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What is Human Capital Management?

Zoho People

As an HR professional, you have likely come across the phrase Human Capital Management, or HCM. This HR practice has risen in popularity lately with organizations crafting strong HCM strategies to bring out the best in their employees. What is Human Capital Management?

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What Is Human Capital Management & Why Is It Important?

HR Tech Girl

But how do you measure the value of an intangible asset like an employee? The practice of human capital management, or “HCM” for short, has become increasingly prevalent in the last few decades. Definition of human capital and human capital management. What is Human Capital?


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Human Resources Organization Chart: What Is It and How to Create One For Your Business?

Analytics in HR

HR is one of the essential functions in any business, whether there are ten employees or thousands. A human resources organization chart helps HR departments—and your employees—navigate that with ease. Contents What is a human resources organization chart for? Number of employees: 100 or less.

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Everything you need to know about HR department structures


HR is a cornerstone of organizational success and bears the responsibility of looking after an organization’s most valuable asset: its people. Because HR takes care of something so crucial to the success of a company, the structure of the HR department and how well it functions directly impact the entire organization.

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5 Steps to Mastering the Art of HR Leadership

HR Shelf

In the fast-evolving realm of modern business, HR leaders play a crucial role in organisational success. Tasked with the vital responsibility of managing and nurturing an organisation’s most invaluable asset – its people, an HR leader’s role is indispensable. Advertisement 2.

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A Guide to Planning Your HR Budget for 2022

Analytics in HR

HR budget planning helps HR departments prepare for the future and effectively manage their resources to work in a productive way. How can you plan your HR budget for 2022? Contents What is an HR budget? What does an HR budget include? Why do you need to plan your HR budget?

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5 Best HRIS and HCM Systems List


If you’re in Human Resources, chances are you’ve heard of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Capital Management systems. Removing the bulk of administrative work, these programs help free up HR professionals to instead use their time for strategic planning and other more complex areas.