Get on Board with Onboarding

Businesses that do a good job of onboarding have higher engagement and retention rates than those that don't, and it doesn't take long for new hires to decide whether or not they're going to stick around.

Evaluating Human Resources Programs, eBook ($36.99 value) free for a limited time!

Learn a 6 phase approach for optimizing performance.

10 Questions to Ask About Human Capital Management in the Cloud

This paper will introduce several important questions HR and payroll professionals should ask when researching potential cloud providers for their organization's people management needs.

Why HR Technology Design Matters: 5 Things to Look for in a Solution Your Employees Will Love to Use

Move beyond the user interface. User Experience (UX) design is equal parts art and science, and more important to your people management solution than ever before. An outstanding UX is the difference between an employee getting the right information they need on the first try and a frustrated call to support.

What's Behind a Smarter Workforce - The Inside Story

The way we worked has changed more in the past few years than ever before--social, mobile, the rise of the independent worker--it's the dawn of a new era.

Background Checks Primer

A Guide for Businesses to Comply with a Myriad of Federal and State Laws

12 Ways to Optimize Your Employee Benefits Program: Low-Cost Employee Incentives, Recognition Programs and Rewards

Keep your employees happy and motivated through employee recognition.

Identifying Your Job!

A simple guide to help you make the right choice.

Take HR to the Next Level: Engage Your Employees to Drive Better Business Value

In the age of the empowered individual, organizations must rethink the workplace, with the employee at the center of the business. This means focusing on three employee centric dimensions: Talent, Culture and Work. By using workforce science, analytics, collaboration tools and technologies with flexible deployment models, you can develop a more engaged and innovative workforce.

Avoid Costly Fines: Ten Compliance Mandates You Can't Afford to Ignore

Managing employer compliance can be a tedious task, but it's a highly visible, important way that the human resources department minimizes risk for the business and keeps the workforce running smoothly.

Interview Errors

Don’t make these costly mistakes during the interview process.

Five Ways to Onboard More Effectively

Join us for a free webinar on 12/11 at 1EST that will show you how to use HR technology to onboard your employees more effectively and make them productive faster.

Improving employee performance with OKRS

Since the 1950s, business leaders have embraced a variety of management techniques designed to improve employee performance. In 1999, John Doerr introduced Objectives – Key Results (OKRs) to Google, a model he first learned about at Intel, and revolutionized goal setting. Today, OKRs are a de facto standard for aligning company and individual goals.

2016 State of Employee Engagement Report

Employee engagement continues to be a top concern for executives around the world. We conducted this study to understand why engagement is important to companies and what they are doing to improve the level of engagement of their workforce.

The Executive’s Guide to Goal Setting

Once you’ve outlined your vision and strategic priorities for the year, how do you align your employees towards achieving them? The traditional approach of cascading objectives hierarchically has been disappointing for most organizations.

PayScale’s 2016 Compensation Best Practices Guide

Pay transparency, variable pay, and retention are some of the key priorities for companies in 2016. We know, because we asked nearly 7,600 business leaders in the U.S., Canada, and beyond to tell us their plans and top concerns for the coming year.

Your Best Workers May Not Be Your Employees - A Global Study of Independent Workers

Independent workers are on the rise. What does this mean for HR professionals? The IBM Smarter Workforce Institute study of over 30,000 workers globally reveals independent workers are more engaged and more innovative than other employees. In fact they are much more like high potential employees than anyone else.

Engaging Employees to Drive the Business

As HR professionals, you all know how critical people are to business success. What is much more illusive for many of us is how to unlock the true potential of our people. Learn how IBM is cultivating an engaging culture that is aligned with business strategy, enabling their employees to increase their efficiency, productivity and agility - to do their best work.