Applied AI in Talent

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution unites the digital and physical worlds to offer entirely new ways to gather and use information, it will require a new approach from leadership to build the workforce for the digital age. AI is both disrupting and transforming everything about workforce management.

For HR leaders, that means changing the types of skills and competencies companies need, changing the way existing employees do their jobs, and altering the recruiting landscape. It also means developing diverse rewards philosophies to strategically compensate the talent needed to adapt to and thrive amid all this change.

This handbook looks at how AI is shaping the way we think about workforce planning and development at the highest levels, including:

  • Rethinking the architecture of jobs to ignite innovation and meet your customers’ evolving expectations.
  • Attracting and retaining the right people to fill those jobs.
  • Implementing a rewards and recognition program that strategically compensates the key tech talent you need.

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