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Fond of Work: Darleen Souza, Senior Vice President & CHRO at Albany Medical Center


This time for Fond of Work , we interviewed Darleen Souza, Vice President & CHRO at Albany Medical Center. My husband had a customer that worked in healthcare and told me about an opportunity within the healthcare system she was employed. I then worked my way up from generalist to CHRO. I have worked in five healthcare systems over three states. People with solid systems and leadership is where the magic happens. People + systems + leadership = magic.


The Recognition Science Denier


Six months ago I sat in a conference room in Dublin, Ireland with the CHRO of a successful Fortune 500 company. She started our meeting by saying, “Of course, I know what recognition is. It’s a soft, feel-good program that employees seem to like and a necessary expense today. She was a “Recognition Science Denier.” Do you work with a Recognition Science Denier? There is plenty of historical evidence that recognition drives results.