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Penalties for Benefits Noncompliance


Inflation is not only fueling price increases; it’s also requiring employers to pay more in penalties for not complying with benefits laws under the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). The American Express railroad company set up the first retirement plan in 1875. Retirement. Notification rules.

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HR Software Showdown: Top 10 Tools Every Business Needs

HR Guy

You can also track employee attendance, manage time-off requests, and automate payroll processes. For instance, employees can access their personal information, benefits, and pay stubs online with HR software. They can also request time off, view their work schedule, and receive company events and news notifications.


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The 7 best HR mobile apps of 2023


That means everything from payroll and time management to recruiting and onboarding. Today’s managers are always on the move. They’ve got to run errands, oversee different teams, phone suppliers, do chores, and generally make sure the business is running smoothly. But all that often doesn’t leave much time to sit down and do paperwork.

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HR Rules and Regulations: A Guide to Compliance

HR Digest

In the field of human resource management, professionals play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with various laws and regulations that govern the employer-employee relationship. From workplace safety to preventing discrimination, HR departments have a multitude of responsibilities.