from aon hewitt: the secret to sustaining your recognition program

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Tanner and Aon Hewitt undertook a study with over 450 organizations identifying what makes recognition programs sustainable and successful. Insights Webinars aon hewitt employee recognition employee recognition program HRCI certified webinar O.C. Thank You.

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Solving Global Business Challenges with Workday: Q&A with Aon’s VP of Finance Solutions


In Gaelic, the word Aon means “Oneness,” a fitting name for a company that has grown through more than 500 acquisitions to become one of the leading professional services firms in the world. Increasing challenges led Aon to a big decision: It was time to make a global technology change.

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Aon Hewitt Think Tank: Let’s Talk Leadership


Panelists discuss leadership trends at Aon Hewitt’s Top Companies for Leaders Think Tank event. 2 spots on Aon’s latest Top Companies for Leaders list, respectively.). Photo courtesy of Frank Mari.

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Title: 72% of Organizations Do Not Pay Workers above Minimum Wage, Says Aon

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Aon Hewitt’s survey examined responses from 135 major U.S. FLSA/Wages Uncategorized Aon Hewitt business Minimum Wage

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Compensation 101: A Beginner's Guide to Compensation Management

Keep the above questions in mind as you explore: Traditional (Standard) Surveys and Industry Surveys This category includes some names you’re probably already familiar with: Mercer, Radford, Aon-Hewitt. 1 A beginner’s guide to.

The Human Element to Drive Organic Revenue Growth, Aon Finds


Aon suggests organic revenue growth be a primary focus, as outlined in their recent research paper, Driving Organic Revenue Growth: What Role Should the CHRO Play

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Q&A with Aon and WeWork: How an Agile Financial Management System Impacts Their Businesses


While there, we had the opportunity to talk to Christopher Klimek, vice president of global finance and HR technology at Aon plc, and Mike Hite, director or finance technology at WeWork, about the business impact of their Workday Financial Management deployments, and why you shouldn’t replicate your current business model in a new financial management system. Aon is a leading insurance and professional services firm with 70,000-plus colleagues in 120 countries.

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Want to Increase Employee Engagement? Communicate Meaning & Value of Work


Today, I’m following up with how to increase employee engagement based on the latest from Aon Hewitt. Last week Aon Hewitt released its 16 th Annual Best Employers in Canada list. What mechanism does Aon Hewitt use to determine employee engagement? by Derek Irvine.

[slideshare] a call to greatness: why chasing employee engagement is thinking too small

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We recently studied attraction and engagement insights and models from industry leaders including: Aon Hewitt, Deloitte, Gallup, and Towers Watson, to discover the six attributes of a culture that inspires engagement.

orange paper: maintaining a motivated workforce by doing recognition right

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Aon and O.C. Appreciation Insights Aon employee appreciation employee motivation employee recognition insights orange paper recognition programs

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the journey to cultural greatness [slideshare]

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Tanner has partnered with Aon Hewitt to bring you the latest insights into building a strong culture of employee recognition. Culture Slideshares aon hewitt building a better corporate culture corporate culture effective employee recognition programs employee recognition slideshare

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People Are Fuel

China Gorman

Aon Hewitt did as well. Aon Hewitt business strategy China Gorman Corporate Valuation Data Point Tuesday Business Strategy

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3 In 5 U.S. Workers May Need To Work Past Age 65

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A new analysis from Aon Hewitt, the global talent, retirement, and health solutions business of Aon plc, reveals that most workers will likely be working longer to save enough to maintain their standard of living in retirement. Aon Hewitt’s analysis of 77 large U.S.

Are Your Employees’ Student Loans Hurting Their Ability to Save for Retirement?

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While student loans can be a drain on short-term finances, a new survey from Aon Hewitt , the global talent, retirement, and health solutions business of Aon plc, reveals that workers with student loans can also potentially feel the strain into their retirement years.

Turning the tables: Better-managing disengaged employees


A study by Aon Hewitt recently found that one disengaged employee is damaging alone, but can also lead to significant losses in morale and engagement among the rest of the team with which they work. By Kelly Allder, VP of HR Programs, Ceridian.

2016 Global Medical Cost Increases Expected to Be 2.5X Higher than General Inflation

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A new report from Aon Hewitt estimates that the average cost increases for employer-sponsored medical plans globally will be 9.1% According to Aon, projected trend rates are expected to vary significantly by region. Benefits 2016 Aon Hewitt Middle East North America

4 tips for successfully ushering in new HCM technology at your office


Uncategorized #HRTechConf Aon Hewitt change management HCM HR HR technology human capital management Human resources SHRMIs your HCM in need of a makeover? Visit Ceridian at Booth 1923 at the #HRTechConf for a demo of our single solution for human capital management, Dayforce. When it comes to human capital management, the best and brightest organizations out there are regularly introducing new technologies that make HCM tasks smoother and more efficient. […].

Employee Engagement: How to Measure What Matters


Aon Hewitt, in their 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Study , found that engagement levels have dropped for the first time in five years and Gallup recently reported in its State of the American Workplace report that a full 70% of U.S.

Understanding Change and Its Impact on Engagement


According to an Aon Hewitt research study , the number one driver of employee engagement during times of change is the ability to be involved in decision making. By: Leigh Burger. Senior Implementation Manager, Achievers. Change is a funny thing, isn’t it?

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Is 2017 the Year for Financial Wellness Among Your Employees?

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According to a report from Aon Hewitt , more than half (55%) of employers are now offering some form of financial wellness program to their employees. Employers’ reasons for offering financial wellness programs (according to the Aon Hewitt report): It’s the right thing to do (85%).

How to Empower Leaders to Become Engagement Champions


By: Mike Vickers. Customer Training Manager, Achievers. Creating an engaged workforce is critical to business success. Engaged employees positively impact retention, absenteeism, productivity, customer ratings, profitability, and many other business outcomes – as outlined by Gallup.

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Are You Planning on Giving Minimum Wage Workers a Pay Raise?

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Aon Hewitt’s survey examined responses from 135 major U.S. Compensation Aon Hewitt FLSA HR Pay Raise

is recognition the duct tape in your talent management toolkit?

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Tanner and Aon Hewitt found that increasing engagement, improving retention, and driving employee performance are all common outcomes of recognition programs. What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘Talent Management’? Engagement? Retention? Employee performance?

sustaining your recognition program for continued success: webinar recap

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Neil Shastri, head of the Global Insights & Innovations team at Aon Hewitt, and Gary Beckstrand, the Vice President of the O.C.

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How Analytics Can Help You Decide Pay Increases

TLNT: The Business of HR

According to Aon’s 2017 U.S. salary increase survey , more than two-thirds of employers were taking some kind of action to increase merit pay differentiation, with 40% reducing or eliminating increases for lesser performers. This suggests that spreading pay raises across the board , like peanut butter on toast, has become an outdated practice. Merit Increase Retention & Engagement Strategic HR Wages, Pay, & Salary Featured

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Finance in the Cloud: Why the Conversation Has Changed


The cloud has become the preferred choice for HR and CRM applications, and we’re now seeing large, global enterprises select the cloud for finance including Aon and Cushman & Wakefield. Finance Allied Global Aon business growth cloud Cushman & Wakefield customers finance Workday Financial ManagementIn my role, I spend a lot of time discussing how finance in the cloud has evolved. As I look ahead at this year, I realize those conversations have fundamentally changed.

Three common mistakes in building a Rewards & Recognition program


This aligns with research by Aon Hewitt which found that “career opportunities, recognition, and organization reputation are consistently top engagement drivers

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Are Annual Raises Dead? Only If You Don’t Want to Gain a Competitive Advantage

TLNT: The Business of HR

An article last week from CNBC , with data from Towers Watson and Aon Hewitt, showed that the annual pay raise is essentially dead (and in Towers Watson’s case, bonus pools will also be underfunded).

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HR Expert: Shanyn Payne, Online Education Services


Today, she’s Executive Director, Human Resources at Online Education Services , an Australian business that has been recognized as an Aon Hewitt Best Employer for the last three years running. Shanyn Payne’s HR career started at the cash register of her local supermarket. Diversity and Inclusion Thought Leadership HR Expert Profile

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DisruptHR Chicago: Sponsor Spotlight with Hanold Associates

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Before Nielsen, Neela had a progressive career within Aon Corporation. Upon joining in 2006, she served as the Vice President of Executive Talent Acquisition and Development where she focused on strategic senior level hires across Aon Consulting Worldwide and Aon Risk Services.

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5 Characteristics of Companies with Top Leaders

Data Solutions International

HR consulting company Aon Hewitt recently released its list of the top 25 companies for leaders.

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Tomorrow’s CHROs Will Be Career HR Professionals

TLNT: The Business of HR

A recent study by Aon , which captured insights from 45 CHROs at leading global organizations, revealed that more than half are not career HR professionals. Many current chief human resource officers (CHROs) have professional backgrounds outside of HR.

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Are Employees More Engaged?

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The report, from global professional services firm Aon, is based on analysis of more than five million employees at more than 1,000 organizations around the world. According to Aon, improving engagement can pay dividends.

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Survey: Over 50% of Workers Open to Leaving Their Current Employers

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A recent survey from Aon Hewitt, the global talent, retirement and health solutions business of Aon plc, finds 52% of employees are open to leaving their current employers for new opportunities. ” Aon Hewitt’s Workforce Mindset study, which surveyed more than 2,000 U.S.

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5 Characteristics of Companies with Top Leaders

Data Solutions International

HR consulting company Aon Hewitt recently released its list of the top 25 companies for leaders.

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What Drives Employees to Say, Stay, and Strive


Recently, Aon released its 2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement. So per Aon, two out of three employees are engaged. In Aon’s research, each of these areas improved. You read one report about employee engagement, and it says it’s never been lower.

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Retirement Planning: The Gender Gap Persists


As I sat this morning reading a press release summarizing new Aon Hewitt research, it felt like Prost’s story could have just as easily been written in 2016. Aon Hewitt projects that women will need 11.5