Actionable Tips for Improving the Employee Experience, Turnover & Patient Satisfaction


We recently conducted a study that focused on uncovering the key factors that impact two healthcare metrics – employee turnover and patient satisfaction (HCAHPS). In one instance, the client reduced their Registered Nurse (RN) turnover from 19.8% In another example, the client reduced their turnover rate from 28% to 24% across the organization, resulting in a savings of more than $8 million. Specifically, it has been found that RNs have an average turnover rate of 14.2%.

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This was increased to two months in 2002.) Similarly, a study of family leave policies and women’s retention after childbirth (in the US, Britain, and Japan), found that “women who had family leave coverage were much more likely to return to work for their pre-birth employer.”

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Perhaps most notably, an analysis from Quantopian, a Boston-based trading firm, found that between 2002 and 2014, companies with women in control saw returns that were 226% higher. Employee turnover is much lower. However, we feel that turnover is a definitive marker of success.