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Home Health Payroll & HR Software: Taking Better Care of Caregivers

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Payroll and HR software helps you improve efficiency and streamline some of the most cumbersome HR management tasks. Current Challenges for Healthcare & Home Health Payroll & HR Turnover Since the pandemic and the “Great Resignation,” turnover has gone up and down, currently at 22.7% in healthcare.

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How Does Payroll Outsourcing Maximize the Efficiency of Your HR Team 


Payroll is a critical part of HR management and is a time-consuming activity that needs to be performed every month. The HR managers are forever shrouded with the pressures of managing compliances and following the regulations when handling payrolls. The activities of payroll management are related to business operation.

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Top 15 Tips to Track Payroll Metrics

HR Lineup

Payroll management is a critical aspect of any business, regardless of its size or industry. Accurate and efficient payroll processing ensures that employees are compensated correctly and on time, while also helping businesses comply with various regulations and tax requirements.

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Payroll & Tax Compliance: Pointers for Businesses in California


When it comes to state tax legislation, employers must be knowledgeable about payroll and tax compliance. Payroll Taxes. Payroll taxes refer to duties that federal, state, and local governments collect from companies. Failure to remit the payroll tax on time can lead to significant penalties. PAID BY EMPLOYER.

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Global Payroll Reporting: What Good Looks Like

Speaker: Amber Morris, VP Commercial Development, Immedis

With real time, up-to-date information on your organization housed within your payroll department, global payroll reporting has fast become a hot topic for multi-national companies. Global Payroll Providers – choosing the right partner. Sign up now to take the first steps towards better global payroll reporting!

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How to avoid costly payroll mistakes with accurate time tracking


Depending on what type of business you own: Home and repair Medical office Cleaning service Construction Staffing and others They require all business owners to have accurate time tracking and scheduling to keep track of employee hours for coverage and, more importantly, payroll. Now, imagine how this may affect your small business.

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Outsourced payroll FAQ


If you’re considering outsourcing your payroll, or if you’re looking for expert outsourced payroll services — these frequently asked questions can help you confidently decide how, why, and whom to outsource your payroll to. You can choose between bureau and fully managed outsourced payroll service options with Ciphr.

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HR Technology Trends and Compliance Guide

Speaker: Marcus Ambrozy, Senior Sales Consultant, Hodges-Mace

For HR professionals, technology can improve the accuracy of your payroll data, make it easier to enroll employees in benefits (and change them), and free up your time for the big-picture projects you need to focus on. best practices related to the implementation of technology - including knowing which tech you need, and why.

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Charting Your Course Through Changing Regulations

Speaker: Bonnie Treichel, Senior Consultant & CCO, Multnomah Group

At the same time, it comes with challenges, including compliance with a variety of rules and regulations across different states and municipalities – some of which may conflict with federal law – and failure to comply could be quite costly.

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Ringing in the New Year: 10 Things HR Should Do Now

Speaker: Kirsten Goulde SHRM-SCP, M.S., Principal, K. Goulde & Associates,

From #MeToo to the mid-terms, 2018 was a banner year for significant events and momentous societal movements that should make HR practitioners sit up and take notice. HR’s role in protecting organizations as well as their human assets is a complicated business, yet so necessary particularly during tumultuous times.

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Un”comp”licating Compensation - Building a Brand People Want to Work for

Speaker: Kathy Steele, CEO, Red Caffeine

Are people your greatest asset? Then fair and transparent compensation and benefits are the way to affirm your organization is dedicated to this pillar of the business. However, having a strategic comp philosophy is only one part of becoming an employer of choice.

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Timekeeping Integration - The Key to Compliance

Speaker: Cynthia Hoyt, Regional Sales Director, Southland Data Processing

As an HR Professional, how can you know it all, and how can you help ensure that your company is in compliance? In addition, the ever increasing stream of regulations and labor laws create tremendous compliance challenges. Today, more than ever, accurate timekeeping is the key to compliance. You hear about them almost every day.

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Payroll Integration: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Your File

Speaker: Bonnie Treichel, JD, Senior Consultant, Multnomah Group

By embracing ideas like fully-integrated payroll, your organization will be able to save time and resources by eliminating what was once a very manual part of your workflow. In addition, you may be able to mitigate substantial compliance risk by eliminating the potential for human error. Action items to get started today! PM PST, 3.30

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7 Compliance Challenges Companies Face When Growing Globally

Companies that grow internationally without prioritizing compliance are sure to run into problems. From entity setup, to hiring, financial reporting, and staying on top of changing regulations, compliance plays a key role every step of the way. Why employment contracts, payroll, and benefits are not one-size-fits-all.

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eBook: Global Workforce Management: Unpacking the Risks and Challenges

This eBook examines the complexities of global workforce management, including country specific labor and payroll regulations, and the risks and consequences of non-compliance. Plus, the top considerations when selecting a global HR and payroll solutions