Remove Benchmarking Remove Coaching Remove Corporate Strategy Remove Employee Engagement

Performance Management Automation


It includes the various processes that it puts into place in order to measure and reward the effort of its employees for meeting and exceeding the expected goals. The key to your organisation outperforming your competitors is to improve the morale of your employees, increase their overall productivity, and create a sense of loyalty amongst them through performance management. It renders compensation to its employees based on their individual performance.

The Business End of the Learning Stick: A 3 step program to establishing alignment


Learning doesn’t drive the corporate strategy, it aligns with the strategy,” Martha Soehren said. For that to be the case, examine the implementation of current learning programs and business goals to aid in the production of an aligned strategy. We want supervisors to spend the majority of their time coaching their team members. Step One: Evaluate learning and development programs that already exist in light of shifting business strategies and priorities.


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Edcor Interview for the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition


Sara Van Wagoner, Edcor’s VP of Corporate Growth Strategies answered these questions to explain the services that Edcor provides for its Clients. Edcor, a woman-owned business based in Michigan, is the benchmark in education benefits administration. Edcor founded the tuition benefit administration industry in 1981 and we continue to provide industry-leading tuition assistance services for client employees today.

We Eliminated Annual Performance Reviews. Now What?

SAP Innovation

Less than 50% of CEOs are convinced their performance management approach helps them drive employee engagement or business results ( Deloitte ). And less than four percent of employees feel annual performance reviews are the best way to motivate and engage them ( Bamboo HR ), which even holds for avid learners. Many employees even misinterpret the most positive feedback, leaving them with a feeling of emptiness and frustration.

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