Cutting Complicated Corporate Strategies

Advanced Learning Institute

Register Today for the Strategic Corporate Communications: Using Video, Social, Podcasts, and More conference, Feb 25-27 in Scottsdale. With the digital age making its way into the workforce, organizations are taking advantage of technologies to simplify their current strategies.

The journey from customer to SocialChorus and connecting corporate strategy to employees on the ground


We were the liaison between kind of the corporate strategy for marketing and communications, and then we were out there in the field and we were out there very close to Sky Harbor Airport sitting there in all of the operational meetings as well.


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Use Gamification to Enhance Corporate Strategy

Total Employee Recognition

As business leaders, we continuously search for ways to engage our employees. Gone are the days when annual performance reviews, recognition events, and holiday cards were enough to motivate and engage our employees. All employees ( not just the Millennials ) are yearning for ways to feel more connected to their organization and its core values. Employee Engagement

The Only Corporate Strategy That Matters


Values I realize there are lots of executives talking about culture, but it is rare when they execute on a culture strategy. However, talk is cheap and we''ve all built up a tolerance for the corporate values messaging that bombards us at every turn. Are culture, brand, and developing a revolutionary talent strategy high on that priority list? brand budget commitment corporate culture culture execution human resources investment leadership people success talent

COVID-19 Impact Study: Aligning In-House Exec Recruiting with Corporate Strategy

Thrive TRM

In doing so, we outlined three strategies that could be adopted by all internal executive search teams, regardless of how their company or industry has been impacted by COVID-19. In-house recruiters have found that strategy and hiring needs are evolving on a weekly basis.

Mindset Matters: Why Corporate Strategy Needs The New Disability Narrative

Forbes Leadership Strategy

The New Disability Narrative moves beyond the realm of diversity of inclusion but morphs into a business philosophy that espouses leadership principles

Corporate Strategies Were Not Designed For Today’s Age of Personalization

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Today’s age of personalization spooks standardization and when threatened, standardization fights back hard

How Does a Social Media Giant Tackle Flexible Workforce Engagement?

Allegis Global Solutions

Roughly 59% of companies plan to make contingent workforce management a part of their corporate strategy over the next two years. Trying to get your arms around this thing called the extended workforce? You’re not alone!

Driving Business Strategy With a People Focused Strategy

TLNT: The Business of HR

“Now, more than ever, the corporate strategy for large companies hinges on the people strategy.”. Future of HR HR News HR Trends Strategic HR

Improving the Employee Experience: Building HR Technology Trust


The employee experience is now critical in HR technology — how can organizations build trust without compromising corporate strategy

#WorkTrends: Outsourcing HR: Why and How

TalentCulture - Recruiting

Biro and Paychex’s Tom Hammond used this episode of #WorkTrends as an opportunity to look at the best strategies for talent management, such as outsourcing. The global health crisis and its economic repercussions have pushed companies to innovate in new ways — and that includes HR. Meghan M.

Five Tips For Developing A Culture Of Communication

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Communication, especially through change, is a critical piece of your corporate strategy

Industrial Leaders Making Moves – 3/30/21


Jacinth Smiley, Group Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Hormel Foods. Industrial Leaders Making Moves – March 30, 2021. Companies Included: Barrett Firearms Manufacturing. Caban Systems. Hormel Foods. Metra.

Are HR consultant jobs a good idea? [Reader Question]


This position will be responsible for executing Human Capital strategies and activities that positively impact client effectiveness. Today’s question is about HR consultant jobs and whether they are a good career move. . Note: I LOVE to get questions from readers (just like the one below).

New Alight report finds 40% of companies will modernize payroll systems by 2023

HRO Today

The payroll function is becoming increasingly complex as companies struggle to keep pace with shifting workforce demographics brought on by the pandemic,” said Luca Saracino, senior vice president, international sales and strategy at Alight. “It

Four Steps For AI Powered Strategy

Forbes Leadership Strategy

AI will transform corporate strategy, just as it has transformed marketing, customer relationship management, process improvement and more

Why Sustainability Should be a Crucial Part of Workplace Culture 


There’s an increasing pressure on businesses when it comes to creating a winning workplace culture and balancing it with corporate responsibility. .

What does an award winning intranet look like? Find out as our Best Intranets Award winners are announced


During our webinar you will learn: How ThoughtFarmer clients have customized their intranet to align with their corporate strategy and meet organizational needs. We are ready to crown this year’s Best Intranet Award winners!

How to be a Good Internal Consultant

Workplace Psychology

If you want to excel as an internal consultant and have top corporate decision-makers listen to you, you’ll need to master the art of influence & persuasion — how to sell your ideas and convince leaders to go along with you.

Adobe 52

24 HR Metrics that can Make a Difference in Your Business Today


Whatever the analytics you are tracking, you must make sure that your metrics reflect and support your organization’s goals and strategies (i.e. What are Human Resource Metrics? How do you quantify the costs and impact of employee programs and HR processes? By using Human Resource metrics.

The Big Switch: Moving from Administrative to Operational Goals


By Dr. Steven Hunt, Vice President, Customer Research at SuccessFactors There’s a big difference between using goals for personnel administration versus using goals to support business strategy and operations. Administrative goals focus on justification of compensation decisions for individual employees, while operational goals focus on driving corporate strategy.

Talent Optimization and Your Contingent Workforce


92% of companies across all industries cite non-traditional staffing as a moderate to vital part of their overall corporate strategy. Talent optimization is critical to the success of any organization. According to the US Government Accountability Office, 40.4% of the US workforce is now made up of contingent workers. How do you ensure that you’re getting the best return on your investment in a contingent workforce? Check out the talent optimization infographic.

Talent Optimization and Your Contingent Workforce


92% of companies across all industries cite non-traditional staffing as a moderate to vital part of their overall corporate strategy. Talent optimization is critical to the success of any organization. According to the US Government Accountability Office, 40.4% of the US workforce is now made up of contingent workers. How do you ensure that you’re getting the best return on your investment in a contingent workforce? Check out the talent optimization infographic.

Caught in the Middle: Three Leading Practices for Effectively Supporting Midlevel Managers


Middle managers are those who ”manage managers,” translating corporate strategy into frontline execution. While they play a vital role in increasing productivity and boosting employee engagement, midlevel managers often find themselves in a difficult position. For example, those in midlevel roles report higher rates of depression and anxiety than those in the top and bottom […].

Mindset Matters: 4 Mental Health Strategies To Increase Organizational Strength During COVID-19

Forbes Leadership Strategy

The column discussed 4 key mental health strategies from Mindfulness, Patience, Gratitude, and Connection to enhance corporate strategy in this changing workforce culture.

Partner Up: The Key to an Effective Mobility Program is Collaboration

HRO Today

Here, Barry Morris, CEO of leading global relocation company CapRelo, discusses how HR professionals can overcome these challenges while simultaneously driving broader corporate strategies and cultivating a culture of growth and excellence. With Barry Morris, CEO, CapRelo. More than eight in 10 millennial workers in the U.S. are willing to relocate for a job.

Paychex Teams with HireRight to Offer COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits to Support Businesses Managing Workplace Testing

HRO Today

Rochester, N.Y. January 5, 2022) – Paychex , Inc.

Controlling Employer Branding: It May Lead to an HR-CEO Showdown

TLNT: The Business of HR

Universum’s report starts by posing a necessarily blunt question to its readers, “How long have executives argued over the need to make talent attraction a corporate strategy rather than an HR strategy?” In a recent report by Universum , a tactical view of how organizations are attracting talent and combating problems is given with some fresh insight.

Here’s How to Recognize Employee Burnout (And What to Do About It)


A disconnect between workplace functions and corporate strategy. And with 46% of individuals agreeing that almost 50% of workplace turnover stems from burnout, it is imperative to point out and set preventive strategies against the sources of exhaustion.

Managing Employees in a Post-COVID-19 World


Fortunately best practices, like OKRs, enable organizations to manage, translate the strategy into operational terms, provide clarity on team and individual responsibilities, monitor and manage the progress of your business, and support each other in a risk-free environment.

A Day in the Life of an Extreme Learner: Cornerstone SVP Chirag Shah

Cornerstone On Demand

Shah started out as a manager of corporate strategy at Cornerstone, and has since held seven different positions throughout his decade-long tenure at Cornerstone, and he has followed a career path that has been anything but linear. This piece is part of our celebration of #OnlineLearningWeeek happening from September 10-14. Have a skill you want to sharpen? Start learning through Cornerstone's free online learning portal here.

Top Concerns of CHROs

HRO Today

According to Linda Nedelcoff, executive vice president and chief corporate strategy, HR, and communications officer at CUNA Mutual Group , navigating this new territory with an eye towards authenticity and values is key.

CHRO 104

Paychex Adds Support for Vaccination Status Tracking to its COVID-19 Technology Solutions

HRO Today

We continue to develop new and innovative solutions that help our customers balance the need to prioritize employee health and safety with the unique business challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Tom Hammond, Paychex vice president of corporate strategy and product management.

You Are Who You Hire: Using Jobs Data for Competitive Intelligence

Burning Glass Technologies

If a company starts staffing up around a certain role or skill set, that’s an early signal of what their larger strategy or initiative might be. A firm that starts hiring inside sales staffers may have had a rush of turnover, or it may be ramping up a new strategy. Each of them have different hiring priorities that suggest a lot about how the firms operate and what their strategy might be.

HR Tech Number of the Week: Payroll systems on the cloud


Nearly 15 years since the first modern business applications migrated to the cloud , organizations are finally following suit and moving their employee payroll operations to the cloud.

Why Chief of Staff Are Key to Business Strategy


The Chief of Staff sets the strategy, identifies the proper tools to achieve success, and owns the company-wide execution. With all of us working remote, betterworks allowed us to establish what our overall corporate strategy was throughout different areas of the organization.

How to Improve C-Suite Visibility by Linking Engagement to Business Outcomes

Ultimate Software

Proper data collection and analysis play a crucial role in today’s organizations, guiding decision makers through difficult decisions and directing overall corporate strategy. Considering human capital typically accounts for anywhere between 50-80% of variable costs within companies, HR departments often face intense pressure to optimize their talent strategies and prove that their efforts improve the bottom line.