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Forget the Cash: 5 Thoughtful Ways to Reward Employees

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But as the season of giving approaches, smart HR pros realize the traditional end-of-year cash bonus — while of course accepted and much appreciated — also needs a reboot. One effective incentive could be something everyone wants: The gift of time.

One Way to Revive Tired Old Compensation

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She has managed both local/ in-country national and expatriate programs and has been an expat twice during her career. Jacque has the following certifications: CCP, GPHR, HCS and SWP as well as a B.S. Asia and Europe, and is a regular contributor to various HR and talent management publications. . Base Salaries Benefits & Perquisites Compensation Communication Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses Total Rewards

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Hold compensation training sessions for all management at the new company to enable them to answer employee questions. Communicate individual pay packages in one-on-ones with the manager. For instance at Cisco, a high tech company in Silicon Valley, Compensation has a job title, salary, bonus/commission/stock (if applicable), benefits and intranet access ready for every employee in the acquired company on Day 1. You don’t want managers giving conflicting information.