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Cutting Complicated Corporate Strategies

Advanced Learning Institute

If you are a communications professional, register now for this conference & enhance your organization’s existing corporate communications strategy. The post Cutting Complicated Corporate Strategies appeared first on Advanced Learning Institute (A.L.I.).

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How Does a Social Media Giant Tackle Flexible Workforce Engagement?

Allegis Global Solutions

Roughly 59% of companies plan to make contingent workforce management a part of their corporate strategy over the next two years. Trying to get your arms around this thing called the extended workforce? You’re not alone!


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The journey from customer to SocialChorus and connecting corporate strategy to employees on the ground


We were the liaison between kind of the corporate strategy for marketing and communications, and then we were out there in the field and we were out there very close to Sky Harbor Airport sitting there in all of the operational meetings as well.

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COVID-19 Impact Study: Aligning In-House Exec Recruiting with Corporate Strategy

Thrive TRM

The post COVID-19 Impact Study: Aligning In-House Exec Recruiting with Corporate Strategy appeared first on Thrive TRM. If you would like to join our community of in-house executive recruiters and add your voice to the dialogue, send an email to

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Corporate Strategies For AI Safety And Governance

Forbes Leadership Strategy

This article explores AI safety in business, stressing the importance of putting people and planet at the centre of any AI safety and governance strategies.

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Culture Experts Walking The Talk Examine How Shaping a Culture of Inclusion Accelerates Business Goals in New White Paper


Walking the Talk, a global leader in culture change, has released a new white paper entitled Shaping a Culture of Inclusion, a fundamental element in today’s corporate strategy.

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Industry giants EY, IBM team up to deliver AI tool to HR


. - Advertisement - In recent years, employers have increasingly focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate processes and amass deep business intelligence to craft corporate strategies.