According to ACAS research, one out of every seven people is neurodivergent (meaning that the brain functions, learns and processes information differently). Neurodivergent individuals are some of the most invisible participants in today’s workforce. As we continue to traverse the discussion of fostering a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce it is equally important to improve how we support the broad spectrum of disabled candidates.

The important aspect to remember is that you are not redesigning your workplace to accommodate specific groups; rather, you are redesigning the system to work better for both current and new employees. In this webinar Janine will discuss:

  • The correct verbiage to use to navigate conversations
  • Resources to assist you in developing a more inclusive/welcoming workplace culture
  • Challenges neurodiverse talent face in becoming employed
  • How to best accommodate jobseekers and candidates in need of reasonable accommodations during the hiring and selection phase
  • How to create strategy for including neurodiverse persons in the workforce

June 23rd, 2022 at 12:30 pm PDT, 3:30 pm EDT, 8:30 pm BST

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