5 HR Metrics All Staffing Firms Should Be Tracking

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So, tracking certain metrics is key. Here are five human resources metrics every staffing agency needs to be tracking. Is Your Staffing Firm Tracking These Metrics? Cost per hire is an extremely important metric for staffing firms to keep track of. Turnover.

Employee Turnover: It’s Time to Focus on Retention


Employee turnover is one of the most difficult challenges businesses face when running a people services operation. Imagine having to turn new clients away due to employee turnover and staffing shortages. Retention, what’s the big deal?


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10 Employee Retention Metrics You Need to Know


Implementing a solid employee retention strategy is critical for any company. Let’s have a look at employee retention metrics that help improve employee retention at your organization. Contents What is employee retention? What is employee retention?

Retention Is One of HR’s Dumbest Metrics

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Retention & Engagement Talent Management Turnover attrition Featured Great ResignationThe Great Resignation. Are you tired of hearing that phrase yet?

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Speaker: Rodney B. Bolton SPHR, CEO, HR BIZZ

Join us to learn how to empower your organization to align metrics with strategic business goals, using HR analytics. Better understand attrition and identify high-value employees, reducing turnover.

Tired of Employee Turnover? Increase Retention with this Easy to Implement Cost-Free Solution


Turnover is costing you exorbitant amounts of money every year and HR departments have been fighting it for decades. When high turnover occurs, it can become a virus and lead to other employees to depart. Earned Wage Access Confirmed to Increase Employee Retention Impact Report” .

5 Exit Interview Metrics Your Business Should Be Tracking

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The negative impact of employee turnover on your business can manifest itself in several important ways. To mitigate turnover costs, businesses need to implement proactive strategies designed to reduce attrition. Quantifying Employee Turnover.

How to Measure HR Effectiveness: 12 Useful Metrics


We discuss HR effectiveness metrics in more detail below. Workforce and budget planning To understand how effective HR is in your organization, you’ll have to track and analyze various metrics. The metrics you choose will depend on what exactly you want to find out.

Measuring Employee Satisfaction Through Voluntary Turnover

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Although there’s no such thing as the “perfect job” (or the perfect employer, for that matter), odds are that high turnover means there’s an issue in one or more of these areas. As managers, it’s our responsibility to keep on top of these trends to ensure maximum satisfaction and, consequently, high retention as well. Based on trends measured by CompData surveys, the gap in voluntary turnover from one area to the next can be quite significant.

10 DEI Metrics Your Organization Should Track

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Using DEI metrics to assess your organization’s efforts and then acting on the resulting data is key to ensuring furthering the DEI mission. What are the key DEI metrics to track? Tracking your DEI metrics is thus a matter of priority. Contents What are DEI metrics?

The Secret To Selecting and Measuring Key Employee Performance Metrics


Measuring critical employee performance metrics offers organisations key benefits for attracting and retaining top talent while meeting operational imperatives. The primary benefits of employee performance metrics are tied to fostering better employee engagement, which enhances productivity, innovation, creativity, employee loyalty and longevity. In the past, companies usually measured employee engagement by analysing turnover rates. How Do You Measure Performance Metrics?

HR How-To: Fight Employee Turnover

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If you’ve been around for a while, you know that one of our favorite topics is the concept of employee retention. With these high stakes in mind, we’ve identified six innovative strategies just about any business can employ to improve retention among its ranks.

6 Workforce Metrics with Significant Financial Impact


Knowing which metrics and measurements to focus on is a perennial challenge for CFOs and finance departments, and the current state of workforce management makes it that much trickier. That has also changed the way we will consider which metrics matter most in the near future.

Which Communication Metrics Matter Most to Leadership?


Beyond output quantity and the quality of the design, you need to collect, analyze, and present valuable metrics to illustrate the ROI of your team’s internal communications efforts (and educate those who otherwise discount it). . Which metrics matter?

How to Boost Engagement and Retention Rates with Employee Journey Mapping

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” How Can Your Business Increase Retention With Employee Journey Mapping? Using quantitative data—like the data you cull from employee exit, new hire and stay interviews—will help you uncover key reasons employees leave, as well as high turnover moments and events.

20 HR Metrics To Consider Adding to Your Company’s KPIs


In this post, we’ll go over 20 HR metrics — qualitative and quantitative — that will deliver the clearest insights for your organization. . What Are HR Metrics? . As you’ll see, HR metrics include a wide range of core and non-core areas like: . Retention .

4 Ways to Reduce Turnover in Manufacturing

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High industry turnover rates have made it difficult for leaders to leverage their talent for business success. Disruptions have made it difficult to close skills gaps, maximize productivity, and drive key metrics like quality and safety.

What is Voluntary Turnover? Definition, Causes, and Calculation

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Voluntary turnover is a normal occurrence, as employees seek new opportunities or leave because they are unsatisfied with the current role for a multitude of reasons. Employees leave organizations for different reasons, which creates different types of employee turnover.

Top Five Turnover Causes in Healthcare

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Creation Date: 12/10/2019 --> Human resources professionals and their senior teams are keenly aware that turnover comes at a high cost. Employee turnover also has a rolling effect throughout any company. HR departments are left with the task of managing and improving turnover.

Employee Turnover Rate: How to Calculate it (& Tips for Improvement)

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Employee Turnover Rate: How to Calculate it (& Tips for Improvement) . Employee turnover is costing companies money and resources. Find out why your employees quit and how to reduce your turnover rate. Many organizations today struggle with high employee turnover rates.

24 HR Metrics to Track and Measure


By tracking key HR metrics, you can see where your organization is strong and what needs improvement. Here are 24 valuable metrics that you should be measuring and analyzing. These metrics are great indicators of the strength of your hiring process. Employee turnover.

How to Calculate Your Employee Retention Rate

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Your employee retention rate is a critical business metric. It also gives valuable insight into whether your engagement and retention initiatives are working or not. If you don’t have a pulse on employee retention, you risk losing your top performers.

Employee Retention Strategy Guide for 2022

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Employee retention is top of mind for many organizations as high turnover, across all industries, continues to disrupt the workplace. Unwanted turnover can be a costly problem, having negative effects on a wide range of people and business metrics.

How To Link Recruiting Metrics To Business Outcomes

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According to LinkedIn's 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report , "quality of hire" is the top recruiting metric that hiring managers care about—and for good reason. Quality of hire is also arguably the best metric to demonstrate the effectiveness of the recruiting department and its value as a strategic business function. The importance of demonstrating quality of hire is nothing new, but how do you actually measure this metric? a 40 percent retention rate).

Managing Conflict In The Workplace

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A great way to receive honest feedback from your employees is by utilizing stay interviews, such as HSD Metric’s StayRight program, which provides you with comprehensive information and data insights that help you drive change when and where you need it most.

How your employee turnover rate impacts your business


Leaders are increasingly taking note of their organization’s employee turnover rate as a metric of employee retention. It’s of no surprise, given that retaining employees is top of mind due to The Great Resignation

Top 10 Recruitment Metrics Every Recruiter Should Know in 2022

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In this regard, they need to integrate recruitment metrics to get the complete picture of their teams’ performance. So, what recruiting metrics do you need to track? What are Recruiting Metrics? Top Ten Recruitment Metrics. Early Turnover.

Actionable Tips for Improving the Employee Experience, Turnover & Patient Satisfaction


We recently conducted a study that focused on uncovering the key factors that impact two healthcare metrics – employee turnover and patient satisfaction (HCAHPS). In one instance, the client reduced their Registered Nurse (RN) turnover from 19.8% In another example, the client reduced their turnover rate from 28% to 24% across the organization, resulting in a savings of more than $8 million. 2014 National Healthcare and RN Retention Report.

Turnover Metrics and Beyond


We have seen a ton of interest in our approach to turnover and retention driver analysis. Our customers are realizing all the value and insight that turnover metrics provide but they are also able to move beyond metrics to driver analysis that is truly actionable. Turnover driver analysis of high performers and employees who have critical job skills is just one area where companies are finding a clear advantage.

10 Tips To Reduce Employee Turnover & Retain Top Performers

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What is one tip you have to help reduce employee turnover? To help business leaders reduce employee turnover and, in turn, increase the employee retention rate , we asked HR professionals and business leaders this question for their best tips. And you’ll have less turnover.

Keeping Work Travel Balanced for Employees to Prevent Turnover

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Attempting to work through that can easily cause burnout, driving good employees away, and if the practice does not change, high turnover could become common within the role. If you are concerned that your company is not getting the honest feedback it needs from employees, utilize a comprehensive third-party survey, such as HSD Metrics’ StayRight stay interview. The post Keeping Work Travel Balanced for Employees to Prevent Turnover appeared first on HSD Metrics.

Measuring Employee Satisfaction Through Voluntary Turnover

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Although there’s no such thing as the “perfect job” (or the perfect employer, for that matter), odds are that high turnover means there’s an issue in one or more of these areas. As managers, it’s our responsibility to keep on top of these trends to ensure maximum satisfaction and, consequently, high retention as well. Based on trends measured by CompData surveys, the gap in voluntary turnover from one area to the next can be quite significant.

To Be or Not to Be: Is Retention Becoming Obsolete?

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Employee retention is one of the most important factors contributing to the growth and success of a company. For decades retention has been viewed by HR professionals as one of, if not the leading health-indicator of an organization. As corporate dynamics are shifting in today’s rapidly evolving talent landscape, does retention still measure up? In this new HR calculus, is retention becoming obsolete? What’s Behind the Change in Attitude Around Retention?

The High Cost of Employee Turnover

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Employee turnover is something that many businesses wish to minimize as it helps to keep a cohesive, experienced team with the company. What many do not seem to realize, however, is how much money employee turnover is actually costing the company. Various studies and observations have attempted to quantify the true cost of employee turnover. As you prepare your 2019 budget, be sure to account for potential employee turnover. Annual Cost of Turnover.

5 strategies to prevent employee turnover

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The fact is, employee turnover isn’t completely under your control. Other times, turnover is high because of a competitive market or other outside factors. In this article, we’ll show you powerful strategies to keep retention high. What causes employee turnover?

Applying Employee Performance Metrics towards Retention of Key Employees

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“The key to a company’s success begins and ends with retention of key employees,” Anonymous. There is a lot to lose when a business experiences high turnover rate. One such measure is the employee performance metrics, which gives constructive feedback on whether an employee is performing below, averagely, or beyond the goals of their defined tasks. Employee performance metrics is the best way to track the performance of key employees in a company.

How to Calculate and Reduce New Hire Turnover at Your Company

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So, how can you reduce new hire turnover in your business today? Contents What is new hire turnover? How do you calculate new hire turnover? How to reduce new hire turnover. What is new hire turnover? What does a high new hire turnover metric indicate?

Attrition versus turnover: What’s the difference and why does it matter?


What do you think of when you see the terms “employee turnover” and “employee attrition?” For many of us, these phrases call to mind workplace dysfunction, job losses or even confusion, because turnover and attrition are closely related ideas. What is employee turnover?

Excessive Overtime and Lack of Appreciation Increases Turnover

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Using our ExitRight ® employee exit interviews, we were able to discover the top 13 causes of controllable turnover; taking the 8 th spot was “an unreasonable workload.” According to over one million completed ExitRight ® interviews, supervision is the number one cause of turnover across all industries. Contact us today for more information and help lower your employee turnover rate. *We “500 to 700 hours of expected OT a year is unreasonable. I spent 2/3 of my life at work.

How To Reduce Employee Turnover with Workforce Analytics


With voluntary resignations at an all-time high and unemployment rates historically low, employee retention is a key objective for most HR organizations, and employee turnover is the single most prevalent HR metric. However, knowing your turnover rate does little to support strategic business plans. To achieve true insight, a more in-depth analysis of what’s causing turnover in different parts of the organization is required. Impact on Business Metrics.