Across the nonprofit sector, organizations invest heavily in donor retention efforts, yet the struggle of cultivating lasting relationships remains. While attracting new donors is crucial, the lack of repeat donors poses significant financial risks.

Through a comprehensive analysis of industry data, experts argue that there is a direct correlation between donor burnout, donor retention, and the talent retention crisis. By unpacking this relationship, we emphasize the importance of cultivating a dedicated workforce to enhance donor retention and drive sustainable growth. 📈

Industry experts Andrew Olsen and Kat Landa will explore:

  • A data-driven analysis of the current retention crisis in the nonprofit sector 📊
  • How talent retention and donor retention challenges faced by nonprofit organizations go hand in hand 🤝
  • The key role of organizational leaders in addressing the retention crisis head on 🔑
  • Actionable strategies to combat the retention crisis and foster long-term donor relationships 💡

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📅 March 28, 2024 at 9:30am PT, 12:30pm ET, 5:30pm GT

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