5 Tips to Help Develop Great Leaders

HR Daily Advisor

by Anita Bowness, global practice leader, Business Consulting, Halogen Software. According to Gallup research , great leaders have a rare combination of five competencies: They motivate others, assert themselves to overcome obstacles, build strong, trusting relationships, hold themselves and others accountable for high performance, and make informed, unbiased decisions for the benefit of their team and their organization. Provide Early Manager Development.

Lessons Learned in Transforming Talent Management in Healthcare


We owed it to them and to their leaders to give them a tool and the resources to manage performance and career development conversations on an ongoing basis. Mac: Using Halogen as a tool, we were able to incorporate the redesign work we’ve been doing with the Arbinger Institute to adopt an “outward focus” in our work culture to not only think about one’s own job, but to also focus on how each individual’s work impacts others.