Source of hire: what it is, how to measure it and how to use it


Data from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) shows that 20 of them were referred (40%), 15 applied through job boards (30%), 12 were contacted through direct sourcing efforts (24%) and three came from career fairs (6%.) If they remain at the bottom of the distribution for a long time, experiment with other sources or rethink the way you screen candidates from career fairs. Also, decide whether you will only track hires or gather data on candidate sources too.

Future of Recruitment Technology | 17+ Tools and Software

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Faster Screening. Many large companies will simply screen samples of work, profiles on social networks, which allows you to quickly see the details you need without spending hours in front of a resume. The most convenient ones are SmashFly, Yello, Avature, Beamery, and Ascendify.

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10 Tools for Eliminating Racial Bias


We found 10 tools to reduce racial bias…from job descriptions to resume screening to interviewing. The Pinpoint tool reads applicant data, then presents a redacted resume to the hiring manager using anonymous personal info. Smashfly.

How to Make a Strong AI in Recruiting Business Case


In this webinar Tracey Parsons and Erin Stevens talk you through the 5 elements that get your financial- and data-driven business case to “YES”, over and over. She’s also been a contributing writer at SmashFly, her own blog, Work it Daily, and Social Media Explorer.

Top Funding News in the HR, Recruiting and Benefits Space | 2016


The recruitment marketing platform Smashfly started off 2016 raising $22 million. Recruitment Platform SmashFly Raises $22 Million in Second Round of Funding. Entelo Raises $12 Million in Series B Funding to Bring Data-Driven Recruiting to the Enterprise. On-screen guidance startup WalkMe raised $50M led by Insight, now valued around $400M. Imbellus raises $4 million for better candidate screening.

Recruitment Tools in 2020- Everything with What, Why & Which

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This is by generating interest, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and hiring employees. AI and Automation hiring tools can screen candidates, analyze data, enable virtual chat, etc. Some of the examples of these recruitment tools are SmashFly, Yello, Avature, etc.

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The Best Recruiting Software of 2018


These technologies leverage AI and predictive analytics to aggregate and analyze data about candidates’ skills and experience, then match them to job opportunities. HiringSolved : Uses artificial intelligence to automate candidate matching, increase diversity, reduce time to fill jobs, analyze the social web, and unlock the power of your ATS, CRM, and HRIS data. Candidate Screening and Experience. With the end of June just around the corner, so ends the first half of 2018.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


Data-Driven Recruitment. Data and Automation. Indeed Adds Automated Phone Screening to Job Applies. Background Screening: What It Is, What It’s Not. SmashFly Blog. Data, Metrics, Analytics: The Hierarchy of Knowledge. Effective CV Screening – Top Tips.

Infographic: Recruiting Automation Landscape


Recruiting automation aims to make recruiting a faster and more data driven process, which means you can automate your simple tasks and get back to the highly strategic recruiting work. These companies leverage cutting-edge technology to aggregate and analyze data about candidates’ skills and experience then match them to job opportunities. Candidate Screening and Experience. Companies include: Smashfly, Beamery, Avature, PhenomPeople, Yello, Telemetry, and Ascendify.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


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