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5 Must-Have Metrics for Recruitment Success


These metrics just won’t cut it in a place like Silicon Valley, where skills and expertise (quality) trumps fast and cheap. Remember: For all these metrics there is a spectrum in terms of success. Must-have recruitment metric #2: Offer acceptance rate.

HR Tech Trends to Watch in 2016


Below are two trends I’ve excerpted from a new White Paper I co-authored entitled “ HR Technology Trends to Watch in 2016.” The paper contains nine such trends that are poised to pick up considerable steam.

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Leadership 2025 And The Complexity Conundrum: How Business Leaders Can Prepare The Workforce For A Culture Of Simplification

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In the Knowledge@Wharton/SAP white paper Business Simplification 2015: The Unmet Strategic Imperative , Daniel A. If there’s too much focus on a particular set of metrics, they’re going to get some dysfunctional byproducts of that.”.

HR Analytics – The “GPS” of True HR Transformation


Demonstrating the business value that HR provides by putting metrics in place. Redefining the metrics of success, with metrics focused on business challenges rather than favored, traditional (read “non-business relevant”) HR metrics.

How Companies Are Taming Complexity – And Why It’s Not Enough

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However, for 40% of those surveyed, complexity’s impact goes much further – declining employee morale, inability to collaborate across the organizations, and difficulty training talent. White Paper: Taming Organisational Complexity – Start At The Top.