The problem with the traditional resume is it doesn't allow you to measure skill. People aren't always honest, and will list things they have small amounts of knowledge around, when you're looking for someone who's really an expert. And just because someone has high-profile names on their resume (Google, or IBM) - that doesn't guarantee that they're better at any given skill-set than a person who has worked for smaller companies.

On top of that, the traditional hiring process is fraught with unconscious bias, questions about "fit," and other things that ultimately don't answer the question of whether or not a person can do a job.

In technical recruiting however, engineering skill can be measured - and it should be. And once skills have been quantified, they can be compared side-by-side. Technical recruiters can then hire in confidence, knowing that they really are bringing in the best people for the job.

Join us for a session with Derek Zeller as he discusses:

  • Why skill is more important than experience
  • How to measure and compare a skills-based resume
  • Key steps you can implement today, to start hiring with more confidence

June 14th 2018, 11 AM PDT, 2 PM ET, 7 PM GMT

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