Authentic employer branding is reflected in recruitment and retention efforts. Failing to modernize an organization’s approach to attracting and retaining talent by focusing on candidate and employee experiences could result in quiet quitting, turnover, vacancies, and lost opportunities that have the potential to impact overall profitability. That makes talent acquisition and talent management strategies aligned with the current context of the labor market critical to every organization's success.

Drawing on her experience and industry expertise, Caitlin MacGregor will demonstrate how the predictive science of I/O psychology and scalable technology can inform enhanced talent decisions. Caitlin will explore how predictive science helps organizations engage, attract, and retain high-performing talent. Attendees will gain insight into candidates’ human potential to unlock opportunities for their organizations to add value to their talent strategies.

Attendees of this exclusive webinar session will also learn:

  • How objectively surfacing employees with leadership potential – regardless of race, gender, and background – allows organizations to engage, develop, and retain future leaders who will be critical to future success
  • How the predictive science of I/O psychology combined with scalable technology helps inform talent decisions and optimize ROI over time
  • Insights into transformative talent strategies, like going "resume-less" to match the right people to the right roles can add significant value to your talent strategies

March 21st, 2023 at 9:30am PDT, 12:30pm EDT, 4:30pm BST

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