HR still struggles to influence the leadership team.

DisruptHR Louisville Interview with Dr Bill Brantley

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A: I’ve been a paralegal, IT developer, state government employee, Federal employee, adjunct faculty professor, and a project manager. Office of Personnel Management back in 2008.

The Great Generational Shift: How Employers and Managers Can Prepare


As the aging Baby Boomers exit the workforce, they will take with them a great deal of skill, knowledge, wisdom, institutional memory, relationships, and the last vestiges of the old-fashioned work ethic. What Does the Generational Shift Mean for Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors?

The Foundation of Successful Employees

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Onboarding (sometimes called orientation) is the process of new employees acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to be effective contributors. In 2011, Genpact, a global leader in digitally powered business process management and services, needed to hire outside executives.

6 Ways Big Data Will Change HR

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Knowledge Management. Being able to look at metrics and analytics in a company-wide spectrum aids in the management/improvement of employee training and development in a significant way.

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4 Digital Trends That Are Transforming Today’s Workplace

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We’ve been talking for well over a decade about the rise in the knowledge economy. Knowledge workers need to become digital workers. This means organizations have to think beyond their internal sources for intelligence and knowledge management.

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Healthcare HR: Three Important Trends


The ability to rapidly learn, unlearn, relearn, and access new knowledge will become more important than a clinician’s accumulated knowledge. As an example, working with automated processes or methods that use technology will require ongoing learning and change management.

Which Talent Should Your Organization Be Investing Resources Into? Why? A Few Thoughts…

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HR Strategy Talent Management CEB hr human resources…Okay, so over the weekend I read an outstanding blog post from CEB here.

How Knowledge Base Makes Your HR Work Smartly And Effectively

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“The value of a business is a function of how well the financial capital and the intellectual capital are managed by the human capital. Also read: Technology Is Changing Human Resource Management – But Where Will It Go? Invest in a knowledge base system.

Serving Your Customers Better: ITSM Software Solutions Breathe New Life Into Your Service Desk

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Helpdesk service is a major part of ITSM, with ticket management application being one of the most important factors. Knowledge Management. Knowledge management is one of the features of IT service management software that will have the biggest impact on your service desk. Another benefit of knowledge management is that end users can also get access to information on their own. This self-service option comes in the form of a knowledge base.

How Do You Change Company Culture – Ask #HR Bartender

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During the webinar, we asked listeners about some of the strategies they were using, such as training, succession planning, and knowledge management. How do you overcome management saying, “We’re not that kind of company.”?