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What Is Human Capital Management & Why Is It Important?

HR Tech Girl

You’ve probably heard someone in a leadership position say, “Our employees are our greatest asset,” at one time or another. Integration of an acquisition or merger. Build a global mindset. Global talent acquisition/management. While most of us would agree (I mean, who wouldn’t??),

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7 Lessons for HR Professionals from 'Hamilton'

Linkedin Talent Blog

First-time viewers discovered — and play-going veterans rediscovered — playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda’s electrifying music and dazzling, hip-hop-infused lyrics. Yet, by adopting exclusionary school lists and school quotas, firms systematically close their eyes to talent that resides elsewhere.”. What are we going to do?

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Talent Acquisition

Analytics in HR

The talent acquisition strategy should align with the people strategy (or HR strategy). Over time, the talent acquisition function has developed. Talent acquisition also includes strategic recruitment, employer branding, recruitment process optimization, recruitment process outsourcing, and much more.