Sun.Apr 21, 2024

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Embracing a culture built on trust and transparency 


For HR leaders building a company culture, the currency of trust and transparency has never been more valuable. We hosted a webinar in partnership with UNLEASH about how bringing transparency and trust into your practices and making positive cultural shifts can help to improve your organization and enhance your employee experience. We heard from the following panel of HR leaders who shared their thoughts: Toby Hough , Senior Director of People and Culture for EMEA, HiBob Lotta Patrickson, Vice P

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Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: A Comprehensive Guide

HR Digest

Fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace is crucial for organizations that want to stay competitive and successful. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) policies promote an environment where people from different backgrounds are culturally and socially accepted, valued, and integrated. The benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace range from accessing a broader talent pool and increased employee engagement to stronger business results and higher profits.


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Which HR Certification Is Best? Your Guide to Choosing the Right HR Certification

Heyyy HR!

Are you trying to figure out which HR Certification is the best or which HR certification best fits your current situation? Though there are tons of HR Certifications out there, keep in mind that all certifications offered and tested by HRCI and SHRM are the most recognizable in any industry and throughout your entire HR career field. Selecting the right HR certification can be a pivotal move in a human resources professional’s career.

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Guide to Choosing an Applicant Tracking System in 2024

Gem Blog

An ATS is an invaluable tool for modern recruiters. This guide will help you discover the perfect ATS platform for your hiring needs in 2024.

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Creating a Company Culture of Care: Integrating Mental Health, Wellbeing, and DEI in Benefits

Speaker: Sean Raible

Picture a workplace where physiological safety is not just an aim but a reality, driven by thoughtful employee benefits that prioritize mental health, wellbeing, and DEI. 🤔 ✨ Achieving this vision requires more than just occasional training sessions and employee assistance programs. Moving beyond the basics, this vision calls for a holistic approach that integrates these elements into your company culture as well as your HR and benefits strategy.

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Lessons from a scandal: Should bonuses be paid for ‘just doing the right thing’?

Disruptive HR

If you live in the UK then, like me, you have probably been engrossed in the scandal at the Post Office that has dominated headlines for some time. If you’re not in the UK, then a quick recap. The Post Office was a beloved institution in the UK, but faulty software led to over 900 people, who ran individual post offices across the country being wrongly convicted of theft – many serving prison sentences and some taking their own life.

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Why Layoffs Fall Short: Embracing a Holistic Approach to Cost Savings

HR C-Suite

Explore why a holistic approach to cost savings, beyond layoffs, is essential for organizational resilience and long-term success in today's challenging business environment.

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Winning big as an Independent Recruiter

Hiring Plug

Being an Independent recruiter requires a new set of charactertics to thrive in today's dynamic landscape.

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Here Are the Best Companies for Professional Growth

Linkedin Talent Blog

If anything has defined 2024 so far, it’s the Big Stay. After the topsy-turvy labor market of the past few years, employees have hunkered down for a bit and seemingly settled in. But there are signs that that trend may be about to change course. The labor world is rarely static. Hiring around the globe has remained strong , and workers are as eager as ever to learn and grow, especially now that the workforce is being transformed by generative AI.

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