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The Business End of the Learning Stick: A 3 step program to establishing alignment


Learning doesn’t drive the corporate strategy, it aligns with the strategy,” Martha Soehren said. For that to be the case, examine the implementation of current learning programs and business goals to aid in the production of an aligned strategy. We want supervisors to spend the majority of their time coaching their team members. Step One: Evaluate learning and development programs that already exist in light of shifting business strategies and priorities.

We Eliminated Annual Performance Reviews. Now What?

SAP Innovation

Instead, the same way Netflix bases pay rate changes on the market value of each position, our aim is to pay more-than-average versus relevant external salary benchmarks. By taking an outward versus an inward-looking perspective, we anticipate to limit peer-to-peer salary benchmarking and, by consequence, unhealthy internal competition and envy. These check-ins have no prescribed format, can be initiated by either coach or coachee, and are meant to be a two-way dialogue.

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