Why employee engagement matters – and 4 ways to build it up

HR Morning

Improved retention and recruitment rates: “Replacing employees who leave can cost up to 150% of the departing employee’s salary. Provide opportunities for growth: Career development is key for employee engagement. It’ll also boost retention and help recruitment efforts.

4 Awesome Benefits for Prioritizing Work-Life Blending


Leaders have an overwhelming amount of responsibilities and accountabilities to focus on at any given time – with many of the biggest concerns centering on employee retention and engagement. In addition to production delays and drops in morale, high turnover rates can lead to unnecessary costs. All of this amounts to lower turnover and better profitability for the company. By Lisa Sterling, Chief People Officer, Ceridian.

Transboarding: The new solution for retaining top talent


However, failing to go about it correctly can quickly lead to disengaged employees and increased turnover. In this regard, HCM technology can be key for establishing your performance development program. By Lisa Sterling, Chief People Officer, Ceridian.