The Future is Bright

HRO Today

Millennials and their younger Generation Z counterparts frequently face criticism over their commitment to the workforce and are often labeled as lazy and entitled and described as “snowflakes.” They prioritize workforce planning. They are embracing an agile workforce.

The Executive’s Guide to Managing Workforce Performance

Rallyware for Human Resources

It’s 2019, ladies and gentlemen, and we’re diving deeper and deeper into the world of distributed workforces and remote teams. are being replaced by those who want to know, “How can I help our distributed workforce be at their best?” With the latest research coming from Upwork and supporting findings from other research institutions, we have reason to say that right now we’re at the intersection of two major trends: the generational divide and flexible workforces.

Simplifying the Hiring Process with Recruitment Automation


Workforce management is a demanding job. However, the goal of recruitment automation is to actually promote recruiters, removing the low-value tasks that keep them from essential functions such as strategy and creative workforce planning.